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    Coming Up Google Pad

    Google had initially planned to launch an iPad competitor in May, but the release of that device has been delayed till at least July to give it a competitive price. Said to be priced at around $200 (down from the original $250), this device is almost a steal

    when compare
    There were always strong rumors about Google releasing its tablet in the first half of this year. Currently, Google plans to seek approval from Chinese authorities to go ahead and use Motorola facilities to manufacture hardware products that it will release in future.d to the reduced-price iPad versions. As Google already offers phones co-
    stared by Samsung, moving into the tablet market will not be a random move as it partners with Asus.

    Techie-buzz has already broken the news that the tablet will be available through the Google online tablet stores. Google has recently rebranded their market place as Google Play, which collates its app stores, ebook stores, and so on. As its ecosystem is setting up, hopefully, this product will not be a fiasco like the Google phone (though there are claims that it was a pilot test for Google anyway). It remains to be seen if that product was just a dry run for mass deployment of future Google hardware products.

    Some features that are rumored to be part of the Google tablet are:

    7-inch display
    Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich
    Nvidia Tegra 3 quad-core processor (or dual-core processor)

    The question on my mind is on which features Google will compromise on save costs; the hardware quality, the processor?

    This device would also be a strong competitor for the Kindle Fire. It seems to target the market segment where volume sales are a higher priority than quality features (as is the iPad’s focus). It is already hard enough for other devices like the Kindle Fire to even come close to matching the iPads popularity primarily because of its lack of hardware features like the camera, in addition to the relatively smaller repository of Apps. It remains to be seen what the “Google Pad” will bring to the market.

    Apple Offers Refunds to People Who Bought Its Latest iPad on Telstra’s Network in Australia

    Earlier this morning, we reported that the Australian government had accused Apple of 4G marketing claims on the new iPad.

    Apparently the issue was raised by the company’s use of “4G” in its marketing terms for the WiFi + 4G/LTE models of the new iPad, while 4G LTE compatibility is only offered in the United and States and Canada due to different frequency bands used for LTE in different countries.

    Now, ABCNews via a tweet has confirmed that Apple has agreed to offer a refund to people who bought its latest iPad, which it admits is not compatible with Telstra’s 4G network.

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