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  • Kate Moss Stars in Playboy`s 60th Anniversary Edition Photo

    Kate Moss practically walks around naked everyday so it was a no-brainer to feature her in a pictorial for the 60th Anniversary edition of Playboy. The photos, courtesy Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott for Playboy, show Kate in various states of bunny-dom. Not sure if that’s a real word or thing even, but bear with me.

    Kate is also interviewed by Sir Tom Jones and is asked to play fuck, marry, kill with Marc Jacobs, Naomi Campbell and Piers Morgan. It’s not even an interesting group of people. The answer is obvious to anyone with half a brain. Kill Piers Morgan, marry Marc Jacobs and fuck Naomi Campbell. This is the most softball question ever. He might as well have asked her what flavor ice cream she likes.

    Gotham Awards 2013 Winners Include Brie Larson, 'Llewyn Davis'

    "Inside Llewyn Davis" and Brie Larson were two surprise winners at Monday night's Gotham Awards in New York, the ostensible kick-off of awards season. (It even says so on the Gotham Awards website: "The Gotham Independent Film Awards, selected by distinguished juries and presented in New York City, the home of independent film, are the first honors of the film awards season.")

    "Inside Llewyn Davis" was named Best Feature at the ceremony, putting the Joel and Ethan Coen film at the top of a category that included presumed Oscar favorite "12 Years A Slave" as well as "Ain't Them Bodies Saints," "Before Midnight" and "Upstream Color." ("Inside Llewyn Davis" is out in limited release on Dec. 6.)

    "It's a movie made in New York about New Yorkers, filled with New Yorkers," title star Oscar Isaac said to the Gotham Awards crowd while accepting the trophy.

    Larson, who stars in "Short Term 12," won Best Actress, defeating Cate Blanchett (for "Blue Jasmine"), Scarlett Johansson (for "Don Jon"), Amy Seimetz (for "Upstream Color") and Shailene Woodley (for "The Spectacular Now"). Blanchett was the expected choice for the award heading into the night, if only because of her standing as an early Oscar front-runner for Best Actress.

    Other winners on Monday night included Matthew McConaughey, who won Best Actor for "Dallas Buyers Club," and Ryan Coogler and Michael B. Jordan, the director and star, respectively, of "Fruitvale Station." Coogler won the Gotham Awards Breakthrough Director honor, while Jordan took home Breakthrough Actor.

    Malin Akerman Talks 'Trophy Wife' Spoilers And What Makes A Healthy TV Marriage

    Malin Akerman knows she's not an actual trophy wife, though she plays one on her ABC show of the same name.

    Instead, she stars as Kate, a party-girl-turned-doting-stepmom married to Pete (Bradley Whitford). "Trophy Wife" could easily become another yawn-inducing family sitcom, but Akerman and her strong supporting cast (Marcia Gay-Harden and Michaela Watkins co-star as Pete's first and second wives, respectively) have made it one of fall's best new shows.

    We caught Akerman on the phone for a quick conversation about Kate's made-up backstory, the love lives of Pete's first and second femme and why she's pretty sure she'll be his last wife.

    NOTE: This interview contains minor spoilers for the Dec. 3 episode of "Trophy Wife."

    It seems like there’s absolutely no jealousy between you and the other wives, Jackie (Watkins) and Diane (Gay-Harden).
    There aren't any jealousy issues. I think Jackie is just so quirky and out there, but I do think Kate feels a little inferior to Diane’s character. That may be a struggle for Kate because she doesn’t feel good enough when she’s around Diane. But with Jackie, it’s sort of like they were never even married because she can’t quite comprehend how they were ever together. But I do think Pete and Kate have the base of any good relationship. That's why "Trophy Wife" is a little tongue-in-cheek, because this truly is a really good and healthy relationship.
    I think this is one of the stronger relationships you see between a husband and a wife on TV these days and I was wondering why you think that is?
    Pete has tried on a few different hats. So, he’s figured out what works for him. For Kate, my own personal backstory of her life is that she comes from a screwed up family and finds this sort of instant family where she’s finally part of something that really is more important than boys and partying she’s been doing. Aside from that, they have the same sense of humor, they can joke about things and they don’t take life too seriously.

    It’s such a diverse cast. How did you feel when you first started working with these TV legends for the first time?
    I was intimidated all right. I’m sorry, Marcia Gay-Harden? Oscar winner. Bradley Whitford? Emmy winner. Michaela Watkins? improv extraordinaire. I’m the weakest. There’s always that nervous-ness of putting together a cast and not knowing if someone’s going to be a diva. But, the very first day we just clicked. It was incredible. It was one of those things, this was one that I really hoped would work because it’s such a great group of people.

    In the Dec. 3 episode, we meet Diane's lover (Dennis Haysbert). Do you know if we're going to see more of him?
    Isn't it great?! Dennis is so fantastic. Listen, we all hope these characters come back and visit us and that becomes a regular thing, like Jackie's relationship with Sad Steve (Nat Faxon). It creates an extra dynamic and expands the family to be even bigger.

    Actor Rajpal Yadav sent to 10 days police custody

    The Delhi High Court Tuesday remanded Bollywood actor Rajpal Yadav to 10 days police custody for concealing facts about a Rs5 crore recovery suit filed against him and his wife by a Delhi-based entrepreneur.

    Justice S Murlidhar also asked Yadav's wife to remain present in the
    registrar general's office till the rising of the court.

    The judge also issued a contempt of court notice against two lawyers representing the couple.

    Rajpal has appeared in films such as Hungama, Waqt: The Race Against Time, Chup Chup Ke, Garam Masala, Phir Hera Pheri, Dhol to name a few.

    The entrepreneur, MG Agarwal, filed a cheating case against the actor a few years ago, in which he alleged that Yadav, who turned producer with his movie Ata Pata Laapata failed to pay back a loan of Rs. 5 crore.

    Agarwal's lawyer had alleged that Yadav had given his client eight cheques, all of which bounced. He added that they signed two contracts with Yadav, which gave Murli Projects the rights to the music and overall production of the movie.

    However, Agarwal has alleged that Yadav went behind his back and released the music independently and also declared the release date of the movie.

    Prithvi-II Missile Successfully test-fired

     India on Tuesday successfully test-fired indigenously developed nuclear-capable Prithvi-II missile with a strike range of 350 km from a test range at Chandipur in Odisha as part of a user trial by defence forces.

    The surface-to-surface missile was test-fired at around 10:05 a.m. from a mobile launcher in salvo mode from launch complex-3 of the Integrated Test Range, about 15 km from Balasore, defence sources said.

    Describing the launch of the sophisticated missile as a complete success, ITR Director M.V.K.V. Prasad said all the mission parameters were met during the trial.

    “The missile was randomly chosen from the production stock and the launch activities were carried out by the specially formed Strategic Force Command (SFC) and monitored by scientists of Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) as part of training exercise,” the sources said.

    “The missile trajectory was tracked by DRDO radars, electro-optical tracking systems and telemetry stations located along the coast of Odisha,” they said.

    “The downrange teams onboard a ship deployed near the designated impact point in Bay of Bengal monitored the terminal events and splashdown,” they said.

    Inducted into India’s Strategic Forces Command in 2003, Prithvi, the first missile developed by DRDO under India’s prestigious IGMDP (Integrated Guided Missile Development Program), is now a proven technology, said a defence official.

    “The launch was part of a regular training exercise of SFC and was monitored by DRDO scientists,” he said.

    Such training launches clearly indicate India’s operational readiness to meet any eventuality and also establishes the reliability of this deterrent component of India’s strategic arsenal, the official said.

    Prithvi is capable of carrying 500 kg to 1,000 kg of warheads and is thrusted by liquid propulsion twin engines. It uses advanced inertial guidance system with manoeuvring trajectory.

    The last user trial of Prithvi-II missile was successfully carried out from the same base on October 7.

    Thai police Remove Barricades to Police and PM offices

    The move followed clashes over the weekend and on Monday, with tear gas and rubber bullets used.

    The mood in the capital Bangkok appeared calmer after the police move, which officials said was aimed at avoiding further confrontation.

    The Thai prime minister has rejected protesters' demands that she step down.

    Yingluck Shinawatra said she was open to negotiations but that calls for the government to be replaced by an appointed council were illegal and unconstitutional.

    The protests, which began on 24 November, had been largely peaceful until Saturday, when they became violent.

    Over the weekend and on Monday demonstrators tried to break apart police barricades and storm the prime minister's office, Government House, with police using tear gas and water cannon to repel them.
    Protest leader Suthep Thaugsuban said on Monday that the protesters would "take over the Metropolitan Police Bureau and make it the people's".

    On Tuesday morning - in a surprise and possibly shrewd move - the police took down barriers and razor wire outside their building and it was announced that the protesters were welcome inside, the BBC's Jonah Fisher reports from Bangkok.

    Protesters are also being allowed through the barricades outside Government House, the scene of violence on Monday.

    The move is seen as an attempt to prevent further clashes.

    "In every area where there has been confrontation, we have now ordered all police to withdraw. It is government policy to avoid confrontation," police chief Kamronvit Thoopkrachang told Reuters.

    "Today, we won't use tear gas, no confrontation, we will let them in if they want," he said.

    With the obstacles removed the demonstrators have so far declined to enter any of the buildings, our correspondent says.

    Protesters have described the latest developments as a victory for the people.

    Sachin Tendulkar takes a different path to old pal Vinod Kambli

    Tendulkar and his school friend Vinod Kambli burst onto the scene together but then went separate ways, writes Steve James.
    Sachin Tendulkar to the extreme left and Vinod Kambli to the extreme right with their childhood coach in the centre at an event in 2009.

    You would, wouldn't you? The best batsmen just want to bat and bat. And schoolboys are hardly known for their obedience. These two schoolboy batsmen were going rather well. So well in fact that they had both passed their double centuries. On the boundary's edge their assistant coach was waving his arms furiously. He was demanding their attention. It was time to declare. The team total had surpassed 500 after all.

    But the batsmen were having none of it. This was too much fun. They carried on batting. And batting a bit more. By lunch of what was the second day of this three-day Harris Shield semi-final in Mumbai in 1988, one had 349 not out and his friend 326 not out. But they knew they had disobeyed instructions.

    Their coach, Ramakant Achrekar, a man they both respected hugely, was not present, as he had to work that day. Instead it was his assistant, Laxman Chavan, whose instructions had been disregarded. At the interval Chavan told the pair of youngsters that they should phone Achrekar. Their coach asked the score. Over 700 came the reply. "Declare!" screamed Achrekar, according to Vaibhav Purandare, an Indian author.

    "Sir, I'm batting on 349," said the one young man by the name of Vinod Kambli, before the phone was passed to the other, the captain. Sachin Tendulkar was his name. You may have heard of him. "Sir, Vinod needs one run to complete his 350, we'll declare as soon as he gets out," he said. "Declare!" shouted Achrekar, and for once Tendulkar was in trouble. But he and Kambli had already put on an unbeaten 664 for the third wicket for Shardashram School against St Xavier's College, and two stars of Indian cricket had been born.

    A year later Tendulkar was playing Test cricket for India. "He took the elevator to the top," said Kambli, "whilst I took the stairs". But by 1993 they were on the top floor together in the Indian Test team, with Kambli at three and Tendulkar at four in a series at home to England. In the third Test in Mumbai, Kambli made 224, still the highest Test score by an Indian against England.

    In his next Test against Zimbabwe, the left-handed Kambli made 227. Tendulkar was not to score his first Test double-hundred for another six years. In his next two Tests against Sri Lanka Kambli made two centuries. But after another 10 Tests he was dropped. That was in 1995, and he was aged just 23.

    Despite averaging 54.2, he never played another Test. How different were the paths then taken by those schoolboy mates. Recently Tendulkar announced his retirement amid an avalanche of paeans; last week Kambli at the age of just 41 was rushed to hospital in Mumbai having suffered a heart attack. He is said to be in a stable condition. Tendulkar was always the model professional; Kambli was always the classic larrikin, with his golden earrings, funky haircuts (although the pate is now bald) and extravagant lifestyle. Maybe Kambli was before his time because he might have fitted in nicely in the indulgent excesses of the Indian Premier League now.

    But even though he was still playing international one-day cricket in 2000, and indeed Indian first-class cricket until 2004, it was his lax attitude, not a susceptibility to the short ball, that scuppered his career. So it is little surprise really that his friendship with Tendulkar did not remain strong. "I haven't heard Sachin's sound for a long time and it hurts me," said Kambli recently. "It's been seven long years and we haven't met with each other. In between we just shared a few text messages and that's all. It seems as if we have become enemies now."

    'Matilda' Star Mara Wilson On Her 'Breakup' With Hollywood 'I Was 13, Awkward And Gawky'

    "Matilda" star Mara Wilson's "breakup" with Hollywood was a mutual one.

    "It was sort of a slow realization," the 26-year-old told HuffPost Live's Caitlyn Becker Monday (Dec. 2) about her transition away from Hollywood after reaching child stardom. "I think it was the realization that I didn't have to do it anymore. It felt like a constant in my life for a very long time ... but I was never really that crazy about it after 'Matilda,' I would say."

    "After that, I wasn't as passionate about it anymore," she continued. "And people grow out of things. That's something people don't really understand."

    Wilson got her start in the 1993 family flick "Mrs. Doubtfire" and then moved onto roles in "Melrose Place," "Miracle On 34th Street," "Matilda" and "Batman Beyond." But, by the time she was a teenager, she was done.

    "I was 13 and I was awkward, and I was gawky, and I was not a very cute kid anymore," she added. "So, Hollywood didn't really want me at that point, and I was kind of over it, too. So, after a while, it feels like a mutual breakup. That's the way that I'd describe it."

    Wilson has previously spoken out about child stars and how the fame game can change people.

    Back in May -- in the midst of Lindsay Lohan's legal issues and Amanda Bynes' breakdown -- she penned a blog post on Cracked about why child stars go crazy. She cited reasons like lack of parental guidance, exploitation and the fleeting nature of celebrity.

    "It's basically a real-life version of 'Logan's Run.' A child actor who is no longer cute is no longer monetarily viable and is discarded. He or she is then replaced by someone younger and cuter, and fan bases accordingly forget that the previous object of affection ever existed," Wilson wrote.

    "Most of you reading this felt pretty disgusting and useless while you were going through puberty. But imagine that people you once relied on and trusted -- as well as millions of people you'd never met, who had previously liked you -- had told you then, 'Yeah, it's true. You are exactly as ugly and worthless as you feel.

    Rita Ora Cast In '50 Shades Of Grey'

    This is how she do: Rita Ora has been cast in the upcoming adaptation of "50 Shades of Grey."

    The 23-year-old singer has booked the role of Mia, the adopted sister of Christian Grey, this according to The Hollywood Reporter. Ora joins a cast which already includes Jamie Dornan (who will be playing Grey), Dakota Johnson (Grey's love interest, Anastasia Steele), and Eloise Mumford, Luke Grimes, and Max Martini.

    Ora is saying "R.I.P." to the singer she used to be and turning her focus to the major film project. She released her last album, "Ora," in 2012, and has since made appearances in an episode of "90210" and in the latest "Fast & Furious" movie, "Fast Six."

    Hitting theaters on Feb. 13, 2015, the adaptation of E L James' best-selling novel began filming this week. The upcoming movie tells the story of the kinky relationship that forms between Grey and Steele.

    Metro North Train Derails In New York City

     Police confirm that a Metro-North passenger train has derailed in the Bronx.

    A woman at the scene says numerous emergency vehicles have responded.

    Police sources told NBC and the New York Daily News that at least four people died after the commuter train headed towards Grand Central derailed around 7:20 AM.

    The FDNY confirmed the 4 deaths in a press conference. They also said that at least 67 people were injured, 11 seriously. Of the 4 people killed, 3 were thrown from the train after it derailed.

    According to News 12, several passengers were taken away on stretchers. The FDNY said that all of the injured people were in stable condition.

    New York Governor Andrew Cuomo later arrived on the scene and thanked first responders for their quick action. The NYPD estimated that about 100 people were on the train, which was scheduled to arrive at Grand Central Station at 7:43 AM.

    According to the MTA, 5 of the 7 cars on the train derailed early Sunday morning. Though early witnesses to the scene said that some of the cars were submerged in water, police later said that wasn't true.

    As the AP reported, the train derailed near the Spuyten Duyvil station in the Bronx.

    WABC7 said that the area where the train accident occurred is known to be a dangerous curve. Another train derailed at the same spot in July.

    Authorities said it was unclear what caused the derailment, but a passenger on the train told WABC7 that the train appeared to be going faster than usual.

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