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  • Aamir Khan: Feel guilty for not spending enough time with family

    Being Bollywood's 'Mr Perfectionist' comes with its own problems, as superstar Aamir Khan feels guilty for not being able to spend enough time with his family.

    The meticulous star, who prepares extensively before taking up any project and thus ends up doing only one film a year, says he found it difficult to juggle shooting for Dhoom 3, Peekay, and doing research for his TV show Satyamev Jayate 2.

    Aamir's son, Azad, turned a year-old recently. The actor said he would take his son along for shootings so that he could spend more time with him.

    "I have always felt that I am not spending enough time with my children and family. I spent 25 years with this guilt.

    The problem is that I get so lost in my work that I don't realise it. I feel guilty that I am so self-centred. But, I think I am a good father and a good husband," Aamir said.

    The father-of-three said his youngest, Azad, born through surrogacy, has started going to play school now.

    "We feel blessed to have Azad in our lives. His face lights up our life. Now he has started going to play school but earlier he would not let me leave for work and I would end up taking him on my shoots," he added.

    Aamir, who is now gearing up for the release of Dhoom 3, said producer Aditya Chopra had to delay the film for a year as he wanted to prepare extensively.

    "The physical training was really difficult. I had to have a lean but flexible body for my character of gymnast. I had only nine per cent of body fat while doing the film but got relaxed after I finished shooting.
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