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    Why didn't Katie be Katona's bridesmaid?

    Former model Katie Price was upbeat about being a bridesmaid at Kerry Katona's wedding, but she pulled out last minute because her size eight dress didn't fit her.

    Price gave birth to daughter Bunny just five weeks ago and her post-baby body, which she has been flaunting via sensual selfies, became furious after she couldn't squeeze into gown she had been to wear for her friend's D-day, reports dailystar.co.uk.

    Price had refused to stand alongside Kerry, and instead attended the wedding as a guest, wearing a black and white jumpsuit.
    "Kerry was disappointed, but wasn't going to let it ruin her day. Katie was not even prepared to consider wearing a dress that didn't fit her properly. As soon as she found out, she pulled out of her official role altogether," a source told The Sun newspaper.

    Nevertheless, Katona had three bridesmaids - bandmate Liz McClarnon, school friend Karen Belton and Mel B's sister Danielle Brown, by her side.

    Katona married George Kay Sep 14 at Totworth Court Hotel, Gloucestershire.

    'Matilda' Star Mara Wilson On Her 'Breakup' With Hollywood 'I Was 13, Awkward And Gawky'

    "Matilda" star Mara Wilson's "breakup" with Hollywood was a mutual one.

    "It was sort of a slow realization," the 26-year-old told HuffPost Live's Caitlyn Becker Monday (Dec. 2) about her transition away from Hollywood after reaching child stardom. "I think it was the realization that I didn't have to do it anymore. It felt like a constant in my life for a very long time ... but I was never really that crazy about it after 'Matilda,' I would say."

    "After that, I wasn't as passionate about it anymore," she continued. "And people grow out of things. That's something people don't really understand."

    Wilson got her start in the 1993 family flick "Mrs. Doubtfire" and then moved onto roles in "Melrose Place," "Miracle On 34th Street," "Matilda" and "Batman Beyond." But, by the time she was a teenager, she was done.

    "I was 13 and I was awkward, and I was gawky, and I was not a very cute kid anymore," she added. "So, Hollywood didn't really want me at that point, and I was kind of over it, too. So, after a while, it feels like a mutual breakup. That's the way that I'd describe it."

    Wilson has previously spoken out about child stars and how the fame game can change people.

    Back in May -- in the midst of Lindsay Lohan's legal issues and Amanda Bynes' breakdown -- she penned a blog post on Cracked about why child stars go crazy. She cited reasons like lack of parental guidance, exploitation and the fleeting nature of celebrity.

    "It's basically a real-life version of 'Logan's Run.' A child actor who is no longer cute is no longer monetarily viable and is discarded. He or she is then replaced by someone younger and cuter, and fan bases accordingly forget that the previous object of affection ever existed," Wilson wrote.

    "Most of you reading this felt pretty disgusting and useless while you were going through puberty. But imagine that people you once relied on and trusted -- as well as millions of people you'd never met, who had previously liked you -- had told you then, 'Yeah, it's true. You are exactly as ugly and worthless as you feel.

    'The Hunger Games' success shows Hollywood needs to look to women like Jennifer Lawrence for action

    This hasn’t, on the whole, been a great era for action heroes. Sure, we’ve got cops and spies and superheroes and gods and titans crawling out of every corner of the cineplex. But can you even remember the name of the guy who plays John Carter? Which is in theaters right now?

    The movie industry has been trying to revive the Golden Age of Action since its ’80s heyday, with little success. Alex Pettyfer, Taylor Lautner, Jason Momoa, Justin Timberlake, and “John Carter’s” Taylor Kitsch are among those who’ve failed in the last year alone.

    Jason Statham comes closest to replicating Bruce Willis’ deadpan swagger, while The Rock had potential, until he donned a tutu for “Tooth Fairy.” But even once-unassailable stars like Willis, Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger have to band together — as they will in this summer's “The Expendables 2” — to make any sort of impression.

    And when they do, will it compare with the impact we’re about to see from a 21-year-old woman? Because this year’s biggest action hero is very likely to be “The Hunger Games’” Jennifer Lawrence.

    As Katniss Everdeen, Lawrence brings us a warrior tougher than any in recent memory. At just 16, she single-handedly supports her family. Stares down death on a tragically regular basis. Insists, despite intense opposition, on remaining the master of her own fate. And is far more likely to save boys than swoon over them. (Though “Twilight” and “The Hunger Games” are often compared, the self-reliant Katniss has little in common with the oft-rescued Bella, a character perpetually defined by her relationships.)

    Granted, plenty of ladies have used brute force to break down barriers onscreen. Pam Grier had the ’70s covered, in films like “Coffy” and “Foxy Brown.” Sigourney Weaver and Linda Hamilton will remain eternally iconic for their “Alien” and “Terminator” roles, and Carrie-Anne Moss set the standard for “Matrix” fans before co-star Keanu Reeves even showed up.

    For the most part, though, women wielded weapons because men told them to (“La Femme Nikita”) or they looked great in leather (pick a “Batman” sequel) or both (“Charlie’s Angels”)

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