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  • Sama attack Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood political dance

    Entered the Egyptian dancer Sama, which knew her marriage to former Attorney Salafi Anwar Albulkima, the world of politics and joined the opposition a lyrical dancer paragraph attacking President Mohamed Morsy and mockery of the Renaissance project, which was promised in his election campaign.

    Contained this dance on the sharp criticism of the president's policy Mursi, arguing that the Renaissance project "pollen Venkoh", meaning that the project and the placebo, and that Mercy did not achieve anything except in "manga", in reference to the president's statement to the famous Egyptian in the first 100 days of his reign on the decline price mango, a statement that was met with ridicule from some activists and Egyptian revolutionary coalitions and a number of media.

    As used in the song accompanying the dance political words related persons of the Muslim Brotherhood, such as the word "hell" that became famous by guiding the former Mahdi Akef in a dialogues when he was quoted as saying: "hell in Egypt", which raised a storm of attack angry against him, and used some Implications verbal referring to others like Dr. Essam el-Erian.
    Dance and song to قيتا strong echo on social networking sites between critic strongly welcome the
    way that you used in attacking the president Mursi and the Muslim Brotherhood, and sarcastic comments someone say: "the opposition and many faces."
    Confirmed Sama Egyptian at the beginning of her speech she did not know anything about politics, not far nor near, defender video that does not carry any words offensive to any particular person, and citing that artists do not insult anyone by contrast members of some Islamic groups who Lisbon actors and actresses verbally inappropriate.

    It indicated before the video display consulted a lawyer presented the possibility that this work to any legal liability, he stressed that the work does not insult any particular person.
    She explained Sama Egyptian that the lyrics are words circulating in the Egyptian street has photographed in her home during her spare time without the benefit of team work, explaining it during their presence in demonstrations Friday "Egypt not manor" and found a group of young people chanting slogans that she said in the clip on some melodies arose her performance songs on the way "satirical comedy."
    Sama said the Egyptian It's not worried about this video because it does not carry any abuse to Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, pointing out that Dr. Morsi must respect for his position as Egypt.
    At the end of her speech Sama said that if she happened to her any harm in the coming days will be by Islamic groups.

    And jumped name Sama Egyptian into the spotlight following the publication of the newspaper "The Republic", the semi-official, news in March / March last as married deputy of Parliament for the Nour Party Salafi (formerly) Anwar Albulkima, known then as Vice cosmetic or vice nose; due conducting surgery and his claim that he was subjected to the assault incident resulted in serious injuries and steal 100 thousand pounds, then returned and admitted that it was not real and that he was under the influence of the anesthetic.
    The newspaper published a statement accounted for Sama Egyptian Albulkima threatens to kill and maim her face with water fire after attempts to uncover their secret marriage.
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