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    Yara Khmidan Bikini Super Duper Funbaggy Goodness for Beach Bunny Photo

    Yara Khmidan might have a confusing sounding name, I think it's actually abbreviated oddly, but this Ukranian hottie has nothing but talent ready for prime time in the West with a few fashion model breakout shoots and now this Beach Bunny bikini catalog pictorial. Damn, I'll buy some vowels for this stunning bit of visual wonderment all sultry and alluring in her perfectly fitting two pieces.

    I'm not saying I'm prepared to drop everything in my life and run off to the hills with Yara to make many babies but I'm also not saying that. I mean, she does have to say yes, I'm not a brute. Then it's a life of learning the international language of lust, or at least two years before she learns how to say 'Are you just going to sit there all weekend and watch sports again?' before we both decide it's time to find new mating partners. The circle of life.

    Sofia Vergara Models Leopard Bikini As Part Of New Kmart Line

    Sofia Vergara sure looks ready for summer.

    Vergara models a leopard-print bikini, a cutout swimsuit and other summery attire in the latest ads for her eponymous Kmart collection. In the bikini ad, the 41-year-old "Modern Family" star channels a sultry vibe wearing her hair in tousled waves and posing against a background of lush greenery.

    The brunette beauty first launched her Kmart line back in 2011, and she has done quite a bit since then. Last month, she debuted her first fragrance, Sofia by Sofia Vergara, on the Home Shopping Network.

    Lea Michele Nearly Provides a Sweet Peek in a Miniskirt on Set

    Lea Michele is now the official queen bee of Glee. I'm not sure if it's actually official, but with a few maneuverings and recent personnel decisions, it's clear she's the star of the show. And, as the star, she needs to be looking her best, and showing off her best, helped out by a short tight miniskirt Lea wore on set. So short, it nearly flashed and undercarriage view for her gentleman ogling fanbase. In any case, it got us a long and healthy leer at her long dancer legs, quite tingle inducing in their own right.

    Lea had a sweet wardrobe malfunction shooting her saucy new music video. But it's time really for her to reveal herself more fully to her audience, at least those among us who peep her from a distance. We deserve it, Lea. Time to feed the beast. Huh, I guess that makes us the beast.

    Celebrity Bikini Pics: Beyonce, Amber Rose & More

    The Urban Daily:
    Who are our picks for the hottest celebs in bikinis? Take a look at the gallery and find out who looks smokin' (or not so hot) in a swimsuit.
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