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    Can Chris Brown and Others Who Abuse Their Loved Ones Ever Be Reformed?

    Chris Brown and Rihanna are together again-musically, at least. This week they released two remixed collaborations, fueling speculation they've also reunited romantically, three years after their relationship came to a violent end. Brown's rep has denied the rumors, but it's clear the two are sending mixed messages and fans are concerned. While Rihanna may have forgiven Chris Brown, who pled guilty to felony assault, others can't forget the startling photo of a battered Rihanna and fear it could happen again. Which begs the question, can an abuser really change?

    "Abusers can be rehabilitated, but they have to want to change," said Brian Namey, spokesperson for The National Network to End Domestic Violence ("NNEDV"). Though there are batterers' intervention programs across the country that work with abusers to change their behavior, "a very small number actually make that change," Namey said.

    "About 95 percent of men who abuse a woman are capable of change. Only about five percent of men cannot change, and are without a conscience," says couples therapist Dr. Nancy Davidson, adding that an abuser must first accept responsibility for the destructive behavior. Relationship expert Dr. Margaret Paul adds that an abuser must be open to healing and change and able to find adequate help. Related: My Sister's Husband Hits Her

    Rehabilitation for abusers includes extensive education counseling and usually therapy, and results are never immediate, says marriage and family therapist SaraKay Smullens. "This abusive behavior is deep within this person and in intimate moments, it can come out again," she said, warning that anyone who returns to an abusive situation is in real danger. "It's life threatening."

    The National Dating Abuse Helpline reports that three women are killed by an abusive partner everyday in the United States. The danger to victims escalates when they attempt to leave the relationship.

    Brandy on her new album, outlook and reunion with Monica

    The former teen star and mother of one is hard at work on her sixth album and recently wrapped the video for her first single, a duet with Monica called "It All Belongs To Me." This is first time the two have recorded together since their 1998 Grammy Award winning hit, "The Boy Is Mine."

    "Monica and I have a bond as women and as mothers, working with her doesn't feel like work," Brandy says. "Chris Robinson directed the video and we're both in dysfunctional relationships. We're helping each other through both situations, it's sort of like a 'Thelma & Louise,' girl empowerment video."

    Recruiting producers like Rico Love, who wrote and produced "It All Belongs To Me," Jim Jonsin, Danja, Timbaland, Chris Brown and longtime collaborator Rodney Jerkins, Brandy's also seeing what two Canadians have to offer.

    "I heard the song that Drake did and I loved it," Brandy says of working with the Cash Money MC and his primary producer Noah "40" Shebib. "I haven't recorded it yet but I'm looking forward to it because it's such a great melody and the beat is nice. It's a vibe that I haven't dipped into and I think the fans would get a kick out of hearing my voice over a record like that. I'm not sure if Drake's going to be on it but I'm a huge fan of his. His melodies are beautiful, I like the way I sound in the shower singing his songs."

    Singer-songwriter Frank Ocean is also contributing to her new project, and according to Brandy, their relationship is more than just professional.

    Chris Brown Has an Open Relationship

    Rihanna’s Birthday Cake (Remix) but you’d be wrong. She doesn’t get caught up in what other girls her boyfriend is banging like some of those other women. She’s just happy they’re together. Wait, stop groaning. Let the fame whore explain.

    “Karrueche isn’t stupid, and she has told friends that they have an open relationship. She never asks him about Rihanna, ever. Chris will take several days to call her back at times, and that is OK with Karreuche. She doesn’t pressure or hound Chris, it’s just not what she is about. She recognizes that they are both young, and she isn’t going to let the fact Chris is spending time with his ex-girlfriend come between what they have,” a source close to the situation tells us. Radar Online

    Of course Karrueche isn’t going to pressure or hound Chris about the other girls he sees. Just look at how many times the last girl got punched in the face when she asked about that.

    Not like Karrueche has to worry about being dumped any time soon either. An insider says while Chris and Rihanna have hooked up no more than half a dozen times in the past year, it’s unlikely they’ll ever get back together. “Rihanna doesn’t care if she were to get public backlash if they were to reconcile, she is the one calling the shots now, which she likes. Rihanna knows that if they were to get back together, she wouldn’t be able to maintain that strong role, and Chris would lose interest. They are both very young, and Rihanna would never be able to trust Chris because he has problems staying faithful.” No, this relationship doesn’t sound dysfunctional at all.

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