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    5 Surefire Signs Someone You Care About Is A Narcissist

    At middle age, we all face the fact that our place in the world is evolving as we get older and our bodies and faces change. Narcissists are confronted with the decline of their sense of importance in the world and the fading of their good looks in a way that can be particularly devastating to them. There may be a frantic grasp at staying young by narcissists who have lived their lives trading on their physical appearance to be relevant and noticed. It happens on blogs and in the media as (more often than not) women try to keep the attention they've always craved through plastic surgery, overt sexuality, provocative words and images and more. In some cases, it's not sexy at all - it's sad and desperate.

    According to the Mayo Clinic, narcissism is:

    ...characterized by dramatic, emotional behavior, which is in the same category as antisocial and borderline personality disorders.
    Some of the symptoms of narcissism include:

    Believing that you're better than others
    Fantasizing about power, success and attractiveness
    Exaggerating your achievements or talents
    Expecting constant praise and admiration
    Believing that you're special and acting accordingly
    As you can see, narcissists live in a fantasyland of their own sense of exaggerated self-importance. When the world acknowledges them as young beauties, they are given the kind of attention the believe they deserve without having to do much to attract it to them. As they grow older, the loss of attention can wreak havoc. Because they hold a mirror up to the world to see who they are, this lack of attention can very well obliterate their self-worth.

    Narcissists are among the most difficult people with whom to have a relationship, be it personal or professional, because no matter what you do or say it isn't enough to feed their never-ending desire for admiration and applause. They expect to be praised simply for showing up, and watch out if you don't respond the way they think you should to their slightest effort. Narcissists are exhausting, and beware the narcissist whose anger is focused your way:

    The anger of narcissists...can be more demeaning. Their criticism evolves from their conviction that others don't meet their lofty standards-or worse, aren't letting them get their own way. "Narcissistic injuries," or wounds to the ego, often pave the way for narcissistic rages, which can be passive-aggressive or planned out, as well as sudden. They are above you and you have displeased them and probably deserve punishment they will dole out. - Psychology Today

    Projecting Your Husband Visualization Techniques that Can Lead You to Love

     I was first introduced to visualization when I was eight years old. I saw my best friend's teenage sister, Tammy, sitting on the floor, legs crossed, meditating in the middle of her bedroom. When I asked Tammy what she was doing, she said in a serious, soft-spoken voice, "I'm focusing on what my husband will look like." This young teenage girl was convinced that, if she concentrated on him once a week, it would bring love into her life and give her the future she desired.

    Then, when I was in my thirties (and still single), a colleague asked me if I ever visualized my husband. "How can I visualize someone that I haven't met yet?" I questioned. "Close your eyes," she said. "Envision what he's wearing, what he's doing, the color of his eyes and hair." She continued, "Is he helping you with the groceries or sitting on his favorite chair watching sports?" She asked me to imagine living with him, coming home to him, and eating dinner with him each night. I felt awkward and afraid at first, but after trying it out a few times, I began to overcome my fear.

    A few months later, while vacationing with a friend in South America, I had a sudden vision that I was going to be living with someone serious in the next couple months and married within a year. It was an odd thought, given that I wasn't dating anyone at the time. I don't know if it was just coincidence or if visualization created my destiny. When I returned home from the vacation, not only did I meet someone, but he proposed nine weeks later!

    I've always been curious about visualization (maybe you have too), so I tapped into some leading experts in the field. Here are five tips they say will set you on the path to finding Mr. Right:

    1. Create a vision board. A vision board is a collage representing the things that you want to have, be, or do in your life. Owner and founder of Return to Joy!, MaryAine Curtis, recommends that when developing your board you "use pictures that represent your ideal mate and your life together." She also says that once you have created the board you should just "expect it to happen when the timing is right and stop looking for him to show up. Trust that you've put out what you desire and let him come."

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    2. Use archetypes. "Repeated energy patterns help you and your mate become the perfect match," says Gabrielle Javier-Cerulli, MA, an author and archetype consultant. "You must figure out a couple of your perfect mate's archetypes and focus on the energies and adjectives surrounding them." For example, your mate could be The Knight who is brave and chivalrous, or he could be The Engineer who is a problem-solver. Whatever the archetype you desire, use this to aid you in your search.

    3. Write a list of ideal qualities. Jot down the characteristics you hope your partner will possess, both big and small and focus on them. Relationship coach, Danielle Faust, favors this technique because it really works - she used it to find her husband! She says to "read your list of qualities daily and think about how you'll feel when you meet him."

    10 Things No One Tells You About Married Sex

    Saying "I Do" can be a libido booster, so he might want even more sex now.

    You've stopped obsessing about how you look, so you're enjoying sex more than ever!

    It's easy to get lazy about taking your birth control-that surprise pregnancy is less of a big deal now.

    You'll do things that you never thought you'd do (hello, sex toys!) to keep things exciting.

    Quickies are the new norm, and you love 'em.

    How many calories does sex burn?

    You have random romps that are so hot it's like the first time all over again (only better).

    You'll dream about sex with old boyfriends once in a while. (Don't worry, it's normal!)

    His obsession with oral sex will never go away, even after you've been married for years.

    At times you'll feel like your husband is cheating on you…with porn.

    None of this sound familiar? For some couples married sex is exactly the same as it was before they were married.

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