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    Afternoon Bitch-Back! What’s a Poor, Put-Upon Angel to Do?

    Critics agree Minka Kelly's acting in Charlie's Angels is abyssmal. So did she get the gig by encouraging a few "ass slaps" on her road to TV series headliner? Was she really a nurse or just some kind of glorified assistant?

    Dear Wow:
    A show that's clearly meant to be just a chick-filled homage to all the other pretty chick-filled versions of Angels (the original of which, mind you, was never heralded for its acting achievements) and you're aiming a sexist, snob-harpoon straight at poor Minka? We think she does fine at the job for which she was hired. She also does an even better job off-camera with those reported bitch-slap stories! Also, I don't believe Minka's claims that she was a surgical nurse at one time have been uncovered, as yet, as a sinister lie. Perhaps that detective work's going to have to be yours, dog. Good luck.

    Dear Ted:
    Forget Lea Michele and Cory Monteith or Lea Michele and Darren Criss getting together, now that she's single... What about Lea and Dianna Agron? Or do the ladies not swing towards the same sex?

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    Dear Good One:
    Love the way you think, N, but, unfortunately, I don't believe Lea and Dianna have similar thoughts (at least, not publicly). Both ladies love to get it on with the guys. And as right-on as both gals have been regarding gay rights—Dianna, in particular—I think this gal-on-gal get-together will have to come about as a Glee dream, or something.

    Dear Ted:
    Tell me, is the delish Jon Hamm one of your famous Vicers?

    Dear Dammit:
    No. Now, this doesn't mean yummy Jon hasn't been the subject of some major juicy gossip, but, unfortunately it's mostly the result of some of Jon's colleagues being so frustrated he doesn't give them enough to talk about in real life. Get it?

    'Charlie's Angels' Series Premiere: An Angel Dies

    And that's how the new series introduces us to the three new Angels - ex-cat burglar Abby (Rachael Taylor), former dirty cop Kate (Annie Ilonzeh) and disgraced marine Gloria (Nadine Velazquez). Yet, the same can also be said for the three actresses that signed on for this "Charlie's Angels" ABC reboot.

    Sadly, there's nothing here that distinguishes this from the original "Charlie's Angles," except that Bosley is now a smooth womanizing computer hacker named Bos (Ramon Rodriguez)

    We learn from an opening Charlie voice-over that the Angels are on a mission to rescue Sarah Daniels, a 16-year-old being held captive by the legendary unseen trafficker Baharo. Long story short, thanks to some kung-fu magic -- and the fact that Bosley somehow has access to a 'satellite camera' that can see inside the room (insert groan here) -- the Angels rescue Sarah.

    So what do they do? Celebrate, of course! But one Angel is not happy. Gloria is frustrated that they will never track down Baharo himself, but the matter doesn't concern her for long because as she leaves the agency, Gloria is killed by a car bomb!

    And now the girls are sad -- very sad. And they say things like, "I never thought my heart could hurt this much" and "We were a family, she was our sister." And now we're sad because it's not over yet.

    Minka Kelly Cheers Boyfriend, Yankee Derek Jeter's 3,000th Hit

    The story will be about New York Yankee captain Derek Jeter becoming the first player in Yankee team history to eclipse the 3,000 hit plateau, but what about his girlfriend Minka Kelly?

    As the cameras panned to Derek Jeter's family attending the game between the Tampa Bay Rays and New York Yankees, it was no surprise that actress Minka Kelly was right in the middle of the shot. The Friday Night Lights star, who is usually talked about for her hair, her fashion or her acting, was attending the game to watch her boyfriend reach the historic hit plateau.

    With Minka at the game, showing off her newly styled curls, people might start to believe that she is Derek's good luck charm. Jeter went 5-5, as Ms. Kelly cheered from the stands and the Yankees won the game! Needing only two hits to reach the milestone, Minka brought him five.

    Though she didn't Tweet about the occasion, ESPN's Kevin Negandhi was quick to suggest what Jeter should trade with the fan in the left field who caught the home run ball that was Derek's 3,000th hit. Negandi said on Twitter:

    So far a date w Minka Kelly is your clubhouse leader for the Jeter request for the baseball.

    Now that would be a request. It is doubtful that Jeter or Minka Kelly would go for it, but if the Yankee fan who caught the ball doesn't at least ask, he is probably nuts.

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