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  • Emily Browning Nipple Slipping Lingerie, Kate Upton See-Through Top, Selena Gomez Upskirt, and a Reader Shoot

    Oh, you cheeky cheeky readers. Where you must be traveling in the digisphere nightly, well, only your ISP and your snooping spouses know. But we blessedly thank you for your contributions, one and all, for making this a much richer place, and, by richer, we mean this week Emily Browning in hardly covering silky lingerie, not-before-posted Kate Upton see-through to awesomeness, Selena Gomez upskirts of the week, and a very sexy Reader Shoots!

    Emily Browning in Underwear and Nipple Slips in Stills from Sleeping BeautyThanks to EgoReader 'Glen' for this stunning bit of lingerie awesomeness. I'm not exactly sure what the new Emily Browning movie, Sleeping Beauty is about; I think she's a prostitute or something caught up in some bizarre games with a bunch of older dudes. What I do know is that there's supposed to be a whole bunch of skin in this movie, and by the looks of these movie stills featuring the Sucker Punch actress in porny lingerie, it's going to be artsy, but awesome.
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    Kirsten Dunst Lip Slip After One Too Many Out in London Town (Photo)

    Kirsten Dunst is a good girl, make no mistake about it. For instance, she's been very good to my fantasy world in so many ways over the years. But, she's never really been one to go full drunken Winehouse in public before, until this past week that is.
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    Andrea Garcia (Covered) Topless Pictures Drop the Soapy Sultry Sexy Bomb

    All this pretend working and running from bill collectors of late has kept me from my dedicated viewing of the Spanish language telenovelas; I'm determined to work my way back into the lives of the sultry, soapy day time hot Latina messes. I've missed Triunfo del Amor, oh, it's a bitch slapping, los doctores shennanigan fest of the highest order, featuring Dorismar, and, today, introducing Andrea Garcia, Mexican actress seen here in some delightful pictures from H Magazine featuring the Central American hottie in all kinds of inspirational lingerie poses. If you are not spending your work day sneaking around work to watch these soaps, you truly are missing out on dramatic awesomeness. Enjoy, Andrea   Read more

    Vanessa Claudio (Covered) Topless Pictures Are Quite Congenial

    Always a pleasure when we get to salute the fine fineries of the fine ladies of Puerto Rico, especially the sextastic Vanessa Claudio, who since winning Miss Congeniality a few years back in a beauty pageant representing her country, has transplanted her hotness stake to the lands of Mexico on television and, thankfully, a delightful pictorial in H para Hombres magazine where the young sexy actress shows why it would be hard to turn her down at an audition (though, definitely why to have a casting couch there when she comes in to read for a role). So sultry, so hawt, such Latina awesomeness. Disfruta.

    Miu Miu's Western influences: Hailee Steinfeld is the face of True Grit-inspired campaign

    True Grit was Hailee Steinfeld's first feature length film, and the 14-year-old signed a modelling contract with Miu Miu soon after receiving her Oscar nomination.
    But the latest photos from her Hailee's high fashion campaign show that the film that made her famous was as much of a factor in her appointment as her pretty face and spot-on style.
    Many of the shots would not look out of place in a Western film just like the one shot by the Coen Brothers - albeit one with very good clothes

    Vintage inspired: This cream, pink and green dress is accessorised with another pair of very high heels
    Vintage inspired: This cream, pink and green dress is accessorised with another pair of very high heels
    In other shots, the young actress wears a structured white shirt, a black bird print dress and a vintage-inspired cream, green and pink shirt dress.
    All are accessorized with sky-scraping heels.
    But the fact that the actress is just 14 has sparked criticism of the fashion industry, accusing it of using models so young, the women who can afford to buy designer clothing cannot relate to them.

    Enjoying your new-found fame? Prince Harry's new love Florence Brudenell-Bruce wears THREE outfits in one day

    Several changes in a day is considered normal to a lot of celebrities.
    And it seems Prince Harry's new love Florence Brudenell-Bruce is certainly relishing her new-found fame, as she showcased her unique sense of style yesterday with a staggering three outfit changes.
    Clearly aware that she would be photographed after news of her 'trysts' with Harry broke, Florence decided to pull out all the stops for her action-packed day.
    After starting the day with a run, wearing black and white workout gear, Florence changed into a more boho look of a white vest top, jeans and tasselled boots.
    The 25-year-old model then changed once again into a black vest top, jeans and trainers later in the evening as she left her Notting Hill home.
    It was revealed yesterday that The Queen’s grandson has been secretly seeing lingerie model Florence Brudenell-Bruce for the past four weeks.
    Harry’s seven-year on-off relationship with Zimbabwean-born Chelsy Davy has finally come to an end. And the Apache helicopter pilot has just ‘started dating’ Miss Brudenell-Bruce, sources confirmed, with private trysts thought to have taken place at her £400,000 Notting Hill flat, in West London.
    In the spotlight: Flee pictured leaving her Notting Hill Home yesterday
    In the spotlight: Flee pictured leaving her Notting Hill Home yesterday looking casual and relaxed in black

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    'I feel fat': How Paris Hilton thought she was pregnant after piling on the pounds

    Paris Hilton feared she was pregnant after piling on a few pounds.
    The hotel heiress convinced herself she could be expecting when she gained weight, was suffering from fatigue and couldn’t stop eating.
    Her then-boyfriend Cy Waits rushed out to buy a pregnancy test and the pair snuggled up in bed as they awaited the results.
    Paris, 30, breathed a sigh of relief as she read the words 'not pregnant', while Cy confessed he felt a little disappointed.
    'In a way I wanted to have a baby with you. But I think you’re right. We’re not ready yet,' he said.
    The scenes aired in the U.S. last night on reality TV show The World According To Paris.
    Paris first feared something could be wrong after she struggled to squeeze into a leather catsuit to launch her motorcycle team in Spain.
    'I don’t even know if I’m going to fit in it,' she complained to Cy as she wolfed down eggs and waffles for breakfast just days earlier.

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    Nadya Suleman: I Hate Babies! Photo & Video

    "Nadya Suleman, known around the world as “Octomom”, is having huge, disturbing regrets. After giving birth to eight babies in January 2009, the mom of 14 admitted to In Touch magazine that she is “utterly overwhelmed” and broke. “Obviously I love them,” she says, “but I absolutely wish I had not had them.” “I should [...]

    Melissa Satta Hot Bikini Pics From Formentera Beach

    Melissa Satta Hot Bikini Pics From Formentera Beach: "She’s one of the hottest ladies in the modeling world, and Melissa Satta was all about having a little fun in the sun on Tuesday afternoon (June 28). The 25-year-old American-born Italian catwalk beauty hit the beaches of Formentera, Spain in a little blue bikini as she’s spending time enjoying a holiday in the overseas [...]

    She makes this look good: Supermodel Lily Cole looks chic in her graduation gown at Cambridge ceremony

    Supermodel Lily Cole returned to Cambridge University today for her graduation ceremony - a week after scoring a double first class degree.

    Lily paraded from King's College to the historic Senate House to receive her degree certificate as her proud mum and family watched and took photos.

    She wore her black graduation gown as she walked in procession with around 100 students from the college, where she has studied for the last three years.
    The 23-year-old wore white shirt and black tapered trousers with ballet flats, and added a slick of red lipstick to brighten up the outfit.

    Students at Cambridge University are only allowed to wear black and white on Graduation Day.
    If they are seen wearing any other colour at the degree ceremony, the college is fined in bottles of port.
    Lily looked happy and relaxed as she left the ceremony clutching her certificate and joined her family and friends on the college lawns.
    Brains and beauty: The 23-year-old star received a double first class degree
    Brains and beauty: The 23-year-old star received a double first class degree
    After the ceremony Lily and the other new graduates were joined by Fellows, college staff, friends and family for a buffet lunch party in the Provost's Garden.
    The model has proved she has brains as well as beauty after gaining the highest possible award in History of Art.
    She is among a small minority of students to get a double first class degree, which are only awarded to those who gain top marks in their first and final year exams.

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    'The Playboy Club' Anti-Porn Groups Boycott: Pink Cross, Morality In Media Protest NBC Show

    NBC thought they'd be getting a major hit with this coming fall's new stylized 60s drama, "The Playboy Club." So far, the early returns have mostly involved some major controversy.

    Of course, when it comes to TV, the latter often leads to the former.

    Starring Eddie Cibrian as a shady yet charming lawyer and Amber Heard as a new employee at the original Chicago Playboy Club, the show is an hourlong drama meant to mimic the style and feel of "Mad Men."

    Having already weathered the storm of KSL, a Church of Latter-day Saints-owned Salt Lake City affiliate refusing to air the show (it was eventually picked up by a MyNetworkTV affiliate in the city), NBC has been hit with concurrent protests by two religious, anti-porn groups, who are calling for viewers to sign petitions against the show's broadcast, and promising to boycott advertising sponsors.

    Pink Cross, "a faith-based IRS approved 501(c)(3) public charity dedicated to reaching out to adult industry workers offering emotional, financial and transitional support," which was founded by former adult star-turned-religiously rehabbed anti-porn crusader Shelley Lubben, is participating in an online petition against the show.

    "What's shown in 'The Playboy Club' is not real--Playboy definitely damages people. It's pornography, it's sex trafficking and it exploits women," Lubben told Fox411.com. "The series looks like it's all cute, taking place back in the old days -- it seems harmless, but then they show a quick clip of three people going at it in the bathroom. NBC is breaking the law with this show -- they're not meeting FCC standards."

    Nicole Kidman, Sister Antonia Shop In Sydney

    Australian beauty Nicole Kidman may seem at home among the bright lights but, at heart, she's a family girl. Donning bright bags and sunglasses, the Kidman sisters hit the town for a little shopping therapy.

    Bauer-Griffin snapped a relaxed Nicole with her sister Antonia in their hometown of Sydney, Australia. Maybe Nicole is stocking up on family time before her schedule gets too hectic.

    For more of the leggy duo click over to Bauer-Griffin.

    Mariska Hargitay: 'Law & Order: SVU' Star Staying Full Season

    Consider this mystery solved: Mariska Hargitay isn't going anywhere. For now.

    Even before Christopher Meloni's shock decision to leave "Law & Order: SVU," NBC was facing another major cast dilemma: after 12 seasons on the beat, Hargitay wanted to spend more time with her family, which meant, ostensibly, that she'd be spending less time solving brutal, perverted murders on camera.

    The decision was made to send her Olivia Benson upstairs to a more administrative role in the Special Victims Unit, opening the door for a new female lead to take her place on the street. And with Meloni's shoes needing filling, too, earlier in the week NBC announced that "Chase" actress Kelly Giddish and "Cold Case" vet Danny Pino would be taking over much of the crime solving.

    As it turns out though, the new young guns don't spell the end for Hargitay, as an NBC representative told Entertainment Weekly that she would, indeed, appear in every episode this season. Of course, that may be in a diminished role in some cases, though that remains to be seen.

    Beyond this year, everything is up in the air; Hargitay's contract expires after the 2011-2012 season. It may depend on Giddish's ability to win over Hargitay-loyal "SVU" fans, and at least she has a very relevant resume.

    She's already appeared on "SVU," as a guest star 2007, and also made a guest appearance on "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" that same year. She had a short run as star of "Chase" last season before its cancellation, and before that, she worked the medical side of the crime genre as the star of the short-lived drama, "Past Life."

    Jonathan Rhys Meyers Attempts Suicide, Hospitalized: Report

    Jonathan Rhys Meyers was hospitalized following an apparent suicide attempt on Tuesday night, the UK's Sun reports.

    Rhys Meyers, the star of Showtime's "The Tudors," was found in his home in Maida Vale, London, and, after refusing treatment, was rushed to the hospital, from where he was discharged early Wednesday.

    He gave no comment to the newspaper following his release; British police confirmed an emergency in a statement saying, "Officers were called by London Ambulance Service following reports of a man refusing treatment. The man was taken to hospital."

    Rhys Meyers has struggled with addiction for years; he headed to rehab for a fourth time last May -- he was banned from United Airlines after a drunken flight that may have involved a racial slur -- and then again last month.

    Potential treatment for sleeping sickness to be tested

    Clinical trials are set for an inexpensive, oral drug to treat trypanosomiasis, a promising alternative to current remedies, which are typically not available in the African countries where the deadly disease is most common.Researchers are gearing up for a clinical trial of what they hope will be the first inexpensive, oral drug to treat trypanosomiasis, commonly known as sleeping sickness.

    Current drugs used for the disease require sophisticated diagnosis and drug infusions that are not typically available in the African regions most affected by trypanosomiasis, and the drugs themselves are frequently lethal.The new experimental drug, called SCYX-7158, is a compound containing the element boron that was developed by a Palo Alto company. It comes in a pill, appears to be safe in animal studies and can be given by rural caregivers.

    Trypanosomiasis, caused by the parasite Trypanosoma brucei, is transmitted by the bite of the tsetse fly. It affects at least 30,000 people each year in central Africa and is lethal without treatment. The disease has two stages. The first, or hemolymphatic, stage includes nonspecific symptoms such asheadaches and fevers and generally goes undiagnosed. The second, or neurologic, stage produces sleep cycle disruption, paralysis, progressive mental deterioration, coma and, ultimately, death.

    The disease is considered endemic in 36 countries of central Africa, but two-thirds of all cases occur in the Democratic Republic of Congo

    'Twilight Saga: Eclipse' scores 12 Teen Choice Award nominations

    "Twilight Saga: Eclipse" struck out at the Oscars, but the teen vampire movie is the "King's Speech" of the Teen Choice Awards. The pop culture phenomenon about an angsty teen played by Kristen Stewart caught in a love triangle with a vampire (Robert Pattinson) and a werewolf (Taylor Lautner) nabbed 12 TCA nominations.

    "Eclipse" is competing for Choice Movie: Sci-Fi/Fantasy, along with acting, scene stealing and villain awards. However, for the teen set, all that really matters is the Choice Movie: Liplock category, which includes nods for Stewart’s smooches with Pattinson and Lautner.

    Fans, who get to vote for their favorites leading up to the Aug. 7 show, will have to choose between the "Twilight" gang and their old rivals from "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows -- Part 1," another top contender. But Teen Choice isn't just about the sci-fi/fantasy flicks, with a wide range of movies, music and television up for awards too. Scroll through the list to see who's battling it out for a surfboard this year.

    Choice Music: Male Artist
    Justin Bieber
    Jason Derülo
    Cee Lo Green
    Enrique Iglesias
    Bruno Mars

    Choice Music: Female Artist
    Lady Gaga
    Katy Perry
    Taylor Swift

    Choice Music: Group
    Black Eyed Peas
    Far East Movement
    "Glee" cast
    Selena Gomez & the Scene
    The Script

    Choice Music: R&B/Hip-Hop Artist
    Lupe Fiasco
    Nicki Minaj
    Kanye West

    Choice Music: Rock Group
    30 Seconds to Mars
    Foo Fighters
    Linkin Park

    Aren't you a bit overdressed for the butchers? Kelly Brook dons sexy backless dress as she picks up some groceries

    She may have just been stocking up at her local butchers but Kelly Brook clearly intended to impress with her outfit.
    The 31-year-old model donned a sexy turquoise backless dress, usually more suited to a night out in a club, as she popped out for groceries near her Kent home.
    Kelly teamed the skintight dress with a pair of brown sandals and tied her long wavy hair into a half-up, half-down 'do'
    And Gizzi replied: 'If you didn't live in blooming Kent, I'd be over and gatecrashing in a shot!'
    Kelly has been keeping a low profile since tragically losing her baby girl last month.
    She has been recovering at home in Kent with boyfriend Thom Evans and her mother Sandra Parsons.
    Summer style: Kelly teamed her figure-hugging dress with a pair of brown sandals
    Summer style: Kelly teamed her figure-hugging dress with a pair of brown sandals
    However, after coping with one of the most difficult times of their lives, Kelly and Thom decided to jet away from it all on a well-deserved sunshine break in the idyllic Greek island of Mykonos.
    After announcing her pregnancy in March, Kelly admitted it was unplanned but believed she had found 'the one' in 26-year-old Thom - a former teammate of her most recent ex-boyfriend Danny Cipriani.
    She said: 'That is what happens when you are in love - you surrender to whatever is to be. It wasn't a plan, but if it happened, it happened. We were boyfriend and girlfriend.'

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    Watch out Bieber! Selena Gomez admits she has a crush on 'handsome' ladies' man Shia LeBeouf

    He may have millions of adoring fans but Justin Bieber might just be jealous that the one girl he wants to go weak at the knees for him, girlfriend Selena Gomez, has a crush on another star.
    The 18-year-old is mad for Transformers star Shia LeBeouf, and she's not afraid to admit it after posting footage of her surprise meeting with the 25-year-old actor on YouTube.
    Gomez' friends tricked the Disney star into going to LeBeouf's dressing room on the pretence she was meeting fans.And despite her fame, Gomez was starstruck and only managed to blurt out 'I'm so sorry to bother you,' before running out of his dressing room.
    But action man LeBeouf chased her down and gave her a hug before posing for pictures with the brunette.
    'Thanks for being so sweet to me,' Shia told Selena. 'You’re really sweet to me.''I admire you,' Selena spluttered, and back in her own dressing room she berated her friends.

    'You guys suck! You used my fans as bait!' she said.
    'He’s so cute…Oh my gosh, he’s so handsome, I’m so embarrassed.”
    Adding, 'Now he thinks I’m crazy!'
    You Guys Suck: An overwhelmed Gomez lets the encounter sink in
    You Guys Suck: An overwhelmed Gomez lets the encounter sink in
    Gomez posted her video yesterday and titled it Meeting Shia, with the caption 'best day ever.'
    You can only wonder what Bieber thinks about it, as he was today still patiently following his lady on the promotional trail for her new movie and album.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk

    All is forgiven then? Lucy Mecklenburgh and her boyfriend look happy despite her claims of a kiss with Mark Wright in Marbella

    This isn't exactly the picture of a couple on the rocks.
    The Only Way Is Essex star Lucy Mecklenburgh worked up a sweat with her boyfriend Mario Falcone during a jog in Essex this week.
    The couple appear happy and very much loved-up despite Lucy's recent tell-all interview with a magazine in which she claims she kissed her ex Mark Wright on a recent holiday in Marbella.
    Loved up: The Only Way is Essex star Lucy Mecklenburgh and her boyfriend Mario Falcone go for a jog in Essex
    Loved up: The Only Way is Essex star Lucy Mecklenburgh and her boyfriend Mario Falcone go for a jog in Essex
    Lucy and Mario were dating before her Spanish holiday in May, and the pair even tweeted each other while she was over there.
    But if Mario is upset over his girlfriend's explosive claims, he isn't showing it.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk

    Don’t make a boob on the beach! Can’t find a bikini that flatters the fuller figure? We’ve got the answer.

    For millions of British women, summer brings the year’s most dreaded task, one that has us hastily shunning the biscuit tin and attempting sit-ups on the bathroom floor. You’ve guessed it: bikini shopping.
    Exposing your body in mere wisps of fabric under harsh changing-room lighting can panic even the hardiest shoppers. 
    Before you even think about hitting the High Street, consider getting a spray tan to eradicate that British winter pallor. 
    If you’re endowed with a pair of particularly voluptuous assets, it can become an even bigger ordeal. However, if you learn a few simple rules, you really CAN find beachwear to flatter even the bustiest figure.
    Or, better still, tackle the job online so you can try out bikinis at home where you’re the one in control of both the lighting and mirrors — tilt your mirror away from you rather than hang it flat on the wall for a better view.
    It’s a relief for all of us, whether you’re small-bottomed and large-chested (or vice versa), that the High Street has finally cottoned on to the fact that girls of all shapes and sizes go on beach holidays. 
    This year, S, M and L sizing has been booted out in favour of individual bra sizes by the most popular stores, such as Next, H&M, Marks & Spencer and La Senza — but they all sell non bra-sized options too.
    Yes, you will still come across unnecessary over-padding and ill-fitting briefs aplenty, but you can also unearth some real gems — at very attractive prices.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk

    Lovely jewellery, Gwyneth! Actress shows the results of her healthy lifestyle in topless photoshoot

    Her seemingly constant flow of advice to the world on how to copy her wholesome lifestyle may not impress everyone.
    But you can’t help but be impressed by the effects of healthy living on Gwyneth Paltrow’s body.
    The 38-year-old mother of two looked a decade younger as she posed  topless wearing just jewellery and a pair of fishnet tights in a revealing photoshoot for Vanity Fair magazine.

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    U.S. drone targets two leaders of Somali group allied with al-Qaeda, official says

    A U.S. drone aircraft fired on two leaders of a militant Somali organization tied to al-Qaeda, apparently wounding them, a senior U.S. military official familiar with the operation said Wednesday.

    The strike last week against senior members of al-Shabab comes amid growing concern within the U.S. government that some leaders of the Islamist group are collaborating more closely with al-Qaeda to strike targets beyond Somalia, the military official said.The airstrike makes Somalia at least the sixth country where the United States is using drone aircraft to conduct lethal attacks, joining Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Iraq and Yemen. And it comes as the CIA is expected to begin flying armed drones over Yemen in its hunt for al-Qaeda operatives.

    Al-Shabab has battled Somalia’s tenuous government for several years. In recent months, U.S. officials have picked up intelligence that senior members of the group have expanded their ambitions beyond attacks in Somalia.

    “They have become somewhat emboldened of late, and, as a result, we have become more focused on inhibiting their activities,” the official said.“They were planning operations outside of Somalia.”

    Both of the al-Shabab leaders targeted in the attack had “direct ties” to American-born cleric Anwar al-Aulaqi, the military official said. Aulaqi escaped a U.S. drone strike in Yemen in May.

    The White House declined Wednesday night to respond to questions about the attack.

    Gaddafi's Female Fighters Are Latest Weapon Against NATO, Rebels

    With Obama insisting the "noose is tightening" around Muammar Gaddafi's regime, the embattled Libyan leader has unveiled a new tactic by which to portray an image of internal solidarity: women at arms.

    As the Guardian is reporting, a government-sanctioned "graduation ceremony" for women who had been given weapons training in defense of the regime was held in the town of Bani Walid. Invited and escorted by government minders, the journalists arrived to find 500 women of all ages clapping, singing and waving flags in Gaddafi's honor.

    "We love Muammar Gaddafi and we want to save our country," 14-year-old Fatima Hassan is quoted as saying. "He made us happy. He makes us eat and makes the country free to do what we want. Before, we weren't free. My grandparents tell us that before Gaddafi, it was bad, there was no bread. He saved us."

    Though reporters are said to have pondered just how much the event had been stage managed in advance, the images of fearsome-looking Libyan women -- from young teens to grandmothers -- wielding rifles and weapons are nonetheless frightening.

    Celebrity Bikini Pics: Beyonce, Amber Rose & More

    The Urban Daily:
    Who are our picks for the hottest celebs in bikinis? Take a look at the gallery and find out who looks smokin' (or not so hot) in a swimsuit.
    Read the whole story: The Urban Daily

    Anna Faris Wears Short Black Hair In 'The Dictator'

    Anna Faris has gone through a few transformations since winning the role in Sasha Baron Cohen's upcoming comedy, 'The Dictator.'

    Bauer-Griffin snapped photos of the comedic duo on set looking slightly different than we're used to. Anna traded in her flowing blond locks for a dark, Amelie-esque pixie cut. Of course, the sunny actress had to expect some sort of change, what with Baron Cohen's new do and all.

    Nicole Kidman In 'The Paperboy': Talks To Replace Sofia Vergara

    Well, one this is for sure: the producers of "The Paperboy" aren't typecasting.

    The thriller, a big screen adaptation of the 1995 Pete Dexter novel of the same name, is in a bit of turmoil. Originally slated to star Sofia Vergara alongside Matthew McConaughey, Zac Efron and Tobey Maguire, the film already saw Maguire jump ship, and now, Vergara is dropping out thanks to a scheduling conflict with "Modern Family."

    In her stead, The Hollywood Reporter relays that the producers of the Lee Daniels-directed project are in talks with Nicole Kidman to join the cast, a bit of a swing for what is billed as a sexual drama. Kidman, of course, is no slouch, with an Oscar win and two more nominations (including this year, for "Rabbit Hole) under her belt, but is markedly different from the Emmy-nominated Vergara.

    Kidman, who just had a child via surrogate, has a busy schedule already; she's due to release the Joel Schumacker-directed, Nicholas Cage-starring "Trespass," later this year, and will soon start filming "The Danish Girl," and "Stoker," a creepy drama alongside Oscar-winner Colin Firth.

    Here's the synopsis for the book, courtesy Publisher's Weekly:

    Rihanna Wears Bikini In LA Performance Photo Gallery

    Rihanna's 'Loud' tour it proving to be better than we even dreamed. After taking a tumble, Riri's back on her feet and looking hot!

    At Los Angeles' Staples Center, she wowed the crowd in a scandalously sexy get-up. In a bejeweled bikini, fishnets and fluorescent pink heels she delivered one memorable show-- the R&B singer danced on top of cars with ladies in bodysuits and bright, yellow men. And we thought the video was good.

    Guru Nanak Dev University (GNDU) Entrance Test Result 2011 Declared

    Guru Nanak Dev University (GNDU), Punjab has announced the result of Result of MET 2011 / PAM-CAT 2011 Entrance Test for admission to MBA / MCA Courses for session 2011-2012. Guru Nanak Dev University MET 2011/PAM-CAT 2011 Entrance Test scheduled held on 19th June 2011. GNDU MET 2011 and PAM-CAT 2011 Entrance Test examination results announced on 29th June, 2011. To know more about the results one can visit the University's official website : http://www.gndu.ac.in/.

    The Counselling date for the candidates who will clear Educational Progressive Society Test is rescheduled on 01.06.2011 at 10.00 AM in Guru Nanak Bhawan Auditorium, Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar.

    To get Guru Nanak Dev University (GNDU) MET 2011 / PAM-CAT 2011 Test Results : Visit Here

    Sweden defeats Colombia 1-0 at Women’s World Cup on June 28, 2011

    On a day so hot fans doused themselves with water, Sweden struggled to a 1-0 victory over Colombia at the Women’s World Cup behind a 57th-minute goal by Jessica Landstrom.
    Colombia was playing for the first time in the World Cup, and before Tuesday’s game reserve goalkeeper Yineth Varon was suspended for failing drug test taken Saturday.

    South Korea Dog Meat Festival Cancelled After Animal Rights Protests

    Dog may be a staple ingredient in various Asian cuisines, but that wasn't enough to silence South Korean animal rights activists, whose repeated protests lead to the cancellation of a Seongnam festival focused on promoting canine meat's consumption.

    As the AFP is reporting, the festival -- planned to “showcase canine food products, including barbecued dog, sausages and steamed paws” and to be held in a traditional open-air market -- quickly stirred fury from South Korean animal advocates and many Internet users, who conducted several online campaigns to force the event's cancellation. "This is making our country an international laughing stock, and making the whole world mistakenly believe that all South Koreans eat dogs," Park So-Youn, head of Coexistence of Animal Rights on Earth, is quoted as saying.

    The continued protests eventually led to a lack of appropriate space for the event. "We couldn't possibly go on with the plan due to endless phone calls of complaint...now there are few willing to rent us a place for the event," Ann Yong-Geun, an adviser to Korea Dog Farmers' Association and a professor of nutrition at Chung Cheong University, told AFP.

    Though the event has already garnered international headlines, just how popular dog meat truly is throughout South Korea remains a matter of debate. As the Wall Street Journal notes, dog meat soup, for example, "is not as popular as most news stories make it seem. A minority of people eat it regularly. It’s consumed most frequently in summer but is available year-round. And it’s more popular with men than women and is said to possess qualities that “help stamina.”

    'Mission: Impossible 4 – Ghost Protocol' Trailer Features Tom Cruise, Jeremy Renner

    Tom Cruise returns for a fourth chapter in the "Mission: Impossible" franchise, the Brad Bird-directed "Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol." Alongside Cruise is the eventual heir to the series, Jeremy Renner, who plays the mysterious Brandt, an agent whose allegiances Hunt is unsure of as the film takes shape.

    Filmed in Dubai, it sets up Hunt and his crew on a seemingly impossible escape mission, with any slipup meaning they'll be labeled terrorists. Bird makes his live action directorial debut after helming a number of hit Pixar films, including the animated actioner, "The Incredibles."

    Cruise is seen executing a number of insane stunts throughout, including some major building scaling. It wasn't tough to get him to do them, Bird said.

    "He actually lives for that stuff. He loves it," Bird told MTV News recently. "Loves it. The day we finished shooting on the Burj, everyone suddenly relaxed because nothing had happened, no one had gotten injured or died, and the only one who was bummed out was Tom because he had to come down from the building. He loves that stuff."

    Nicole Kidman In 'The Paperboy': Talks To Replace Sofia Vergara

    Well, one this is for sure: the producers of "The Paperboy" aren't typecasting.

    The thriller, a big screen adaptation of the 1995 Pete Dexter novel of the same name, is in a bit of turmoil. Originally slated to star Sofia Vergara alongside Matthew McConaughey, Zac Efron and Tobey Maguire, the film already saw Maguire jump ship, and now, Vergara is dropping out thanks to a scheduling conflict with "Modern Family."

    In her stead, The Hollywood Reporter relays that the producers of the Lee Daniels-directed project are in talks with Nicole Kidman to join the cast, a bit of a swing for what is billed as a sexual drama. Kidman, of course, is no slouch, with an Oscar win and two more nominations (including this year, for "Rabbit Hole) under her belt, but is markedly different from the Emmy-nominated Vergara.

    Kidman, who just had a child via surrogate, has a busy schedule already; she's due to release the Joel Schumacker-directed, Nicholas Cage-starring "Trespass," later this year, and will soon start filming "The Danish Girl," and "Stoker," a creepy drama alongside Oscar-winner Colin Firth.

    Here's the synopsis for the book, courtesy Publisher's Weekly:

    It'll be wall-to-wall billionaires and bling at this week's Monaco nuptials of Prince Albert to Charlene: The royal wedding that puts Kate's in the shade!

    Good news for those who have been craving some more royal wedding glitter. There’s another one this weekend.
    It’s the event many thought would never happen: the marriage of Prince Albert of Monaco, the 53-year-old bachelor head of state of the tiny but rich principality on the Cote D’Azur, and Charlene Wittstock, a South African Olympic swimmer 20 years his junior.
    Glamour: Charlene Wittstock marries Prince Albert this week in a lavish wedding that is set to make Kate and William's look like a village fete in comparison
    The Grimaldi family has ruled Monaco for more than 800 years, and has featured on the global glamour map ever since Hollywood arrived in the form of the last bride to marry into the family, Prince Albert’s mother Grace Kelly.

    Prince Albert and South African former swimmer Charlene Wittstock in a picture released a year ago to mark their engagementThe state may be small, but the event will be extravagant. This being Monaco, a tax haven where you are practically imprisoned for understated dressing, chances are the guests’ jewellery and couture alone will make the Windsor effort look like the Middletons’ village fete.
    Guests are already docking their yachts in the harbour, and knocking back Cristal champagne on the decks. Those trying to book landing space for private jets at Nice airport have been denied permission unless they can prove they have been invited to the wedding.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/

    Mark Wright and Lauren Goodger put on a show of unity poolside in Las Vegas as she reveals the wedding's 'on hold'

    Mark Wright and Lauren Goodger put on a show of unity on holiday in Las Vegas yesterday, after Lauren gave an interview saying she has put their wedding on hold.
    The pair strolled along hand-in-hand by their hotel pool before kissing and cuddling in the cool water.
    However, Lauren has told new! magazine that she won't be walking down the aisle with Mark anytime soon, because she has lost her trust in him following reports he cheated on her with ex Lucy Mecklenburgh in Marbella.
    Show of unity: Mark Wright and Lauren Goodger strolled along hand-in-hand at their hotel in Las Vegas as Lauren revealed she has put their wedding on hold
    Show of unity: Mark Wright and Lauren Goodger strolled along hand-in-hand at their hotel in Las Vegas as Lauren revealed she has put their wedding on hold
    She said: 'The wedding’s on hold. I’m not ready. He needs to show me that he’s the one I want to be with. I don’t have to be with him. I know I’ll be OK. He’s not the be all and end all.'
    And Lauren said after his antics in Marbella, she isn't keen on him going on holiday by himself ever again.
    She added: 'He was on a stag so he got away with that one. I won’t allow it again. He’s lost that trust. He will never go to Marbella without me. Ever.'

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk

    Gabrielle Giffords Makes First Public Appearance At Space Center Houston

    Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz.) made her first public appearance since being wounded in a tragic shooting in Tucson, Arizona earlier this year in which numerous victims were hurt or had their lives taken, ABC News reports.

    According to the outlet, Giffords attended a ceremony at Space Center Houston in Texas at which her husband astronaut Mark Kelly -- who recently announced his retirement from NASA, effective October 1 -- was awarded the Spaceflight Medal, which is given to shuttle members upon safely returning home from their missions.

    ABC News reports:

    Her hair was much shorter than in previously published photos. She was wearing glasses, a beige scarf, a light shirt, jeans and sneakers. She smiled and waved to the crowd.

    Giffords and Kelly held hands for most of the event. She appeared to chat with people sitting around her, and laughed when the crew of STS-134, the Space Shuttle Endeavour's last mission, was introduced. Kelly commanded the mission.

    The Arizona congresswoman herself reportedly received a standing ovation at the event.

    In announcing his plans to retire last week, Kelly said that he plans to spend more time by his wife's side.

    "As life takes unexpected turns we frequently come to a crossroads," he wrote in a message posted on his Facebook page. "I am at this point today. Gabrielle is working hard every day on her mission of recovery. I want to be by her side. Stepping aside from my work in the Navy and at NASA will allow me to be with her and with my two daughters. I love them all very much and there is no doubt that we will move forward together. After some time off, I will look at new opportunities and am hopeful that one day I will again serve our country."

    2011 Amarnath yatra is underway amid tight security arrangements

    2011 Amarnath yatra is underway in the middle of tight security arrangements. The annual Amarnath yatra to the south Kashmir holy cave shrine kicks off amid 10,000 security military service have been moving into position.

    Around 5,000 paramilitary CRPF have been positioned for security of the pilgrims along the old Pahalgam way and the shorter Baltal way, according to the officials. Security personnel have also been positioned all along the Jammu-Srinagar National Highway and between Khanabal and Pahalgam in Anantnag district and Srinagar and Baltal in Ganderbal district. The first batch of almost 2,000 pilgrims from Jammu will be travelling to the holy cave shrine from Pahalgam and Baltal from tomorrow. The yatra will concludes on August 13 2011 coinciding with Raksha Bandhan festival.

    The temple is a popular yatra destination for Hindus – about 400,000 people visit during the 45-day season around the festival of Shravani Mela in July–August, coinciding with the Hindu holy month of Shraavana. The beginning of the annual pilgrimage, called Amarnath Yatra, to the Himalayan cave shrine is marked by ‘pratham pujan’ to invoke the blessings of Shri Amarnathji. Devotees generally take the 42 km (26 mi) pilgrimage on foot from the town of Pahalgam, about 96 km (60 mi) from Srinagar, and cover the journey in four to five days. There are two alternate routes to the temple: the longer and more traditional path from Srinagar, and the shorter route from the town of Baltal. Some devotees, particularly the elderly, also ride on horse-back to make the journey. Those who so wish and have the money can now make the journey by helicopter.

    Anushka Sharma interrogated by customs officials for over 9 hours.

    Anushka Sharma was detained by custom officials at the Mumbai international airport for carrying unaccounted gold, diamond-studded jewellery and other belongings. She was apparently interrogated for over nine hours and was finally let off after that.
    The actress, who landed here yesterday at 2:30 pm from the IIFA award ceremony in Toronto was let off, past midnight after questioning for more than nine hours. Her statement has been recorded and she will be called for questioning again if required, customs commissioner, PM Govande told PTI.
    Customs officials are also verifying the documents provided by her claiming that the belongings were taken from India, he said.
    The 23-year-old Baand Baaja Baraat star claimed that while going abroad, she had taken the valuables from India and had declared the goods at that time and hence need not pay the duty.
    She was stopped by the customs while passing through the green channel after she was found in possession of gold and diamond-studded jewellery and two watches collectively worth Rs 35 lakhs approximately, officials said.
    The pretty actress seems to be having a rough time of it currently.

    Punjab University Chandigarh OCET Result 2011

    Punjab University OCET 2011 Result The university has 58 teaching and research departments and 10 centres/chairs for teaching and research at the main campus located at Chandigarh. It has 172 affiliated colleges spread over Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Chandigarh, Regional Centres at Muktsar, Ludhiana, Hoshiarpur, and Swami Sarvanand Giri Panjab University Regional Centre, Hoshiarpur.

    Results here:

    Vidya Balan Poses in a Transparent Bikini

    Vidya Balan Poses in a Transparent Bikini: "Bollywood sultry actress Vidya Balan is furious over her fake pictures in a black bikini doing the rounds on the internet. After Sonakshi, pranksters have targeted Vidya Balan this time and have posted her fake bikini pictures online. Vidya is seen donning a black bikini on the cover page of a famous man’s magazine. The [...]"

    Pregnant Kate Hudson proudly displays her burgeoning bump on Mexican beach holiday

    Pregnant Kate Hudson proudly displays her burgeoning bump on Mexican beach holiday: "She’s six months pregnant with her second child, and is clearly thrilled with her changing body. Kate Hudson proudly displayed her burgeoning bump as she enjoyed a Mexican beach holiday with her boyfriend, Muse rocker Matt Bellamy, and her seven-year-old son Ryder yesterday. Looking radiant, Kate, 31, accessorised her tiny white bikini with a colourful [...]"

    Patwari Recruitment 2011 Rajasthan Public Service Commission Results 2011

    Patwari Recruitment 2011 Rajasthan Public Service Commission Results 2011: "Check details for Patwari Recruitment 2011 Results Online at www.rpsc.gov.in. The results for the Examination 2008 has been announced by The Rajasthan Public Service Commission (RPSC) Today the notification has been issued by the Rajasthan Public Service Commission for the selected 37 candidates. All details for the Exam-2008 can be downloaded from the official website [...]"

    Spencer Grammer Pregnant? Kelsey’s Daughter Reportedly Expecting

    "Kelsey Grammer’s daughter Spencer, 27, is pregnant, Us Weekly reports. Spencer announced her engagement to her boyfriend, James Hesketh, in January. The couple wed last month, with Kelsey and his now-wife Kayte in attendance. A source close to Kelsey tells Us Weekly that Spencer is “early on” in her pregnancy and found out right before [...]"

    Swedish Bank Robber Busted By Forgotten Urine

    Swedish Bank Robber Busted By Forgotten Urine: "A Swedish bank robber forgot to cover his tracks and left three bottles of urine behind after hiding inside a bank vault in Copenhagen for three days. The 27-year-old man and his accomplice used the bottles to relieve themselves after sneaking into the vault on a Friday in May and remaining there until the bank [...]"

    Taylor Swift glitters in gold as Miranda Lambert spills out of low-cut Grecian gown at the Academy of Country Music Awards

    Taylor Swift glitters in gold as Miranda Lambert spills out of low-cut Grecian gown at the Academy of Country Music Awards: "Taylor Swift stole the show at the Academy of Country Music Awards as she waltzed on to the red carpet in a stunning gold gown. The 21-year-old country star looked elegant in her ensemble – but the same could not be said for fellow singer Miranda Lambert. She turned heads at the Las Vegas event [...]"

    My wife was sweet and demure – then the fashion industry made her a monster

    My wife was sweet and demure – then the fashion industry made her a monster: "Real-life fairy tales rarely turn out well, as Maxwell Sterry knows to his cost. When he fell in love, the object of his affections was a demure Indian girl with almond eyes. When they married, it was at a star-studded ceremony hosted by David Bowie at his New York apartment. A beautiful daughter, Ksha, followed, [...]"

    How to Increase Breast Size With Makeup Photo & Video

    How to Increase Breast Size With Makeup Photo & Video: "Have you ever thought about having fuller, larger and perkier looking breasts? It’s OK to admit it, many of us have. Achieving this look is painless, quick and easy to do. With summer finally here, why not give it a try. If you don’t like the results you can always wash it off which is [...]

    How to tell John Wayne from John Wayne Gacy

    Whoops! Michele Bachmann accidentally praised serial killer clown John Wayne Gacy in Iowa today.

    Mrs. Bachmann grew up in Waterloo, and used the town as the backdrop for her campaign announcement, where she told Fox News: "Well what I want them to know is just like, John Wayne was from Waterloo, Iowa. That's the kind of spirit that I have, too."

    John Wayne the actor was actually from Winterstet, Iowa, which is 150 miles southwest of Waterloo. Waterloo was the home, for a time, of John Wayne Gacy, the disturbed children's performer who killed 33 people. (Also John Wayne the actor was a drunk, racist draft-dodger and living in "his America" would basically mean the return of segregation.)

    Maybe the evangelical wingnuts who've taught Bachmann that the Founding Fathers engineered the end of slavery despite dying some years before the Civil War also have some sort of oddball Christian history lesson about where John Wayne was really from, but it seems more likely that Bachmann just misremembered where John Wayne was born. (Her supporters will now begin reminding people of the time President Obama said "57 states" or whatever, and while that was kind of funny, it was not as funny as accidentally wishing to live in the world of a serial killing clown.)

    Asteroid 2011 MD buzzes Earth, nearer than some satellites

    An asteroid the size of a tour bus zipped by Earth today (June 27) in a flyby so close that the space rock was nearer to the planet than some satellites, giving skywatchers and astronomers a tantalizing target for photos.

    The space rock, called asteroid 2011 MD, reached its closest point to Earth just after 1 p.m. EDT (1700 GMT), when it crept within 7,500 miles (12,000 km) of Earth before whipping away again like a slingshot. The asteroid was flying over the southern Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of Antarctica, at the time of its closest approach.

    The asteroid was discovered just last week on June 22, but there was never any risk of it impacting Earth, NASA scientists said. Astronomers with the LINEAR near-Earth object survey in Socorro, N.M., made the find. [Video of asteroid 2011 MD]

    Gallery: Space photos of the day - Asteroids

    The space rock is on the small side, with latest size estimates ranging from 16 to 66 feet (5 to 20 meters) wide.

    That means asteroid 2011 MD would likely be too small to survive the fiery plunge through Earth's atmosphere, let alone reach the surface, NASA scientists said. Asteroids this size can be expected to buzz Earth with close shaves about once every six years, they added.

    The asteroid's close brush with Earth sent it off on a new trajectory through the solar system. The space rock flew well below geosynchronous satellites, which orbit 22,236 miles (35,786 km) above Earth, but well above the 220-mile (354-km) altitude of the International Space Station.

    There was little chance the asteroid would hit a satellite because of the vastness of space and relatively small number of satellites, experts said.

    Movie Review: Transformers, Dark of the Moon

    All the technical promise of decades of “aliens invade” thrillers, from “Independence Day” through “Battle: Lost Angeles,” and the best comic character actors money can buy serve “Transformers: Dark of the Moon” well. The funniest, best-executed film in the talking, bleeding, Earth-protecting robots-that-look-like-cars-and-trucks series, “Moon” delivers the popcorn in gigantic fist-fulls of fun.
    It’s as head-slappingly stupid as ever, a product placement action film with a Camaro as a hero and assorted other motoring makes as villains. But Michael Bay’s cartoon-come-to-life co-opts NASA history and re-decorates Chicago with a gusto as over-the-top as any Shia LaBeouf rant, rave or riff. Hey, what’s an actor to do when all the best lines go to digital robots?
    “I just want to matter,” says young Sam (LaBeouf), a two-time planetary hero reduced to begging for work from the likes of John Malkovich. He needs a D.C. job because he has traded the bombshell girlfriend played by Megan Fox for a model (Rosie Huntington-Whiteley) who wears short, tight clothes and only has one scene in which we note that she’s a model, not an actress.
    The Autobots are ever vigilant, though there are those (Bill O’Reilly of Fox News among them) who want them exiled. And if you have any recollection of the old TV cartoon, you know that those darned Decepticons are never quite fully vanquished. This time, there’s a buried spaceship on the Moon, a half-century long NASA cover-up and the revival of an ancient leader, Sentinel Prime, disc0mfittingly voiced by the great Vulcan, Leonard Nimoy.
    Hearing Mr. Spock repeat lines from “Star Trek” movies in robot form in this context is only the second most tone-deaf thing here. Having lunar explorer Buzz Aldrin on hand to legitimize the bogus NASA history is the first.
    But as Sam hurtles from D.C. to the Kennedy Space Center to piece together this alternate history, he meets an array of great character players — from the returning John Turturro, as an ex-CIA conspiracy buff, to Frances McDormand, as a new intelligence chief. Yes, Malkovich steals his scenes. Unless he’s in them with the hilarious Ken Jeong of “The Hangover” movies. Read more....

    WWE: 5 Rivalries That Should Follow Shawn Michaels vs Bret Hart on DVD

    There are some sports rivalries that transcend the sport itself. Wrestling has had a few of those rivalries, but the most intense rivalry of all time was between Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels.

    These two men were two of the best workers in WWE back in the early- to mid-90's, but they couldn't stand each other. It wasn't a work, either. These two legitimately hated each other.

    The rivalry came to a head at the 1997 Survivor Series with the infamous "Montreal Screwjob" in which Vince McMahon called for the bell after Michaels put Hart in a sharpshooter. That was not the planned finish, and after the event was over Hart gave McMahon a black eye in the back.

    Michaels and Hart made up in January 2010 when Hart made his return to WWE 12 years after the Screwjob. And now, according to Hall of Fame announcer Jim Ross, these two will get their own DVD release chronicling the history of their rivalry.

    This got us thinking about some of the other WWE rivalries that we would like to see immortalized with a DVD release. There are a lot of great options to choose from, but we narrowed the list down to five.

    Without further ado, here are the wrestling rivalries that should get their own DVD release.

    University of Hyderabad Result Notifications for Interview

    University of Hyderabad has published Result Notifications 2011 - Called for Interview. Hyderabad University Result Notificiations for Interview announced on 27th June, 2011 at 7:00 PM. Written Test held in June 2011, the following candidates are called for interview for admission to various courses. To know more details about the results one can visit the University’s official website: http://www.uohyd.info/.

    University of Hyderabad Admissions and Entrance Results
    "Entrance Examinations – 2011 : Lists of candidates Called for Interview for various courses available online. Notification dates for Interview and Admissions 2011-2012

    There is no written test for the following courses. Short listed candidates for the Interview :
    M.Tech. CS/AI/IT
    M.Tech. IC Technologies
    M.Tech. Computational Techniques
    M.Tech. Bioinformatics
    Ph.D. Mathematics
    Ph.D. Applied Mathematics
    Ph.D. Statistics - OR
    Ph.D. Physics
    Ph.D. Electronic Science
    Ph.D. Chemistry
    Ph.D. Plant Sciences
    Ph.D. Biochemistry
    Ph.D. Medical Sciences
    Ph.D. High Performance Computing

    Michelle Hunziker in a Bikini photo gallery

    And we're dorsum behind.Here's the Swiss archetypal and actress Michelle Hunziker spending Easter Sunday in Miami, and it all but looks a herpes-free Paris Hilton, healthy? Which do not go to me imprudent, is indeed a felicitations. I recognize I talk a barrels shit forth Paris Hilton, but you can not shove off it is an attracting better half, if you look behind the herpes, the eradication of the knee, the herpes and herpes. 

    Is That Katie Holmes Showing Skin at a Movie Premiere?

    Guillermo Del Toro's Don't Be Afraid of the Dark premiere at the L.A. film festival was important enough to drive our veteran hottie Katie Holmes out of her mom jeans and into a sexy, revealing (for her) dress, and, thank you Billy Del Toro for that wonderful ruse. It seems as if Katie Holmes is flashing all sorts of Xenu-offending outfits these days and I couldn't be happier. Revealing outfits means more time in the gym re-perfecting the Creek body, maybe even some memorable wardrobe malfunctions to come. Katie Holmes looked hot over the weekend at this L.A. film festival; I'm sensing even more greatness is on its way. Enjoy.
    From : http://egotastic.com

    Sienna Miller Bikini Pictures from a Different Angle

    We’ve all select Sienna Miller bikini pictures in advance of, but what makes these paramount, is absolutely the photographer, more than anything else. Notice anything strange (besides the inexact silver rest? If you said he’s in in the mean of the dishwater, you would be lawful. And from the looks of it, not contrariwise is he evasion in the weaken, but he’s in fact in the not be sensible, as in, not in a ship or anything. At least that’s what it looks from the oldest vive. He also seems to be quite skinflinty in some shots… Anyways, it doesn’t actually argument. Sienna Miller looking sex-mad in a bikini is at rest the headland, neutral kindliness it was compelling to go steady with some name bikini pictures from a everything recent projection. Photo confidence: Splash News

    Avril Lavigne Purple Bikini Pictures For the Continued Epic Body Flashing Riviera Vacation

    Avril Lavigne really has extended her French Riviera bikini vacation into the realm of the 'thank you very much', with yet another romp aboard the S.S. Hottie, this time, in a lovely shade of violet, to flash her petite but sextastically tight bikini body for the benefit of oglers with telescopic lenses everywhere. While I can't actually peel my eyes from shots of this little Cannuckian diva's frontside, I must admit, my very favorite view may be the visual of her Mediterranean-doused bottomside -- oh, to be a body of water allowed to lap thy waves upon such earthly delights. Say what you will about this sk8ter girl, she vacations well. Enjoy.
    Read more

    Beyonce Glastonbury Performance: Star Wows At UK Festival

    On stage at the Glastonbury Music Festival, Beyonce said that it was "her dream" to be there performing.

    Following this performance, she'll be in the dreams of thousands of British music fans for a long time to come.

    The R&B star, the first female headliner in the history of the festival, brought down the house Sunday night, wowing a screaming audience of 170,000+ fans. The bright lights of what is considered by some to be the biggest music festival in the world were no match for the singer, as she ran through some of her biggest hits, opening with "Crazy Like That" before moving on to songs like "Single Ladies," "Irreplaceable," and a medley of Destiny's Child favorites, including "Survivor" and "Say My Name."

    She also sang her new single, "1+1," as well as "At Last," the song she sang during President Obama's inauguration in 2009. That performance came with a special civil rights-themed video montage -- which included video of that very inauguration. See her complete setlist here.

    Her husband, Jay-Z, watched from the side of the stage alongside Gwyneth Paltrow, whose husband Chris Martin performed earlier with his band Coldplay. Jay-Z, in 2008, was the first hip hop act to play the festival.

    Horrible Bosses' Red Band Trailer: Jennifer Aniston Gets Raunchy, Charlie Day Gets Pissed

    Almost two decades in to being one of America's Sweethearts, Jennifer Aniston is reaching a new high -- by going for a new low.
    Aniston, as has been consistently highlighted, stars in the upcoming hard-R film, "Horrible Bosses," the tale of three men (Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis and Charlie Day) who want to murder their, well, horrible bosses. Aniston plays one of those awful employers, a sexual harassment-happy dentist with a very non-traditional definition of rape.
    And order in which she eats her courses at dinner.
    Kevin Spacey and a barely recognizable Collin Farrell take on the roles of the other two bosses, while Jamie Foxx, as Motherf*cker Jones, plays a hitman inspiring the three beleaguered employees to pull off the killings.
    This new trailer gives the most graphic details of the film yet; come July 8th, all the horribleness will be in full view.

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