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  • The Most Beautiful woman of India.. Kareena Kapooris

    Kareena Kapooris feeling very proud these days as she has been given the title of ‘The Most Beautiful woman of India’ by the ‘people’ magazine.
     She has compared herself with the Hollywood beauty queen Julia Roberts who has been nominated as the most beautiful woman in the world.
     She is overwhelmed by joy to hear this and says,
    ‘‘Here’s a strange connect between us. It’s weird that I happened to be essaying Julia’s role at same time and we both feature as the most beautiful women together in a magazine.
     I have watched all of Julia’s films and it’s a big high to essay the same role that she did.
     I am inspired by her. I have always admired and tried to do the kind of woman-centric roles Julia essays like ‘Erin Brockovich’ and ‘Pretty Woman.’”
    She was asked that whom you believe the most beautiful face.
     She replied my niece, my sister and Julia Roberts.
     Wow! There is no wonder if she believes so after all she belongs to Kapoor family which is ruling over bollywood for many decades.

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