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    Hariyali Amavasya 2011 – Date and Celebrations

    Hariyali amavasya is no moon day of month of Sravan (in north Indian calendar) or Ashadha (in south Indian calendar). This day marks the beginning of greenery or Hariyali in the year. It falls in the month of July or August. In 2011, Hariyali amavasya is on 30th July. This day is of great importance to celebrate the greenery that rainy season brings.

    Hariyali Amavasya in India
    Hariyali amavasya is much celebrated in Northern parts of India. On this day several cities and towns organize fairs and events as the part of celebrations. Everyone becomes keen to celebrate the greenery or hariyali. In places like Udaipur and Rajsamand in Rajasthan the celebrations reach its peak when people find themselves in great fairs organized in a grand way. In these places this day is declared as a Collector’s holiday. Especially in Mewar, on the banks of Fathe Sagar the day is celebrated with great charm as a festival of greenery. In Udaipur the greenery is welcomed with great enthusiasm.

    Hariyali Amavasya is also celebrated in Gujarat. The Gujarati calendar names this day as Hariyali Amas or Ashada Amavasi.

    Hariyali Amavasya Celebrations:
    Thousands of tourists from all over the globe come to enjoy and make merry. A massive crowd is witnessed near the fairs where people of all ages and regions come to celebrate. Various games and rides are organized, in which people enjoy the occasion by taking snacks and other eatables. Women folk busy themselves with buying things and going around.

    There is lot of excitement in the people with several games like the Ferris Wheels, Bike in death well, Pirate Ship, roller coaster etc. The eatables are not left behind. Sweet meats, samosas, bhajjis, snacks, ice creams and chats make the environment full of excitement and adventure. The place of celebrations appears colorful with all banners with loads of stalls, pictures and accessories. The entire environment appears beautiful with full of vibrant energy.

    Amy Winehouse: Reflections from Two Drug Policy Activists

    Like many of you, we heard the sad news about Amy Winehouse's death on Facebook. The news spread quickly. Her friend Russell Brand immediately issued an incredible tribute to her, which was one of the most widely discussed responses to her sudden death. Most people immediately assumed that a drug overdose must have taken Amy's life. We don't know how she died, and on some level, it doesn't really matter. She was young, talented and apparently haunted with struggles none of us will ever understand. She used drugs. And now she's gone.

    We have worked at the Drug Policy Alliance for many years and spend most days thinking about drugs, our country's drug policies and the people whose lives are impacted by them. We spend most days advocating for, and trying to help, people just like Amy. Here are some of our reflections on the tragic death of Amy Winehouse.

    Relapse Happens.

    Abstinence isn't always achievable for everyone. We know some people will fall short of this goal, despite everyone wanting to see them succeed. Even people with virtually unlimited resources and support, like Amy Winehouse, will sometimes fail to live up to their own hopes for sobriety. We need as many potential solutions on the table as possible, including things that reduce the risks of accidental fatal overdose, like the overdose reversal medication naloxone and physician-monitored prescribed heroin maintenance programs. Amy's drug use and struggles with addiction have been in the news for years. She was in treatment as recently as May. Unfortunately, treatment is not a silver bullet and relapse is a common, and frustrating, part of recovery.

    There's an Overdose Crisis in the United States and Abroad.

    People usually hear about overdose when it happens to a celebrity like Heath Ledger or Chris Farley. Yet overdose is a silent killer that has quickly become one of the leading causes of accidental death in the United States. Nationally, over 27,000 people died from accidental overdoses in 2007 (the most recent data available). In NY and 16 other states, overdose is now the leading cause of accidental death, even passing car fatalities. More Americans now die from an accidental drug overdose than from HIV/AIDS.

    That's the bad news. The good news is that most drug overdoses are preventable. Solutions to the crisis exist; cost-neutral and cost-effective measures such as Good Samaritan 911 laws and expanded access to the lifesaving overdose reversal medication naloxone help reduce overdose deaths.

    Just last week, Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York signed a Good Samaritan 911 bill that will save thousands of lives. The bill will help reduce overdose death by allowing people who are witnessing an overdose to call 911 without fear of being prosecuted. New York now joins states like New Mexico and Washington in passing these laws, but we need these laws in every state.

    People Need Better Access to Effective Treatment

    We need to invest in better and more widely available drug treatment. Many people would be shocked to discover that there's virtually nowhere left in the United States where a person addicted to heroin can call and be admitted that same day to a long-term in-patient drug treatment program free of charge. We need to eliminate these barriers to addiction treatment.

    Jake Gyllenhaal Shirtless, Goes Swimming With Sister, Maggie Gyllenhaal

    Jake Gyllenhaal had a little fun in the sun with his sister, Maggie Gyllenhaal, earlier this week.
    The Gyllenhaals were in Hawaii for their father's wedding but the two were able to get in a some sibling-time on the North Shore in Oahu.
    Both brother and sister looked great in their sexy beach attire. Jake has been prepping for an upcoming role as a police officer in "End of Watch."
    And by the looks of his ripped physique, he's going to put on quite a show. Maggie, very fit herself, opted for an elegant, strapless one piece.

    For more pictures of Jake and Maggie, click over to Pop Sugar.

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    Yahoo’s Q2 2011 Earnings Rise, Revenue Sinks (Photo)

    Yahoo’s Q2 2011 Earnings Rise, Revenue Sinks (Photo): "

    Yahoo plodded through another disappointing performance in the second quarter.

    The results, released Tuesday, may intensify pressure on Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz, who has spent the past 2 1/2 years trying to turn around the Internet company.

    Yahoo Inc. earned $237 million, or 18 cents per share, during the three months ending in June. That’s an 11 percent increase from $213 million, or 15 cents per share, at the same time last year.

    But Yahoo’s revenue sank at a time when advertisers are pouring more money into the Internet.

    Net revenue totaled $1.08 billion, down 5 percent from last year. The drop looks even worse when compared to Internet search leader Google Inc., whose net revenue surged by more than 30 percent in the second quarter.

    The iPhone 5 Rumor Roundup Photo

    The iPhone 5 Rumor Roundup Photo: "

    WWDC brought us a chock full of new things, including iCloud and iTunes Match, as well as the full breakdown of features in the next iteration of OS X. But unfortunately, there was no iPhone at last week’s big keynote. While that might be bad news for most of us, it’s great news for Apple-centirc gossip mongers. With no hints as to what features, form or functions the next iteration of the company’s flagship mobile product might have in store for consumers, the rumor mill has worked itself up into a lather over what we might be able to expect from Cupertino in the months to come. Here’s a quick rundown of what we’ve seen circling the web lately, and what may be coming soon.

    Folks at NoWhereElse have produced a very nice looking infographic that illustrates all the rumors and possibilities for the next-generation iPhone 5.

    OS X Lion Now Available For Download From Mac App Store

    OS X Lion Now Available For Download From Mac App Store: "

    Like we have reported before, registered developers have been able to get their hands on Mac OS X Lion a few weeks ago. Starting today, all users will be able to download the new operating system from the Mac App Store. If you’re not yet aware of what Lion will include, read on, we’ll fill you in.Lion includes features that are meant to bring the user experience found on the Mac closer to the one that’s been core to iOS devices for years. It was first announced at the special Mac-related “Back to the Mac” event and shown off in greater detail just over one month ago at this year’s WWDC, Apple’s annual developer-oriented event. Since then, it has generated excitement among consumers, developers and bloggers alike.

    Continue reading… »

    Chris Evans Talks ‘Captain America’ Workout Routine Photos

    Chris Evans Talks ‘Captain America’ Workout Routine Photos: "

    For Steve Rogers, all it took to go from a puny, military-rejected weakling to muscle-bound super soldier was a hyperbaric chamber and a couple injections of experimental serum. It wasn’t quite so easy for Chris Evans to pull off the feat off-screen.

    Just hearing him talk about it might make one sore — or nauseous.

    “We did two hours a day, and it was brutal. I usually like working out. Going in sucks, but walking out, you’re like, ‘I’m glad I did that!’” the star told PopSugar. “This was different. I’d walk out and I’d be like, ‘I need to vomit. I hate this trainer. I hate this movie. I want to go to sleep for a week.’ It was just relentless. I’ve got a fast metabolism and I lose weight very quickly, so for me to get big, it was just eat a lot.”

    Read More…

    Hina Rabbani Khar: Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Photos

    Hina Rabbani Khar: Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Photos: "

    Hina Rabbani Khar will be the new foreign minister of Pakistan, a media report said Monday. Her elevation comes a week ahead of India-Pakistan talks to be held in New Delhi.Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani has sent a document regarding this to President Asif Ali Zardari, Geo News reported.

    Khar was serving as the minister of state for foreign affairs.Khar is scheduled to travel to New Delhi next week for foreign minister level talks.The foreign minister’s position became vacant after Shah Mehmood Qureshi was left out of a cabinet reshuffle.

    Hina Rabbani Khar (Urdu: حنا ربانی کھر ) (born 1977, Multan) is a Pakistani member of parliament, affiliated with the PPP. She served as the State Minister for Economic Affairs and Statistics as National Assembly member of PML-Q in 2003-2007. Hina Rabbani Khar is daughter of politician Ghulam Noor Rabbani Khar and niece of Ghulam Mustafa Khar.

    Khar received a B.Sc. in Economics from Lahore University of Management Sciences in 1999 and went on to earn a M.Sc. in Management from the University of Massachusetts in 2001. In 2008, she was named to the World Economic Forum’s list of young global leaders.[4] In 2008, Hina was elected as a member of National Assembly with a ticket from PPP from the constituency of Muzaffargarh, Punjab.


    Insurance: "
    How would you like to save money on your Texas homeowners insurance

    As a Texas insurance specialists we understands that your home is probably your most valuable asset. It is also a huge risk for you financially. What if a catastrophe strikes? What if you suffered from a fire, flood, vandalism or any other catastrophe? What if someone visiting you slips falls and suffers a serious injury? And sues you? An accident like that could put a real big dent in your financial security.

    For most people, insurance is a mystery. They know they need to have insurance for their homes (mortgage lenders require it), but they don’t understand the coverage provided by the policy. And they don’t know which insurance companies offer the best prices. Because most people don’t fully understand the insurance policy they are purchasing, many people think insurance is a rip-off.

    Texas home insurance is not created equal. In fact, almost none of it is. There are thousands of different products out there, from hundreds of insurance companies. How do you find the insurance and the insurance company that is best for you? You read this special report and tap into my vast knowledge of the products and the companies that offer them.

    Insurance Over Texas is a local Houston insurance agency specialized in Texas home insurance. With over 20 of Texas insurance experience I know what kind of insurance fits your needs best. I also know what insurance companies sell quality insurance at the lowest price. Since I am specialized in the insurance needs of homeowners and their families for over two decades, I have decided to dedicate myself to solving some of the mysteries of homeowners insurance quotes Texas.

    Texas flood insurance and earthquake coverage are two perils for which there is no coverage.

    You can get coverage for earthquake and flood damage in a separate policy or as an endorsement to your homeowners insurance Texas coverage.

    Replacement Cost or Actual Cash Value

    Your Texas home policy does not provide coverage for all potential catastrophes that could damage or destroy your home. Earthquake and

    There is also no coverage for damage caused by water that seeps into your home from the ground.

    You do have coverage for losses related to fire, smoke, lightning, wind storms, hail, explosions, vandalism and theft.

    There are different ways to insure your home. Generally you insure both the structure and your personal property. Let’s take the structure first.

    There are two types of coverage: replacement cost and actual cash value.

    Replacement cost coverage is highly recommended for all Texas homeowners. Under replacement cost coverage, the insurance will cover the cost of replacing the part of the structure that is damaged, up to a maximum dollar amount.

    Under actual cash value coverage will cover the cost of replacing the damaged structure minus the depreciation. If you have an older home, this maybe the coverage you want. Unless your policy specifically says it provides replacement cost coverage, the coverage is for actual cash value.

    So how much insurance should you have?

    Basically, unless you want to pay some of the costs yourself, you should insure your home for what it would cost to rebuild it if your residence were destroyed.

    How do you find this out?

    Your insurance agent can provide you with this information. If you don’t have an insurance agent and you should, you can contact your local builders association. In the home construction world, building costs are calculated on a square foot basis. As such, to determine the cost to rebuild your home, take the square footage of your house and multiply by the average per square foot building rate in your area.

    Your possessions are also insured on a replacement cost or actual cash value basis. Again, unless specified otherwise, the coverage in your policy is actual cash value.

    Home insurance policies also have limits on coverage for such items as jewelry, fine art and computer equipment. Read your policy and see what these limits are. For example, the standard policy will provide a maximum of $1,000 coverage for your jewelry if it is lost or stolen. If you have lots of jewelry, fine art or computer equipment, you should consider purchasing a special personal property endorsements or floaters that provides the coverage you need.

    Speaking of needs, you need to take a written and a visual (still pictures or video) inventories of everything you own in your home and in other buildings on the property.

    Include all furniture – Indoor and outdoor, appliances, stereos, computers and other electronic equipment, hobby materials and recreational equipment, china, silverware, kitchen equipment, linens, jewelry and clothing. For the major items (computers, televisions, stereo systems, etc.).

    Write down the serial number, make or model number, purchase price, present value and date of purchase of each item.

    If you have the receipts for the items, attach them to the inventory.

    Make at least two copies of the inventory and store one of those copies offsite a safe deposit box is a good place.

    Store the pictures or video of the inventory offsite as well.

    10 Ways to Save On Your Texas Home Insurance

    Now that you know the basics of a homeowner’s insurance policy, here are 10 ways you can pay less. In many cases, you can get the same level of coverage for fewer dollars.

    One Insurer, Multiple Insurance Policies – Do you have a Houston auto insurance policy? Is your auto insurance insured with the same company that provides your home insurance?

    If the answer’s no, you’re paying too much for both policies. Almost every insurance company that sells home insurance wants its policyholders to also buy auto insurance from them. These insurers offer so-called multi-policy discounts. These discounts can be as much as 27% and some insurers apply the discounts to both the auto and the homeowners/renters policy.

    Raise Your Deductible! – The deductible is the amount you pay before insurance kicks in if you have a claim. For example, if you have a $500 deductible and you file a claim for $1,500 in damage to your home, you pay the first $500 and your insurer pays the balance, $1,000. The higher the deductible you choose, the more you pay. However, the higher the deductible, the lower your policy premium. Depending on the insurance company, you can save between 12% and 37% if you have a deductible of $1,000 to $5,000.

    New Is Better! – Insurers really like newer homes. That’s because it’s less likely something will go wrong with the electrical, heating and plumbing systems. In addition, the structure itself is in better shape. Insurers offer discounts of as much as 8% to 15% if your residence is new.

    Location, Location, Location! – Where do you live and what is your home made of? If you’re in the Eastern United States, it’s better from an insurance perspective to have a brick or masonry residence because such a structure has a greater resistance to wind damage. By contrast, frame homes are better in the earthquake-prone West. The right structure in the right region can save you 5% to 15%. Further, if your home is near a fire station, you will pay less for homeowners insurance. If you live in an area that is prone to flooding, you may be required to buy a flood insurance policy. If you are not required to buy the coverage and still live in a flood-prone area, your Texas home insurance policy will not provide coverage for losses arising from flooding.

    Insure the House, Not the Land! – Nobody is going to steal your land. Fire and high winds won’t destroy it. As such, when deciding how much homeowner’s coverage to buy, don’t include the value of the land. You should only cover the value of the house and any other buildings on the property. If you include the value of the land, you’re paying too much.

    Don’t Insure What You Don’t Have! – Each year, you should review your policy to see what coverage you have for your possessions. If you have made a major purchase, you will want to increase your limits of coverage, but what if you sell something or something’s? You don’t need as much coverage. Pay particular attention to items that are covered by endorsements or floaters to your policy, items such as jewelry and computer equipment.

    Better Safe Than Sorry! – Smoke detectors, burglar alarms and deadbolt locks are usually worth discounts of at least 5%. You can get even bigger discounts, 15% to 20%, if you install a sophisticated sprinkler system or an alarm system that rings at the police station or a security company. However, not all of these systems qualify for discounts. Before you install one, check with your insurer to find out what type of system qualifies for a discount and how much you would save on your premium if you installed the system.

    Where There’s Smoke There’s fire! – Smoking (unattended cigarette butts, etc.) produces more than 23,000 residential fires in this country each year. That’s why some insurers have discounts if all the residents in a home are nonsmokers.

    Group Discounts! – Some insurers offer discounts to certain business or alumni associations. If you are a member of such an association or associations, ask the directors of the associations if there are any insurance companies providing discounts to members.

    Don’t Jump Around – If you’ve been with an insurer for a while and you like that insurer, stay put. Some insurance companies automatically have discounts for policyholders who have been with the company for a certain number of years. For example, 5% for at least three years, 10% for at least five years.

    Women’s World Cup Final Breaks Twitter Record

    Women’s World Cup Final Breaks Twitter Record: "
    The Women’s World Cup final between Japan and the United States set the record for tweets per second, eclipsing the wedding of Prince William and Kate and the death of Osama bin Laden.

    Japan rallied twice to tie the United States 2-2 after extra time before winning a penalty shootout on Sunday in Frankfurt, Germany. The U.S. was aiming for its third World Cup victory, while Japan lifted the World Cup trophy for the first time after going 0-25 against the Americans over the years.

    The exciting climax drew 7,196 tweets per second, according to Twitter. Paraguay’s penalty shootout win over Brazil in a Copa America quarterfinal later the same day came close to beating it with 7,166.

    The previous record of 6,939 was set just after midnight in Japan on New Year’s Day. Other spikes include bin Laden’s death (5,106 per second) and the Super Bowl in February (4,064).

    Spain’s World Cup win over the Netherlands in July 2010 managed a high of 3,051, although the record for the tournament (3,283) was set when Japan beat Denmark in the group stage – another statistic pointing to Twitter’s popularity in Japan.

    The record-breaking numbers Sunday reflect a sharp rise in Twitter usage. Its users send 200 million tweets per day, compared to 10 million two years ago, according to Twitter.

    Orlando struggled to deal with seeing me in pain during labour, reveals Miranda Kerr

    Orlando struggled to deal with seeing me in pain during labour, reveals Miranda Kerr: "
    For many soon-to-be fathers, watching their partners go through labour and feeling helpless is tormenting.

    Miranda Kerr has revealed that her husband Orlando Bloom came up with a novel way for him to be able to deal with seeing her in so much pain during the birth of their baby Flynn.

    As his wife had refused drugs, the actor suggested that he could perhaps have an epidural instead.

    Asked if her resolve wavered at any point during the labour, she admitted: ‘I remember looking at Orlando and saying “Oh honey.”‘

    ‘And he said, “Give me the epidural! Seriously, if you don’t want it I’ll take it because right now I’m dying watching you go through this pain”.’

    ‘I didn’t realise (Flynn) was going to be such a big baby.’

    Miranda also revealed that it was not love at first sight when she met Orlando, 34.

    ‘I think it was his persistence,’ she said. ‘Maybe he wanted me because he thought he couldn’t have me.’

    Asked if his movie star status put him off, she admitted: ‘I was reluctant – not about him, but the idea of that (him being a movie star).’

    It was during the Sunday Night interview that Miranda revealed the tragic inspiration behind Flynn’s middle name.

    Priyanka Chopra Celebrating 29th Birthday Photo

    Priyanka Chopra Celebrating 29th Birthday Photo: "

    Bollywood diva Priyanka Chopra is celebrating her 29th birthday today. The actress shot to fame after she won the 50th Miss World Pageant in London eleven years ago.

    Hailing from Jharkhand, Piggy Chops had to fight her way to become one of the leading stars of Bollywood presently. She made her debut with Hero: Love story of a spy opposite Sunny Deol. Later with Andaaz, she was recognized by everyone.

    The actress has a lot to offer coming six months. Her Don 2 with Shah Rukh Khan is slated to release during Christmas. While her another two films, Agneepath and Barfee are slated to release in January next year.

    After a brief break in Los Angeles, the actress has returned to India to celebrate birthday with her family.

    Priyanka_Chopra_1 (1)

    wishes Priyanka a very very happy birthday. Have a blissful life ahead Miss Chopra.

    Daily Random Pictures Collection 17 Photo

    'Community' Stars Alison Brie & Gillian Jacobs Wrestle In Lingerie

    Perhaps Alison Brie and Gillian Jacobs should have sent some advanced copies of these photos to a certain group of bigwigs a few days ago?

    Brie and Jacobs, two of the lady leads of the cult favorite NBC show "Community," get very down and dirty in a new photo shoot for GQ. Unfortunately for the duo, the show was totally snubbed earlier in the day when the 63rd Primetime Emmy nominations were revealed -- it was expected to perhaps get a Outstanding Comedy Series nomination, at the very least -- but at least they win the award for most willing to push boundaries -- both in comedy and attire.

    And in the spirit of the show, Brie, who also stars on "Mad Men," was able to tie the two together. "When you're having sex with someone, it really is similar to putting yourself out there and saying, 'I think this is funny and I hope you laugh,'" she said.

    The Best Way to Clean: Patio Furniture

    Because a little dirt goes unnoticed until it's time to entertain guests, here's the best way to clean off that patio furniture.

    best-way-to-cleanlimonada, flickr

    Plastic patio furniture may get a bad rap in the decor world, but there's no cheaper way to seat lots of people outdoors. The main problem isn't a stylistic one, though. It's that plastic is porous and can hold onto dirt like there's no tomorrow. For a particularly stubborn stain, the vinegar treatment and standard soap-and-water didn't help. I even tried tile cleaner, but all I got was a headache.

    I had a few Magic Eraser sponges (swear this is not a product placement) in my cleaning cabinet and on a whim, used it on the stain. To my surprise, it removed the stain with minimal effort. Just don't rub too hard, because I noticed that the sponge can dull the plastic surface.

    Want more tips on cleaning outdoor furniture? Check out...
    Removing Rust from Metal and Concrete
    How to clean outdoor furniture
    Prepare Your Outdoor Furniture For Entertaining

    And to see other methods for cleaning patio furniture, watch this...

    10 Odd Ways To Get Rid of Flies

    You don't always have to be on swatter duty in order to get rid of flies. Whether the pests are bringing your picnic down or calling your living room home, I tested 10 ways to deter flies using stuff we all have in our homes. And I promise, you won't have to squash anything (unless you want to, of course).

    get-rid-of-fliesProblem solved. Photo: Refracted Moments, flickr

    If you'd "never hurt a fly," then you've never experienced the...pleasure...of having to run inside from a lovely picnic because flies kept bumping into guests' heads while on a quest to eat their potato salad. Then the flies followed everyone inside. And that, in case you were wondering, was how I spent my Fourth of July weekend.

    For me, the problem comes from living in a house that dates back to 1825. Yes, it's charmingly covered in ivy, but the floors and windows are at a subtle angle. Which means that a. you can look taller if you stand in certain areas of the house, and b. windows and doors don't always have a seal against the outside world. The small openings are the portals to housefly Narnia as they try to find relief from summer heat. Really, even scrupulous cleaning isn't enough to deter summer flies.

    To get rid of them, I tested the following home cures that promise to get rid of flies (either by repelling them away from you and your guests, or by trapping them). Like my tests for controlling ants, these cures were culled from internet boards and well-meaning friends. And for good measure, I tested them indoors and out.

    Here's what worked...and what didn't:

    - Fabric softener sheets. I hung these from a clothesline, an action that alarmed my neighbor. "Forgot your laundry!" he said, holding up his laundry basket in an attempt to re-acquaint me with what laundry looks like. After I restored his faith in my sanity, I sat near the line and relaxed with a glass of lemonade. Again, the neighbor pops his head over the fence. "Drinking alone, huh?" he said. And then a fly landed on the lemonade glass. So: Hanging fabric softener sheets will make your neighbors think you've lost your mind and will ultimately do nothing to repel flies. Bottom line: Get new neighbors.

    - Plastic bags filled with water. Though it always looks like a practical joke in progress, the local cafe swears by the fly-disorienting powers of the clear plastic bags of water suspended next to the doorways. I rarely see flies there, so I hang a plastic bag of water next to the back door (outside). In direct sunlight, the bag appeared to work in its immediate vicinity. But come twilight, the flies paid no mind to the obvious bag-of-water. Bottom line: This works if you use it during the day. (Readers suggest that adding a penny to the bag will make it work at night.)

    - Crushed mint. Is there a mint lobby? Because I see "crushed mint leaves" as a suggested solution to everything from ants to headaches. Unsurprisingly, they were suggested for repelling flies. Like a good scout, I crushed fresh mint leaves, placed them in small cups and left them out around the back steps and on my kitchen table. The flies didn't land in the cup, but they buzzed around near it. Bottom line: Does not work.

    - Lavender-scented candles. This sounded like the loveliest idea for repelling flies. I had a few that had been given to me as gifts, so I placed them on the back stairs, a picnic table and in the kitchen. The results are mixed: The candle on the picnic table adequately kept the flies away, while the ones on the stairs and in the kitchen didn't do much. However, all the candles were not the same. The one on the picnic table was a three-wick candle that had a high concentration of scented oil. The rest were smaller single-wick candles with a fainter fragrance. So I think the key here is that the extra heat generated by three flames distributed the fragrance further than a standard candle. Bottom line: This works. Just be sure to use a big, highly-fragranced candle.

    - Sugar trap. I was optimistic about this one: Dumping a quarter cup of sugar into an open mason jar, then filling the jar halfway with water. The hypothesis is that the flies are attracted to the sugar, then fall into the jar and drown. But I guess the flies here laugh in the face of such low-tech devices, instead preferring to walk down the sides of the jar, sip the nectar and fly out. Two fell in, though. Bottom line: Doesn't really work.

    - Dish soap trap. Instead of sugar, pour an inch of liquid dish soap directly into the jar, then add another inch of water. This worked nicely to trap flies. However, not all liquid dish soap fared well. A floral scent didn't attract flies to the trap, but a green apple scent beckoned the flies to their doom. Definitely go for a fruit scent. Bottom line: This works. Be sure to use a fruit-scented dish soap.

    Catherine Kieu Becker Accused Of Cutting Off Her Estranged Husband's Penis

    A Southern Californian woman is accused of cutting off the penis of her estranged husband. She was arrested late last night after investigators responded to a 911 call and is now in custody at the Orange County Jail.
    Catherine Kieu Becker of Garden Grove reportedly prepared dinner for her husband and put a poisonous substance or drug in his food to make him drowsy, reports KTLA. While the man was sleeping, Becker allegedly tied him to the bed. When he awakened, Becker cut his penis off with a knife and threw it into the garbage disposal, turning it on as she did so.
    Lt. Jeff. Nightengale told NBC LA that Becker called 911 at around 10 p.m. requesting emergency assistance. Nightengale said that Becker "told responding officers that he 'deserved it.'" Nightengale also revealed that the married couple was going through a divorce.
    Nightengale spoke with the HuffPost and confirms that the victim has been upgraded to stable or good condition and is being treated at UC Irvine Medical Center in Orange. Nightengale also says that pieces of the severed member were recovered from the crime scene and transported to the hospital with the victim last night, but he has no details on how the surgery went. Police hope to interview the victim either today or tomorrow.
    Becker has been charged with "aggravated mayhem, false imprisonment, assault with a deadly weapon, administering a drug with intent to commit a felony, poisoning and spousal abuse," according to the Associated Press. The most serious of these charges is "aggravated mayhem," which carries a life sentence with possibility of parole (as opposed to just "mayhem," which has a sentence of 3-5 years).
    Of the aggravated mayhem charge, Nightengale says, "It's so heinous -- we're looking at this as premeditated. Her intention was to permanently deprive him of a piece of his body and do it in such a way to inflict a great amount of pain and psychological damage." He also adds, "I've been doing this for 22 years and the only other time I remember this happening was when Lorena Bobbitt did it, and that didn't even happen here. This isn't a typical domestic violence case -- it was way over the top."

    2011 Emmy Nominations List: 63rd Primetime Emmy Nominations Announced

    The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences on Thursday announced the nominees for the 63rd Primetime Emmy Awards. At first glance, the list seems to stock largely the same series as last year, but there are some significant newcomers.
    In the Best Series, Drama category, HBO newcomers "Game of Thrones" and "Boardwalk Empire" enter the running as strong contenders. On the comedy side, fan and critical favorite "Parks and Recreation" has joined the fray, alongside fellow NBC shows "The Office" and "30 Rock."
    Newcomers to the Outstanding Actress in a Comedy are "Mike & Molly" star Melissa McCarthy, who helped present the nominations and Laura Linney of Showtime's "The Big C."
    In the actor categories, Jon Hamm looks to win his first Outstanding Actor in a Drama, and is buoyed by the fact that three-time winner Bryan Cranston, of "Breaking Bad," was not nominated thanks to his show's timing. Louis CK, of the eponymous comedy, "Louie," got a nod in the Outstanding Actor in a Comedy category.
    Something to note: "Conan" was nominated for an Emmy, but Jay Leno's "The Tonight Show" was not.
    Justin Timberlake and Zach Galifianakis landed nominations for their hosting jobs of "Saturday Night Live," while three "Glee" guest stars -- Gwyneth Paltrow, Kristen Chenowith and Dot Marie Jones -- got nods.

    How losing weight can change your personality... and it may not be for the better

    Slimmed down: Lucy lost four stone after dieting but admits keeping the weight off is a constant battle

    Three years ago, I was fat. I really was. I was a roly-poly great big lump of lard. I weighed 14st 4lb, far too much for my 5ft 8in frame. I’d go into High Street stores and despair that no clothes fitted me.
    I’d stand in front of the mirror and stare in horror at my increasing curves. I didn’t just look fat — I looked as if I was about to give birth. It was so bad that people got up for me on trains.
    A woman in a restaurant even came up and congratulated me on my pregnancy. ‘Not long now,’ she said encouragingly. I sat there, burning with shame and close to tears.
    That’s what really did it. I decided then and there that I couldn’t bear being fat any more.
    Like former Birds Of A Feather star Pauline Quirke, who this week revealed her new svelte figure after losing more than six stone, I decided there was only one thing for it. The excess baggage had to go.
    Quirke lost her weight on the LighterLife diet — a drastic regime that requires women to eat no more than 500 calories a day. I lost four stone with WeightWatchers, which offers a less drastic approach. But we both achieved the same result, losing 30 per cent of our total body weight.
    Slimmed down: Lucy lost four stone after dietingI am now — after three years of dieting and being extremely careful about what I eat — a healthy and light 10st 3lb. Every time I climb on the scales, I want to do a dance of pure joy. For the first time in 15 years, I’m slim. In fact, I’m actually lighter than I was in my early 20s.
    Yet proud as I am, something crucial and unexpected has changed. It’s not only my body shape that has been transformed, but my personality, too.
    It’s as if I have morphed into a different person on the inside, as well as outside.
    From being a laid-back type, happy to eat, drink, be merry and have endless parties, I’ve become a rampant control freak.
    Instead of cooking or spending time with my husband, I’m either doing stomach crunches in the sitting room or talking about how guilty I feel that I’ve eaten too much. I am, in short, a bore. I have that nervous energy I always used to associate with thin people.

    'Glee': Lea Michele, Cory Monteith & Chris Colfer Graduating After This Season

    Well, you can't say he didn't warn you.

    In June, Ryan Murphy told Ryan Seacrest that the "Glee" stars entering their senior year at McKinley High would graduate from the show at the end season, instantly stirring massive buzz given that three of the show's biggest names -- Lea Michele, Chris Colfer and Cory Monteith -- would be upperclassmen this coming year.

    In a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Murphy made clear that there would be no prep years or college plot lines.

    Those stars -- Michele, Colfer and Monteith -- are "not going to be back at all for Season 4," he told The Hollywood Reporter. "You can keep them on the show for six years and people will criticize you for not being realistic, or you can be really true to life and say when they started the show they were very clearly sophomores and they should graduate at the end of their senior year."

    Those comments closely matched what he told Seacrest, when he said, "The thing that I wanted to do and the cast wanted to do, we didn't want to have a show where they were in high school for 8 years. We really wanted it to be true to that experience. We thought it would be really cool if we were true to the timeline."

    Murphy has aimed to add new stars to the show each year, with the second season bringing aboard breakout stars Darren Criss and Chord Overstreet, among others. Fans erupted in anger when they found out that, while Criss was made a series regular for the third season, Overstreet would apparently not be included in the show very much going forward. Soon after, a seeming reversal of the decision was announced, with Overstreet publicly extended the opportunity to continue on as a guest, with a series regular position possibly being attained as early as midseason.

    Murphy is also adding cast members through the summer reality show, "The Glee Project."

    Gates Foundation Gives Millions For Research On Malaria, HIV, More

    Using microwaves to kill malaria parasites and developing a way to give fetuses immunity to HIV are among the dozen ideas the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation thinks are worth more research dollars, after giving more than 500 scientists seed money to take an initial look at some far-out concepts.

    A dozen scientists or teams of researchers will each get an additional $1 million over five years to take their ideas to the next level and see if they have the potential to save lives, the foundation announced Wednesday.

    The foundation initially chose more than 500 scientific ideas out of nearly 20,000 proposals for its Grand Challenges Explorations grants, worth $100,000 each, saying it would be taking a calculated risk by giving money for whatever wacky idea the world's best minds come up with to combat malaria, HIV and other world health problems.

    The ideas remain highly speculative into the $1 million stage.

    "They run against conventional wisdom," said Chris Wilson, director of the foundation's Global Health Discovery program. "Of course, more often than not, conventional wisdom is right."

    As an example, he points to the idea of using microwaves to kill malaria parasites, from within their hosts – mice for the experiment, but humans eventually.

    "That's probably not going to work," Wilson said. "But if it did work, it would be pretty stunning."

    The scientist, Jose Stoute, a medical researcher who specializes in infectious diseases at Penn State University, might not appreciate that less-then-enthusiastic endorsement, but Wilson says the same thing about nearly all these grants.

    "Science is a place where lots of things don't work," he said, adding that the foundation remains optimistic about these grants. "I think we're cautiously optimistic that somewhere along this path, some of these might happen," he said.

    To graduate to a million dollar grant, the scientists have to prove their initial idea has merit as a potential way to save lives and that it is practical and potentially scalable and affordable, Wilson said.

    Stoute said he and his co-collaborator, Carmenza Spadafora at Panama's Institute of Advanced Scientific Investigations and High Technology Services, got the idea for the project from an innovative cancer treatment involving microwaves that uses iron to tag cancer cells.

    Since the malaria parasite naturally collects iron as a byproduct of its actions within the human body, they thought malaria might be another good target for microwave treatment. Stoute is working with microwave engineers to design a machine to deliver the treatment in the lab.

    Collaboration among different kinds of scientists is an attribute of many of the Grand Challenges projects.

    Mike McCune, professor of medicine at the University of California San Francisco, said working in multidisciplinary teams has helped a number of researchers from his university get a Gates grant.

    His project, to fight HIV infection while a fetus is in the uterus, takes a number of known scientific principals and combines them in a new way.

    Gisele Bundchen Launches Second Clothing Collection for C&A

    Gisele Bundchen has launched a second clothing collection for retailer C&A, which has stores in Europe and her home country of Brazil.
    The budget-friendly line features pieces inspired by the model's own lifestyle, according to the U.K.'s Daily Mail.
    The casualwear pieces include a coral cropped blazer, v-neck leopard print blouse, cut-off demin shorts, lace cardigan and black tailored shorts.
    She also modeled her own creations in the recent shoot for the line and is said to have applied her own makeup for the photographs.
    Bundchen first collaborated with C&A for a collection that debuted in April. At the time, she served as a living mannequin, modeling the clothes in a storefront in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
    She is said to be the world's top-earning model. She also has dabbled in acting, appearing in 2004's Taxi and 2006's The Devil Wears Prada.

    Mumbai terrorist attack captured by Twitpics

    The serial explosions that tore apart Mumbai today is receiving attention from official news sources and the social media realm alike as reports of 17 dead and at least 81 more wounded surface. Pictures from Twitter users show the truly gruesome damage done. 
    Here are some of the shocking pictures of the aftermath of the explosion that are floating around Twitter. Be warned, these aren't for the faint of heart and are a devastating look at the raw destruction caused by this attack:

    Curvy Paris Hilton steps out in unflattering pink dress

    Paris Hilton is known around the world for her enviable svelte frame.

    So it was a surprise when she was seen in LA yesterday showing off a curvier figure in a fitted bright pink dress.

    Paris was arriving to join Mario Lopez on stage for celebrity entertainment show Extra at shopping mall The Grove in Los Angeles.
    She teamed her dress with an equally eye catching necklace, with high patent black heels and sunglasses and let her trademark blonde hair fall loose over her shoulders, maintaining her 'Barbie' look.
    It is possible that a more relaxed attitude to her diet has led to the change in the star's figure.
    Paris has been dating Hangover Part II director Todd Phillips, who she was spotted dining with at Hollywood's Madeo restaurant last night.
    Paris dispelled the myth that LA starlets don't touch carbohydrates as she tucked in to lasagne, while Todd ordered the ravioli.
    Paris was probably in need of a little relaxation following an alarming break in to her Malibu beach house over the Fourth of July weekend.
    She had previously filed a restraining order against the intruder, who was luckily spotted by nearby paparazzi as he tried to enter the building.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk

    Giuliana Rancic Talks Indulging in Italy: “I Eat Whatever I Want”

    After an emotional year, Giuliana Rancic and husband Bill Rancic are putting their fertility issues behind them and have vowed to have “a year of fun.” In the upcoming season of Giuliana and Bill, the couple will be going back to the basics to focus on heating up their relationship.

    Celebuzz chatted with Giuliana who candidly discussed their latest trip to Italy (and all that pasta she ate!), explained how she stays thin and gushed about why she’s madly in love with her husband.

    You just got back from your vacation in Italy. How was it?
    It was incredible. It was the best two weeks of my entire life.

    Lots of people are talking about the picture you posted online of you eating a big plate of pasta in Italy.
    Yeah. I went to Italy, and I consumed way too many calories a day, but I didn’t care. Bill and I made a deal on the plane over that we can’t say “no” to anything, including food. Like if Bill says, “Let’s have a crepe,” I can’t say no — even though I just had a gelato, and I’m full. We indulged like crazy for two weeks, but we took really long walks in the vineyards, and we stayed active. And when we got back to Los Angeles, we were back at Equinox the next day on the treadmill.

    If you could say anything to those weight critics, what would it be?
    I eat whatever I want. I never starve myself. I eat five times a day — if not more. I workout every day and bust my butt to stay in shape, which can be six to seven days a week.

    The Dirtiest Scenes In Film: Non-Porn Sex Scenes

    Movies, in many ways, are about fulfilling our wishes and seeing our fantasies lived out on screen. Sometimes, it's being a sports hero or brave soldier; others, it's creating fairytale romances.

    And then there's the dirty stuff.

    While buckled down society frowns on certain words, turns of phrases and bursts of charged, breathy ecstasy, Hollywood embraces it. Very often, in a hilarious fashion, too. Which is why the geniuses over at FilmDrunk surveyed their audience and put together this amazing clip of the greatest, raunchiest, most hilarious non-porn dirty talk and sex scenes in recent film memory.

    Sure, some are more disturbing when put into their context, but the word choices alone make them at least semi-laugh worthy. From films such as "Last Tango In Paris," "Me, You and Everyone We Know," "Superbad," "Knocked Up," and so many more, check out the selection below -- and make sure you head over to FilmDrunk to get the low down on how they make their picks and what they have to say about them.

    Of course, actors themselves aren't always so fond of them -- check out this list of all the greatest quotes about sex scenes being "awkward."

    Warning: this is most definitely a bit graphic and NSFW (unless you're wearing headphones or work at home).

    Awkward Family Photos: Vacation 2011 Edition

    It all starts with the best of intentions. Mom and Dad, feeling that the family needs to spend more time together, decide that we should take a vacation ... but between the itineraries, the sunburns, and the sing-alongs, the only thing relaxing about a family vacation is when we finally make it home.
    To see more awkward vacation pics or be a part of the Embassy Suites Awkward Family Vacation Photo Contest, where submitting one of your embarrassing family shots can win you a $20,000 vacation, click here

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