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    Poonam Pandey Movie Review Nasha

    After reading this review you must recommend me for a bravery award. Poonam Pandey's Nasha is a cheap and forgettable film, despite all the loud claims she made on Twitter. The storyline is weak and the acting is pathetic. Nasha is such a bad film that it needs to be ranked 'Minus Zero'. This is because some see a wee bit of positivity in a zero too. Therefore to dispel any such remote notions, it's a  Minus Zero.

    It is the story of a school in Panchgani where the students are loud, shameless and boisterous. They do not mind sharing cheap jokes and making adult comments. Poonam Pandey's entry in this school as a theatre teacher is all that was needed! A boy called Sahil falls for her and then comes her boyfriend Samuel who, much to the chagrin of Poonam, begins to trouble Sahil.

    Samuel is actually the story's villain who breaks Poonam's heart as she discovers his other affair and his bad habits (he is caught in a rave party!) Sahil comes to support his heart-broken Ma'am. But this moralistic teacher says she must go away as this relationship is immoral - but not before she has a steamy sex session with her student!

    Poonam Pandey is a disaster in the name of acting. Her husky voice sounds terrible on screen. Her acting in the film is so pathetic that when she was shouting, people in the cinema hall were laughing!

    This 'upright' teacher teaches the most immoral lesson of love - "Love is like summer vacations, it gives different type of pleasure every year," says Poonam and the crowd hails it with a loud applause! The screenplay is cliched and the songs are mediocre. Amit Saxena has failed miserably as a director. His Jism was classy because it had the Bhatt camp background, but Nasha is nothing but P-grade (Poonam Grade).

    Sahil is average, his Ma'am is horrible and Samuel is good. Camera work is average and editing is quite poor.

    Those who want to go to theatres in hope of watching bold scenes will be in for disappointment because everything bold has been shown in the promos.

    This film has exposed the 'acting' skills of Poonam Pandey and I am sure any sensible film maker will think twice before signing her. It is a cheap and dangerous Nasha that should be avoided at all costs!

    Sachin Tendulkar shocked at his morphed images with nude Poonam Pandey

    Poonam Pandey's controversial nude picture with cricketer Sachin Tendulkar not only miffed the sleaze queen but also shocked the legendary Tendulkar.

    Sachin got the shock of his life when he learnt that some morphed nude pictures of him and Poonam Pandey were doing the rounds on the internet. A nude image of Poonam Pandey holding Sachin Tendulkar's portrait – the morphed image of the cricketer in Lord Vishnu's avatar - has grabbed the attention of her fans.

    On the other hand, a miffed and upset Poonam expressed her disappointment on this issue through Twitter. "TweetHrts & all my Fans round d World i do appreciate ur Love towards me but such edited pix really hurt me as for me Cricket is a RELIGION(sic)," she tweeted.
    Poonam Pandey has been hitting the headlines with her bold stripping acts since the time of the cricket world cup. Later, she again came into limelight with her bikini poses and half nude pictures that she daringly posted on twitter. Her clothes shedding act made it evident that the young model is an attention starved girl, who somewhat follows an agenda that might read, "Attention ke liye saala kuch bhi karega"

    Poonam Pandey’s Nude MMS

    Poonam Pandey is one name that is still reckoned as she committed to strip if India wins the World Cup. She also created a lot of rage as her Twitter profile mentions ‘Most downloadable’ model. Recently a 5.35 min MMS on Poonam Pandey is doing rounds on youtube and she has also uploaded the MMS on her Twitter account.

    She tweets, “i dono What do People get Making such MMS on me Shooting it like a ghost n Uploading them … i was just on a shoot but then such Acts hahah”. She further adds, “i never knew People made My MMS and also Uploaded on Youtube saying it a “STRIP ACT” have a look”.

    “We were all born nude. People take nudity as vulgarity. I see it in a different way. If I keep it as an offer for bringing the World Cup to India, which incidentally worked (laughs), I see no harm in it,” she has said in an interview. Poonam was also dragged to court for her naked promise.

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