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  • Don’t make a boob on the beach! Can’t find a bikini that flatters the fuller figure? We’ve got the answer.

    For millions of British women, summer brings the year’s most dreaded task, one that has us hastily shunning the biscuit tin and attempting sit-ups on the bathroom floor. You’ve guessed it: bikini shopping.
    Exposing your body in mere wisps of fabric under harsh changing-room lighting can panic even the hardiest shoppers. 
    Before you even think about hitting the High Street, consider getting a spray tan to eradicate that British winter pallor. 
    If you’re endowed with a pair of particularly voluptuous assets, it can become an even bigger ordeal. However, if you learn a few simple rules, you really CAN find beachwear to flatter even the bustiest figure.
    Or, better still, tackle the job online so you can try out bikinis at home where you’re the one in control of both the lighting and mirrors — tilt your mirror away from you rather than hang it flat on the wall for a better view.
    It’s a relief for all of us, whether you’re small-bottomed and large-chested (or vice versa), that the High Street has finally cottoned on to the fact that girls of all shapes and sizes go on beach holidays. 
    This year, S, M and L sizing has been booted out in favour of individual bra sizes by the most popular stores, such as Next, H&M, Marks & Spencer and La Senza — but they all sell non bra-sized options too.
    Yes, you will still come across unnecessary over-padding and ill-fitting briefs aplenty, but you can also unearth some real gems — at very attractive prices.

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