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    Nicole Scherzinger Poses All Kinds of Slinky Hot

    You could do worse than having Nicole Scherzinger model your slinky dresses. You could do worse than having her private modeling the Emperor's New Clothes in your bedroom late one Saturday evening. On the off chance that latter moment doesn't come to fruition, settle into this Misguided Collection for Fall 2014 with Nicole showing how hot their clothes can look on one super sextastic woman with an absolutely perfect body. Misguided indeed.
    Nicole Scherzinger can't possibly qualify as underrated, but let's just say she doesn't get all the attention she deserves for being a world class especially amazing looking woman. I would give her such attention if I ran this world. I'd even document such attention on cell phone video and upload it to my iCloud account with the password 'BillGetsLucky'.  Just saying, in case the hackers are reading. No reason you can't release those tapes

    Too many takeaways, boys? JLS keep covered up in new video, as topless Aston Merrygold is the only one to whip his shirt off and flaunt his washboard stomach

    Marvin, JB and Oritsé may have indulged in one too many takeaways recently, as Aston Merrygold is the only member of the band to bare his torso in the new JLS video.
    But while the remaining X Factor trio keep their shirts well and truly glued to their abs, there is plenty of flesh on display from the ladies in upcoming single She Makes Me Wanna.
    As the boys took to Twitter this morning to promote the song, the quartet hinted their diets are not as strict as their choreographer might want them to be.
    Last night they wrote: 'A kebab at the end of the night it may have to be #Wowsh. Oritsé x'
    It was followed by a message this morning, saying: 'Bacon butties in the mornin for everyone!! Haha was a good night out! Ollie stepped UP! Oritsé x
    Frolicking in the Miami sunshine, the Beat Again stars kick off proceedings by dancing on a beach surrounded by an army of bikini admirers.
    It takes just 17 seconds into the footage before the serial backflipper is topless and flexing his impressive physique.
    The song then launches into a big beach party, with girls squirting water pistols and flirting with various male models by sitting on their shoulders in the sea.
    A spokesperson exclusively told the Daily Mail: 'The video shoot nearly had to be shut down as hundreds of American fans stormed the beach to try and reach JLS.'

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk

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