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    Rihanna Wears Bikini In LA Performance Photo Gallery

    Rihanna's 'Loud' tour it proving to be better than we even dreamed. After taking a tumble, Riri's back on her feet and looking hot!

    At Los Angeles' Staples Center, she wowed the crowd in a scandalously sexy get-up. In a bejeweled bikini, fishnets and fluorescent pink heels she delivered one memorable show-- the R&B singer danced on top of cars with ladies in bodysuits and bright, yellow men. And we thought the video was good.

    Rihanna Falls On Stage

    Rihanna's 'Loud' tour certainly started off with a bang.

    While performing the catchy single, "What's My Name?" the sexy songstress took a pretty nasty spill. Dressed in short shorts, a bikini top and stiletto ankle boots, the singer tripped and face planted on stage. However, Rihanna, a professional minx, seamlessly transitioned from clumsy to sultry. We'd expect nothing less.Read More

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