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    Can Chris Brown and Others Who Abuse Their Loved Ones Ever Be Reformed?

    Chris Brown and Rihanna are together again-musically, at least. This week they released two remixed collaborations, fueling speculation they've also reunited romantically, three years after their relationship came to a violent end. Brown's rep has denied the rumors, but it's clear the two are sending mixed messages and fans are concerned. While Rihanna may have forgiven Chris Brown, who pled guilty to felony assault, others can't forget the startling photo of a battered Rihanna and fear it could happen again. Which begs the question, can an abuser really change?

    "Abusers can be rehabilitated, but they have to want to change," said Brian Namey, spokesperson for The National Network to End Domestic Violence ("NNEDV"). Though there are batterers' intervention programs across the country that work with abusers to change their behavior, "a very small number actually make that change," Namey said.

    "About 95 percent of men who abuse a woman are capable of change. Only about five percent of men cannot change, and are without a conscience," says couples therapist Dr. Nancy Davidson, adding that an abuser must first accept responsibility for the destructive behavior. Relationship expert Dr. Margaret Paul adds that an abuser must be open to healing and change and able to find adequate help. Related: My Sister's Husband Hits Her

    Rehabilitation for abusers includes extensive education counseling and usually therapy, and results are never immediate, says marriage and family therapist SaraKay Smullens. "This abusive behavior is deep within this person and in intimate moments, it can come out again," she said, warning that anyone who returns to an abusive situation is in real danger. "It's life threatening."

    The National Dating Abuse Helpline reports that three women are killed by an abusive partner everyday in the United States. The danger to victims escalates when they attempt to leave the relationship.

    Rihanna's concert literally sets the stage on fire! Singer flees after blaze engulfs lighting rig

    Rihanna's raunchy performances are known to be hot and fiery.
    But the singer's stage literally caught on fire last night during a concert stop in Dallas as part of her Loud tour forcing her to cancel her performance.
    The show started normally with the Bajan songstress singing and dancing on stage but when a light on a beam above the star set ablaze it caused panic in the American Airlines Center.

    Scary: Rihanna was rushed off the stage at the American Airlines Center in Dallas last night after part of her set caught fire

    Safety hazard: Fans of the Bajan star who were close to the stage had to be moved back when the blaze started
    Rihanna, 23, was was quickly escorted from the stage when her crew noticed the trouble above.
    The fire raged for up to five minutes with revellers screaming and taking pictures of the incident.
    Fans who were near the front of the stage were moved back towards the exit doors.
    CBS Dallas-Fort Worth report that the blaze started from the pyrotechnics that were built to bring a colourful backdrop to the Bajan star's stage show.

    Relief: The Umbrella star nor anyone at the event were injured
    Although stage hands put out the initial fire, the emergency services were also called.
    Dallas Fire Rescue Captain Johnny Bates told the CBS affiliate that there were no serious problems as a result of the fire.
    'One of our engine crews did enter the building but crew members with the AAC or concert put out the initial fire. Everything is under control and there are no injuries,' he explained.

    Reaching out to fans: Rihanna posted a message on twitter after the incident
    But the Umbrella star was upset that she had to cancel the tour date but said she would make it up to her fans.
    She tweeted: 'DALLAS!!! We set the stage on FYAH tonight!!! LITERALLY!!! I'm so pissed, I was havin so much fun wit yall too!!! I gotta come back man!!'
    Rihanna added that she was 'heading into a production meeting to find out exactly what happened'.

    Rihanna Wears Bikini In LA Performance Photo Gallery

    Rihanna's 'Loud' tour it proving to be better than we even dreamed. After taking a tumble, Riri's back on her feet and looking hot!

    At Los Angeles' Staples Center, she wowed the crowd in a scandalously sexy get-up. In a bejeweled bikini, fishnets and fluorescent pink heels she delivered one memorable show-- the R&B singer danced on top of cars with ladies in bodysuits and bright, yellow men. And we thought the video was good.

    Rihanna Falls On Stage

    Rihanna's 'Loud' tour certainly started off with a bang.

    While performing the catchy single, "What's My Name?" the sexy songstress took a pretty nasty spill. Dressed in short shorts, a bikini top and stiletto ankle boots, the singer tripped and face planted on stage. However, Rihanna, a professional minx, seamlessly transitioned from clumsy to sultry. We'd expect nothing less.Read More

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