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    Jennifer Lopez's Abs Game Is Next Level

    Jennifer Lopez's abs made an appearance Wednesday in West Hollywood, California. The singer was spotted pulling a tank top over her purple sports bra and black leggings outside the gym. Later that evening, she was photographed heading to dinner in a white midriff-baring ensemble.
    In May, Lopez revealed she tried the 22-day vegan diet that Beyonce and Jay Z completed last year.

    "I did the vegan 22-day plan and it was really good, and I kept on with it for a few more weeks and now I've incorporated a little bit of fish here and there," she told Ryan Seacrest. "But I've got to tell you, I enjoy it. I enjoy eating that way. I never did and I didn't know how good you can feel when you put healthy stuff in your body. I was so used to just eating the way I grew up."

    Jennifer Lopez & Iggy Azalea's 'Booty' Video Is Definitely About Butts, In Case You Were Confused

    In case you haven't heard, butts are in style right now. Furthering that proof: Jennifer Lopez and Iggy Azalea, women who have butts, sing about them in "Booty." The video for the painfully repetitive song was just released (though it will probably be better enjoyed if you hit the mute button before watching, since it was written by Chris Brown).

    That said, "Booty" has everything you'd expect in a video for a song called "Booty."

    Jennifer Lopez Puts A New Spin On Her Iconic Versace Dress PHOTO

    It's been 14 years since J.Lo wore that plunging Versace dress to the 2000 Grammys, but this image is still fresh in our minds:

    Lopez gave fans green dress déjà vu when she stunned in this plunging leotard at a free performance in the Bronx June 4:

    The updated version of her dress wasn't the only thing to bring on the nostalgia, either. Of course, the Bronx native performed "Jenny From The Block" for her hometown crowd along with a slew of her older hits. Lopez also enlisted fellow New Yorkers Ja Rule, Fat Joe and French Montana to perform onstage with her.

    The 44-year-old recently gave another nod to her iconic gown with a similar outfit in her video for "I Luh Ya Papi." As for where the real dress is today? Lopez told Harper's Bazaar that it's hanging up on a mannequin in her spa. We can only hope that one day she'll break out the real deal again.

    Too many takeaways, boys? JLS keep covered up in new video, as topless Aston Merrygold is the only one to whip his shirt off and flaunt his washboard stomach

    Marvin, JB and Oritsé may have indulged in one too many takeaways recently, as Aston Merrygold is the only member of the band to bare his torso in the new JLS video.
    But while the remaining X Factor trio keep their shirts well and truly glued to their abs, there is plenty of flesh on display from the ladies in upcoming single She Makes Me Wanna.
    As the boys took to Twitter this morning to promote the song, the quartet hinted their diets are not as strict as their choreographer might want them to be.
    Last night they wrote: 'A kebab at the end of the night it may have to be #Wowsh. Oritsé x'
    It was followed by a message this morning, saying: 'Bacon butties in the mornin for everyone!! Haha was a good night out! Ollie stepped UP! Oritsé x
    Frolicking in the Miami sunshine, the Beat Again stars kick off proceedings by dancing on a beach surrounded by an army of bikini admirers.
    It takes just 17 seconds into the footage before the serial backflipper is topless and flexing his impressive physique.
    The song then launches into a big beach party, with girls squirting water pistols and flirting with various male models by sitting on their shoulders in the sea.
    A spokesperson exclusively told the Daily Mail: 'The video shoot nearly had to be shut down as hundreds of American fans stormed the beach to try and reach JLS.'

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk

    Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony Work Hard at Their Marriage

    JENNIFER Lopez admits her marriage takes a lot of “hard work” — but insists it’s worth it.

    The Jenny From The Block hitmaker – who raises twins Max and Emme with husband Marc Anthony — says despite making her relationship look easy, it still takes a lot of effort, time and energy.

    “Just like anything in life you have to put the time in and that is what we do. We give time to each other and to our babies,” she said.

    “We have so much love between us but like anything in life you have to put hard work in to a marriage if you want it to work. But it’s definitely worth it.”

    Lopez has previously admitted there’s “conflict” in her marriage.

    “People seem to think that when there’s conflict in a relationship it’s always a bad thing, but I think you need a challenge,” she said in April this year. READ MORE

    Does this pose look familiar? Jennifer Aniston does a Princess Diana as she shows off her legs in sheer dress

    It hit 26C in New York yesterday and Jennifer Aniston was clearly feeling the heat.
    The 42-year-old actress attempted to keep cool in a white skirt, but appeared to be following in the footsteps of Princess Diana as the sun shone through the skirt and turned it virtually entirely sheer.
    A picture of Diana taken in 1980 when she was a kindergarten teacher showed her skirt turning see-through in the bright sunshine.
    And the same thing happened to an apparently unaware Aniston as she strolled through the streets of Manhattan.
    Jennifer teamed the skirt with a grey vest top, pink sandals and a pair of sunglasses, as well as a jumper in case it turned cold.
    But Jennifer needn't have worried about her fashion faux pas, as all she displayed was her gym-honed body. READ MORE

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