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    5 Secrets to a Happy Marriage: Revealed by Divorce

    In 25 years of studying marriage, Dr. Terri Orbuch, research professor at the University of Michigan and author of the new book "Finding Love Again: 6 Simple Steps to a New and Happy Relationship," has found that some of the best relationship advice comes from people who are actually divorced.

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     In 1986, Orbuch embarked on a long-term study, supported by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), which followed the relationships of 373 newlyweds. By 2012, 46% had divorced, about the same as the national average. In interviews with Orbuch, people who had divorced or ended a serious relationship over and over again brought up the same five issues that they would improve if they had the chance to do it all again.

    1. Money. Over the course of her research, one the biggest surprises for Orbuch was the role money played in marital strife. “Many divorced singles say that money was the number one source of conflict in the early years of marriage,” she tells Yahoo! Shine. She also found that, “6 out of 10 said they would not share living expenses in their next relationship.” She recommends that each partner evaluate their own approach to spending and saving money and discuss with their spouse early on. She says there is no one-size-fits-all-financial plan, but couples need to determine their own rules and adhere to them.

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     2. Affection. Another surprise was that men crave affection—but not necessarily sex—more than women. “It’s counterintuitive,” says Orbuch, “but men crave feeling special and being noticed by their wives.” She adds that men who report not getting enough nonsexual affection were twice as likely to ask for a divorce, but the reverse was not true for women. “Women are fortunate. We get this kind of affirmation from more people in our lives, our mothers, children, our best friends”—so women tend to need less from husbands.  She recommends carving out time for regular cuddling, kissing, hand holding, and saying “I love you.”

    3. Blame. “When divorced couples found fault with their relationship using ‘we’ statements, they were significantly more likely to find love than those who used ‘I’ or ‘you’ statements.” Those who found blame in factors such as being incompatible or too young experienced less anxiety, insomnia, and depression than those who blamed their former partner or themselves for a break-up. Examine what went wrong in the relationship instead of assigning individual blame, suggests Orbuch, and think about how you can resolve conflict better next time.

    4. Communication. Orbuch says a trap many couples fall into is “maintenance” rather than true communication. She suggests having a “10 minute rule” every day when you, “Talk to your partner about something other than work, the relationship, the house, or the children.” The key is revealing something about yourself and learning something about your spouse. “Forty-one percent of divorced people say they would change their communication style,” says Orbuch,“and, 91% of happily married couples say they know their partner intimately.”

    5. Move on. Letting go of the past is a key to being in a happy relationship. This is true for people who are currently married as well as those seeking love. If you are irked by thoughts of your partner’s old boyfriend or girlfriend or of a fight that happened weeks ago, you might not be interacting in a healthy, positive way. “That animosity prevents you from being fully present,” says Orbuch. She also points out that people who felt neutral toward their ex were significantly more likely to find love after a divorce. If you can’t let go of your anger, her book outlines a number of exercises including writing a detailed letter to the person you are angry at—and burning it.

    Hot and Sexy Gowri Pandit Photoshoot

    Naomi Campbell is as sexy as ever as she closes Roberto Cavalli's

    The 41-year-old model looked as glamorous as ever as she took to the catwalk in a plunging and backless black dress, which made the most of her incredibly toned figure.

    But Naomi Campbell appears to be continuing to defy the ageing process, as she once again took to the catwalk to close the Roberto Cavalli show in Milan Fashion Week in typically stunning style.

    Naomi wore her glossy black hair loose around her shoulders as she joined her fellow models on the catwalk to showcase Cavalli's most eye-catching evening wear.

    Naomi has spoken previously about how she maintains her incredible physique, revealing in an interview with Oprah Winfrey in 2009 that she diets on a cocktail of Maple syrup, cayenne pepper, lemon juice and water.

    Rihanna's concert literally sets the stage on fire! Singer flees after blaze engulfs lighting rig

    Rihanna's raunchy performances are known to be hot and fiery.
    But the singer's stage literally caught on fire last night during a concert stop in Dallas as part of her Loud tour forcing her to cancel her performance.
    The show started normally with the Bajan songstress singing and dancing on stage but when a light on a beam above the star set ablaze it caused panic in the American Airlines Center.

    Scary: Rihanna was rushed off the stage at the American Airlines Center in Dallas last night after part of her set caught fire

    Safety hazard: Fans of the Bajan star who were close to the stage had to be moved back when the blaze started
    Rihanna, 23, was was quickly escorted from the stage when her crew noticed the trouble above.
    The fire raged for up to five minutes with revellers screaming and taking pictures of the incident.
    Fans who were near the front of the stage were moved back towards the exit doors.
    CBS Dallas-Fort Worth report that the blaze started from the pyrotechnics that were built to bring a colourful backdrop to the Bajan star's stage show.

    Relief: The Umbrella star nor anyone at the event were injured
    Although stage hands put out the initial fire, the emergency services were also called.
    Dallas Fire Rescue Captain Johnny Bates told the CBS affiliate that there were no serious problems as a result of the fire.
    'One of our engine crews did enter the building but crew members with the AAC or concert put out the initial fire. Everything is under control and there are no injuries,' he explained.

    Reaching out to fans: Rihanna posted a message on twitter after the incident
    But the Umbrella star was upset that she had to cancel the tour date but said she would make it up to her fans.
    She tweeted: 'DALLAS!!! We set the stage on FYAH tonight!!! LITERALLY!!! I'm so pissed, I was havin so much fun wit yall too!!! I gotta come back man!!'
    Rihanna added that she was 'heading into a production meeting to find out exactly what happened'.

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