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    It'll be wall-to-wall billionaires and bling at this week's Monaco nuptials of Prince Albert to Charlene: The royal wedding that puts Kate's in the shade!

    Good news for those who have been craving some more royal wedding glitter. There’s another one this weekend.
    It’s the event many thought would never happen: the marriage of Prince Albert of Monaco, the 53-year-old bachelor head of state of the tiny but rich principality on the Cote D’Azur, and Charlene Wittstock, a South African Olympic swimmer 20 years his junior.
    Glamour: Charlene Wittstock marries Prince Albert this week in a lavish wedding that is set to make Kate and William's look like a village fete in comparison
    The Grimaldi family has ruled Monaco for more than 800 years, and has featured on the global glamour map ever since Hollywood arrived in the form of the last bride to marry into the family, Prince Albert’s mother Grace Kelly.

    Prince Albert and South African former swimmer Charlene Wittstock in a picture released a year ago to mark their engagementThe state may be small, but the event will be extravagant. This being Monaco, a tax haven where you are practically imprisoned for understated dressing, chances are the guests’ jewellery and couture alone will make the Windsor effort look like the Middletons’ village fete.
    Guests are already docking their yachts in the harbour, and knocking back Cristal champagne on the decks. Those trying to book landing space for private jets at Nice airport have been denied permission unless they can prove they have been invited to the wedding.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/

    Aren't you meant to be posh? Made In Chelsea's Caggie Dunlop and Spencer Matthews slump on the pavement among the fag butts

    Her annual school fees cost a yearly salary, but Caggie Dunlop bid farewell to her posh upbringing last night.
    The Made In Chelsea star sat drunkenly on the pavement outside the Mayfair Hotel, sitting on the concrete surrounded by cigarette butts.
    She seemed oblivious to the fact she was perched on the floor instead of a throne, as she cosied up to love interest Spencer Matthews. 
    Spencer, who also appears on the E4 reality show, looked delighted with the attention and reciprocated by putting an arm around his friend.
    The pair, joined by co-stars CJ Chapman and Hugo Taylor, wiled away the hours drinking at the Slazenger party, before heading to Funky Buddha.
    Caggie, an aspiring singer, has a 'Ross and Rachel' friendship with Eton-educated Spencer.
    Their 'will they/ won't they' romance has been a prominent storyline in the first season of the programme.
    But last night, the couple only had eyes for each other and seemed oblivious to fellow partygoers.

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