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    Everything That Needs To Be Retired From Pop Culture In 2014

    Enough is enough. The new year is fast approaching and we'd like to look at it as an opportunity for a fresh start. A clean slate. A chance to start anew without many of the repetitive, lazy, worn out tropes and trends that pop culture wielded at us in 2013. From twerking to tired storylines -- we're just over it.

    What hath "Marvel's The Avengers" wrought? Just a bunch of expensive and loud movies with shared universes that will keep multiplexes filled from now until forever. This past year saw Warner Bros. reboot Superman with a good standalone film ("Man of Steel"), and then immediately explode plans for its sequel by turing the continuation into the kitchen sink. (Why just have Superman when you can have Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and maybe even Joaquin Phoenix?) It's even worse for Spider-Man fans, as Sony announced in December that Peter Parker's friendly neighborhood opponents will get movies too. (Hope everyone loves the Sinister Six! Because that's a movie people will pay money to see somewhere around 2017.) It's all so exhausting; the tyranny of synergy writ large in an industry increasingly devoid of ideas. Lo for the simple days of part two. - Christopher Rosen

    Jennifer Aniston is definitely not pregnant, guys. As much as we try to wish and pray and hope for a baby to start growing in her belly, it is not going to happen, because that is not science. I know, I know. We all just want Jen to be happy, but the incessant rumors are just making her run out of fun talk show anecdotes. Besides, now she has Justin Theroux, a $21 million mansion and chickens! Shouldn't that be enough? - Lauren Duca

    Paris Hilton’s Wacky Spider Web Dress

    Paris Hilton was spotted in Miami on Wednesday sporting a rather interesting-looking ensemble. Her summery dress was peculiar, to say the least! What do you think of Paris' boho-style cover-up? Plus, AnnaSophia Robb has some big shoes to fill playing the young Carrie Bradshaw in the new CW show "The Carrie Diaries." We've got a first look at her on set and the scoop on who from the original show reached out to the young actress. Also on this episode, talk about fresh to death, "Jersey Shore's" Deena Nicole steps out in Las Vegas looking very different!

    That's not hot! Curvy Paris Hilton steps out in unflattering pink dress

    Paris Hilton is known around the world for her enviable svelte frame.

    So it was a surprise when she was seen in LA yesterday showing off a curvier figure in a fitted bright pink dress.

    Paris was arriving to join Mario Lopez on stage for celebrity entertainment show Extra at The Grove, in a popular shopping and celeb-spotting are in Los Angeles.
    Paris Hilton looked unusually curvy when she arrived to join Mario Lopez on stage for Extra at The Grove in LA yesterday

    Paris Hilton looked unusually curvy when she arrived to join Mario Lopez on stage for Extra at The Grove in LA yesterday
    Paris Hilton seemed pleased with her outfit choice, which drew a great deal of attention from the paparazzi
    Paris wore large black sunglasses and a chunky pink necklace to complete her look

    While Paris's legs were still looking slim, her bold outfit betrayed an unflattering bump instead of her usually flat stomach

    Paris flaunted her toned legs and arms, but the tight dress betrayed a bulge in place of her normally flat stomach.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk

    'I feel fat': How Paris Hilton thought she was pregnant after piling on the pounds

    Paris Hilton feared she was pregnant after piling on a few pounds.
    The hotel heiress convinced herself she could be expecting when she gained weight, was suffering from fatigue and couldn’t stop eating.
    Her then-boyfriend Cy Waits rushed out to buy a pregnancy test and the pair snuggled up in bed as they awaited the results.
    Paris, 30, breathed a sigh of relief as she read the words 'not pregnant', while Cy confessed he felt a little disappointed.
    'In a way I wanted to have a baby with you. But I think you’re right. We’re not ready yet,' he said.
    The scenes aired in the U.S. last night on reality TV show The World According To Paris.
    Paris first feared something could be wrong after she struggled to squeeze into a leather catsuit to launch her motorcycle team in Spain.
    'I don’t even know if I’m going to fit in it,' she complained to Cy as she wolfed down eggs and waffles for breakfast just days earlier.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk

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