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  • Beyonce And Jay Z Divorce Rumor Has Everyone Freaking Out

    Sometimes the Internet can be a place of pure joy, filled with cuddly kittens and laughing babies. Other times, it's a place where Beyonce and Jay Z breakup rumors fester.

    On Saturday, July 19, the New York Post's Page Six published a report that Beyonce and Jay Z may be on the verge of a split. The couple, who has allegedly been seeing marriage counselors, could reportedly call it quits after wrapping their On The Run tour.

    “They are trying to figure out a way to split without divorcing ... This is a huge concert tour and they’ve already gotten most of the money from the promoters up front,” a supposed source told Page Six. Adding: “For just a split moment, things got real for them and she was even talking about adding to the family. But, after a while, Jay was out doing Jay and Bey was out doing Bey. They made the classic mistake of thinking a child would change everything and help to rekindle the initial fire, and it didn’t.”

    Representatives for both stars were not immediately available for comment, but it doesn't take a publicist to see that these latest rumors are probably bogus.

    Last year, E! News reported Beyonce was pregnant with her second child. The pregnancy rumor resurfaced in OK! Magazine in April. After Beyonce apparently removed her IV engagement tattoo, Life & Style magazine claimed Bey and Jay were heading for a "$1 billion divorce" on a May cover. In June, the gossip mill went into overdrive with cheating rumors after Beyonce changed the lyrics to "Resentment."

    'Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes' Tops Box Office For Second-Straight Week

    The summer box office continued to lack mojo, as the R-rated "Sex Tape" failed to turn on moviegoers over a weekend where "Dawn of the Planet of the Apes" maintained its rule.

    20th Century Fox's science fiction sequel outmuscled a trio of new films to top the North American box office for the second-straight week with $36 million, according to studio estimates Sunday. The acclaimed sequel to 2011's reboot of the chimp franchise has now made $139 million domestically in two weeks.

    Its closest completion over the weekend was the home-invasion horror thriller "The Purge: Anarchy," written and directed by James DeMoncaco. Universal's low-budget sequel to last year's surprise hit, "The Purge," opened with $28.4 million, down from the $34.1 million the original scared up on opening weekend.

    Nikki Rocco, head of distribution for Universal, though, noted the stronger competition this time around and the overall "depressed" business at movie theaters. Weekend revenue was down 24 percent from the same weekend last year, continuing a cold summer for Hollywood that's more than 20 percent off the pace of summer of 2013.

    But "Anarchy," which imagines an America where all crime is legal for 12 hours every year, was made for only $9 million, making it immediately profitable for Universal. Such success is the envy of most movies, particularly Sony's "Sex Tape," a starrier, more expensive release made for about $40 million that opened with $15 million.

    The Jason Segel, Cameron Diaz R-rated comedy failed to entice moviegoers or critics. "Sex Tape," in which a married couple makes a pornographic home video to stoke the flames of their lagging sex life, came in fourth place behind Disney's "Planes: Fire & Rescue." The animated sequel to 2013's "Cars"-offshoot, "Planes," opened with $18 million.

    "It was kind of a middling weekend unless you were the top film," said Paul Dergarabedian, senior media analyst for box-office tracker Rentrak. Dergarabedian looks ahead optimistically to upcoming releases "Lucy," starring Scarlett Johansson, and the Marvel space film "Guardians of the Galaxy," of which he noted: "A lot of pressure is being put on that movie. It may be the last big summer blockbuster."

    But as July turns to August, Hollywood's summer is certain to be a down one.

    In a limited release of 68 theaters, Zach Braff's crowd-funded "Wish I Was Here" also arrived with a tiny weekend opening of $495,000 for Focus Features. The film, Braff's directorial follow-up to 2004's "Garden State," was much criticized for depending on fan contributions for funding. "Wish I Was Here" will expand to more theaters next week, but it will fall far short of the $26.8 million "Garden State" earned.

    A chilling echo of Nazi death trains as HM17 victims begin the grimmest journey

    The stench of death is thick in the air as onlookers peer inside a freight train containing the bodies of some 200 victims of the MH17 massacre.

    The scene, a grim echo of the mechanised slaughter of millions in the Second World War, has been created by Russian separatists who have collected piles of corpses from the plane crash and put them in refrigerated rail carriages.

    There was international outrage over the undignified scene last night – with swarms of flies buzzing around the train – although defiant local militia men insisted they were doing what they could for the dead.

    The international investigators, who are wearing body armour, were allowed to photograph some of the victims who had been removed nine miles from the crash site

    The international investigators, who are wearing body armour, were allowed to photograph some of the victims who had been removed nine miles from the crash site

    The bodies had been lying spread out over fields for two days in the summer heat, before being removed from a large swathe of the crash site by yesterday.

    Workers from local mines were bussed in to clear the corpses.Once the bodies had gone, only bloodstained military stretchers were left along the side of the road.

    Controversy is now raging over not only the conditions in which the corpses are being kept, but also fears that vital evidence of exactly what caused the tragedy is being lost.

    It risks becoming a gruesome tussle over the dead.

    Ukrainian sources said they feared the piles of corpses might be moved to Russia or used as a bargaining tool by rebel leaders.

    The bodies, each inside individual body bags, were last night still on the stationary train at Torez station nine miles from the crash site.

    Ukrainian officials in the city of Kharkiv, about four hours’ drive away, said there had been an agreement with rebel leaders for the bodies to next be taken there so they could be visited by grieving families.

    Moment black box recorder from flight MH17 is recovered

    But there was last night no sign of that happening.

    A spokesman for the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, which is monitoring the operation, said rebels had told the team that 167 bodies were in the train, and added that the monitors had checked three of the refrigerator wagons.

    Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman, meanwhile, told a news conference 192 bodies and eight fragments of bodies had been placed in the train.

    But he said the local rebels had yet to give permission for the train to set off.

    The rebels responded by suggesting the pro-Western Ukrainian government was delaying the train’s departure, and arguing they could do nothing until the arrival of the international experts pledged by several countries to help determine what and who caused the crash.

    Manipuri man dies after being beaten inside his car in South Delhi

    A PTI report says the man's name is Shaloni and that he was returning from a friend's place in Kotla Mubarakpur last night when a group of 5-6 men arrived at the spot by car and attacked him.

    "We have registered a case and investigation has been taken up. He was attacked by 5-6 men. There was no provocation from the part of the deceased," Deputy Commissioner of Police (South) BS Jaiswal said.

    "We are trying to identify the attackers and the exact sequence of events," he said. Shaloni lived in Munirka area and was presently unemployed, adds the PTI report.

    A 30-year-old Manipuri man who was working with a BPO, has been beaten to death in South Delhi's Kotla area. News reports have quoted the Delhi police as saying that the man was beaten by four goons inside his car.

    A report on Times Now said that he had beaten up as he returned from work. The name of the victim is not yet known.

    IBN-Live added that police believe the altercation had resulted after the victim picked an argument with the four men who had been in another car. The four then allegedly assaulted him.
    Image used for representational purpose only. Reuters

    Image used for representational purpose only. Reuters

    The report adds that the victim had been taken to AIIMS, but he succumbed to injuries. The police are in the process of registering an FIR for murder. The body has been kept at AIIMS for the post-mortem.

    This is the latest in a series of tragic incidents, involving Indian citizens from the Northeast.

    In May, a girl from Nagaland who was studying to be a law student in Delhi University was molested by another lawyer at a metro station. When she went to court to in connection with the case along with three friends, they had been beaten up by a gang of lawyers. The mob had threatened her not to pursue the case any further.

    In February this year, two Manipuri women were assaulted by men who hurled racist abuses at them in South Delhi's Kotla Mubarak area. According to the police, the women, identified as Tharmila Jajo and Chonmila, were beaten up by a group of men, who were in their late 20s.

    The women in their complaint said that one of the assaulters had tied the leash of his dog to Chonmila's boots. She panicked and in a bid to get rid of the dog she started kicking the animal. Seeing this, the men started beating her up. When her friend Jajo tried to intervene, she too was allegedly thrashed by the men who also made racist comments against them, police said.

    Before that in January, the capital had seen protests over the death of 19-year-old Nido Taniam, son of Arunchal Pradesh Congress MLA and Parliamentary Secretary in Health and Family Welfare Department Nido Pavitra.

    30-Year-Old Man from Manipur Allegedly Beaten to Death in Delhi

    An 30-year-old man from Manipur was allegedly beaten to death by a group of five or six men in the heart of Delhi late last night. 

    The police said Shaloni, who was employed at a Business Processing Outsourcing company or BPO, got into an altercation with the group of men who had driven up in a white car at a daily needs store in Kotla Mubarakpur.

    They said they received a call about the quarrel at about 2:30 am. When the police reached the spot, they found Shaloni had been beaten up. They took the injured man to the trauma centre at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences or AIIMS, where he was declared dead.
    The police said Shaloni lived in Kotla Mubarakpur. They said that a case of murder has been registered and that they have identified suspects.  

    The death in similar circumstances of Nido Tania, a student from Arunachal Pradesh, early this year had led to street protests and a national debate on discrimination against Indians from the North East.

    Nido, 20, was beaten with iron rods and sticks by a group of men after he had an altercation with a shopkeeper and others in Lajpat Nagar market, not far from Kotla Mubarakpur, in January.

    Politicians across parties had at the time condemned his death and vowed to work with activists and students from the North East to address their recurring concerns of being racially targeted in Delhi and other cities.

    Saina Nehwal pulls out of Glasgow Commonwealth Games

     Indian badminton star, Saina Nehwal pulls out of the Glasgow Commonwealth Games. The defending champions is yet to recover from the blisters she had sustained during the Australian Open Super Series winning campaign.

    The former world number 2 said that, "I haven`t got enough time to train, don`t want to risk an injury again. Have to be fit for the rest of the season."

    In the 2010 Delhi Commonwealth Games, she won the women`s singles title defeating Mew Wong of Malaysia in three sets. Two years later, in the London Games, she won the bronze medal.

    Having won a hosts of titles in the international circuit, Nehwal is a medal hopeful for the Indian contingent at the 20th Commonwealth Games, which starts next week. Recently she won her seventh Super Series title in Sydney, defeating Spaniard Carolina Marin in straight sets.

    In her absence, India will hope for a steller performance from her understudy PV Sindu and the doubles pair of Jwala Gutta and Ashwini Ponnappa. The Indian women's team of Nehwal, PV Sindhu, Jwala and Ashwini won the bronze medal in the recent Uber Cup, losing 2-3 to Japan in the semi-finals at Siri Fort Sports Complex.

    Zooey Deschanel: Not Every Woman Is 'Dying To Give Birth'

    Lest the doe-eyes and vintage flair fool anyone, Zooey Deschanel has reminded us of one thing she is decidedly non-retro about.

    In the July issue of InStyle, Deschanel tells writer Mike Albo that she's sick of the sexist double standard implicit in the "do you want kids" question:

        'Like every woman is dying to give birth! I don’t think so. Nobody asks guys that,' she says, gaining steam. 'And you go into a supermarket and every tabloid is like, ‘Pregnant and Alone!’ Stuck in the 1950s ideal of how a woman should live her life. This brings out the fiery feminist in me,' she pronounces.

    Deschanel's words ring true in a culture that tends to view childfree women of a certain age as sad victims of circumstance rather than individuals making a valid choice. But the 34-year-old "New Girl" star is in pretty good company: Cameron Diaz explained her childfree status to Esquire earlier this month, saying "I'm just what I am. I work on what I am. Right now, I think, things are good for me. I've done a lot."

    Given all the perks of being childfree, it's confusing why anyone expects women to become pregnant before they are certain they'd like to birth a new human and raise it for 18 years. Comments like Deschanel's chip away at the antiquated notion that women are in a race to procreate.

    With a hit television series, capsule collection for Tommy Hilfiger, an upcoming album, a successful website and three upcoming films, we'd say there's no room on Deschanel's plate for baby food. Perhaps, one fine day, people will stop asking when there might be.

    'Stop The Beauty Madness' Brands Ads With Brutally Honest Messages

    It's a psychological itch that the most enlightened, successful and even beautiful women still tend to scratch: if I look better, I am better.

    Now one campaign is trying to convince others to break free from that line of thought. The Stop The Beauty Madness campaign wants you to "feel like you've been socked in the gut" when you see its jarringly frank ads, says its founder Robin Rice.

    Stop The Beauty Madness is a series of 25 advertisements branded with honest messages that highlight the true "madness" involved in creating and meeting beauty standards. Rice, an author and the founder of Be Who You Are Productions, started the campaign to challenge an internalized belief that a woman's beauty determines her value.

    Rather than attempt to fit more diverse types of women into an already narrow definition of beauty, Stop The Beauty Madness questions the value we place on beauty in the first place. "My main mission is to say if women are worried about their weight and their looks to the point that they're not actually putting themselves in the world, then we're missing out on some really extraordinary individuals and some really important conversations we need to be having," Rice told HuffPost. "Women need to be helping the world move in a more beautiful direction -- a genuinely beautiful direction."
    Beauty, Rice reminds us, can be both meticulously arranged or totally accidental. And yet, we privilege "effortless" beauty free of the true effort (and anguish) often required to achieve it, while criticizing those who happen to be very thin for succumbing to beauty standards. "Even if you fit the mold, you get in trouble for fitting the mold," Rice said. "You can't win."

    his double-edged sword is why Stop The Beauty Madness takes a broad approach, addressing all elements of a woman's appearance from race, to age, to weight, to several at once. "Naturally thin women, or women who choose to work out and have really buff bodies, or elderly women, are not excluded from this conversation. They get their own backlash," Rice said.

    The campaign intentionally uses stock photos, the type of images used to illustrate many glossy magazine articles. "We wanted to use what was out there," Rice told HuffPost. "There's not lot of stock photos of African-American women compared to white women. There's not a lot of edgy photographs of women. There were countless pictures of women on scales trying to lose weight. That shapes our conversation," she said.

    Britney Spears' 'Alien' Without Auto-Tune Is Not Meant To Be Heard

    This might not be the first time we've heard a Britney Spears track without any Auto-Tune enhancement, but it doesn't mean it makes us cringe any less this time around.

    On July 2, the unedited vocal version of Spears' track "Alien," off of her most recent album, "Britney Jean," leaked. As the video picked up steam, track producer William Orbit posted a statement Monday, July 7, explaining that the track is a vocal warm-up session, not Spears' final take.

    "I'd like to affirm that ANY singer when first at the mic at the start of a long session can make a multitude of vocalisations in order to get warmed up," Orbit wrote. "Warming up is essential if you’re a pro, as it is with a runner doing stretches, and it takes a while to do properly. I’ve heard all manner of sounds emitted during warm-ups. The point is that it is not supposed to be shared with millions of listeners.

    "A generous singer will put something down the mic to help the engineer get their systems warmed up and at the right level, maybe whilst having a cup of herb tea and checking through lyrics before the session really kicks off. It’s not expected to be a ‘take.'"

    Listen to the track below, and decide for yourself whether this is a warm-up or the real deal.

    Immigration Rallies Wait For Buses Of Immigrants In Murrieta

    Rumors had swirled among anti-immigration activists near a U.S. Border Patrol station in Southern California that the agency would try again to bus in some of the immigrants who have flooded across the U.S.-Mexico border.

    Instead, they got dueling anti- and pro-immigration rallies Friday.

    The crowd of 200 outside the station in Murrieta waved signs and sometimes shouted at each other. One banner read: "Proud LEGAL American. It doesn't work any other way." Another countered: "Against illegal immigration? Great! Go back to Europe!"

    Law enforcement officers separated the two sides and contained them on one approach to the station, leaving open an approach from the opposite direction.

    It was not certain, however, that any buses would arrive on Friday. Because of security concerns, federal authorities have said they will not publicize immigrant transfers among border patrol facilities. By late afternoon many demonstrators were leaving.

    Six people were arrested, five for interfering with police who were investigating a fight and one for disorderly conduct, police said. One of the five was a woman who jumped on an officer's back, but police did not give details on the actions of the rest.

    Earlier this week, the city became the latest flashpoint in the intensifying immigration debate when a crowd of protesters waving American flags blocked buses carrying women and children who were flown from overwhelmed Texas facilities.

    Federal authorities had hoped to process them at the station in Murrieta, about 55 miles north of downtown San Diego.

    "This is a way of making our voices heard," said Steve Prime, a resident of nearby Lake Elsinore. "The government's main job is to secure our borders and protect us — and they're doing neither."

    Immigration supporters said the immigrants need to be treated as humans and that migrating to survive is not a crime.

    "We're celebrating the 4th of July and what a melting pot America is," said Raquel Alvarado, a high school history teacher and Murrieta resident who chalked up the fear of migrants in the city of roughly 106,000 to discrimination.

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