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    Facebook says won't miss out on key stories for its users

    The social networking site Facebook is updating its news feed to feature right content at the right time, so that users do not miss out on key stories.

    "We have heard feedback that there are some instances where a post from a friend or a Page you are connected to is only interesting at a specific moment, for example when you are both watching the same sports game, or talking about the season premiere of a popular TV show," said Facebook in a blog post.

    Facebook is also going to factor in the rate at which people are liking or commenting on a post, Forbes magazine reported.
    Facebook currently looks at the total number of likes that a post received, but now it will look at when people like, comment and share posts.

    For people that engage with the story shortly after it is posted means that it was most interesting at that time, but will be less interesting at a later time.

    The update to the news feed will be based on two factors - trending topics and engagement.

    "This means that posts that receive likes, comments and shares faster will be posted higher in the news feed," Facebook added.

    Mamata has changed after becoming CM: Kabir Suman

    Trinamool Congress leader Kabir Suman has expressed shock at the actions of West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee and said that she has changed after becoming the Chief Minister. Talking to CNN-IBN, Suman said, "I'm quite surprised, I'm amazed myself. The government of West Bengal is suffering from paranoia and a persecution mania. The moment she became the Chief Minister of Bengal, it seems that she is scared and afraid when she has no reason to be so."

    Suman said Mamata would have gone against these actions, had she been in the Opposition. "Had someone else done this and she been the opposition leader, she would have opposed every step at every second, like the removal of Damayanti Sen. But the moment she becomes a ruler, I don't know how it's a total turnaround," Suman said.

    Suman's strong reaction comes after a host of controversial actions taken by the Mamata Banerjee government. It comes close on the heels of a Jadavpur University professor and his neighbour being arrested for sharing a satirical anti-Mamata cartoon with others through the university e-mail system. They were later granted bail.

    Academician Sunanda Sanyal also reacted strongly, saying, "Mamata shouldn't have been so touchy, if touchy people are declined to dictatorship it becomes difficult." "Actually, this is a change for the worse. Because, Mamata Banerjee is the head of the party, it should be blamed on her," Sanyal said."

    Not just that, the West Bengal Police is now also probing a complaint of defamation against social networking sites, including Facebook. The complainant alleges malicious campaigning against Mamata Banerjee on social networking sites.

    Varsity mulls ways to prevent student suicides

    Two days after the suicide of a talented third-year Electronics and Communication Engineering student touched the city, the College of Engineering, Guindy is now putting in place measures to prevent a repeat of such incidents in the future, even as certain questions remain unanswered. Sources in Anna University said, S Manivannan, a bright boy who had worked his way up from being a labourer to aspiring for the IAS, was found hanging in his room by his friends on Tuesday evening. The police were informed immediately, and they allegedly recovered the cell phone of the boy along with liquor bottles from the room.

    While it is not usual for a third-year student to get a room all to himself in the hostel, police sources said that his room-mates had shifted to another room owing to his alleged alcohol problem. According to two professors at the CEG, who requested anonymity, the boy allegedly threw up several times in an inebriated state a few months ago, after which a change of room request was made by his room-mates. Digressing from the usual convention, where a change of room was done only in an extreme case, the two were sanctioned a new room immediately.

    Two important questions remain unanswered, however. First, if the police account is to be believed, despite the campus being a strict non-alcohol zone, how had the student been allowed to take liquor to his room? Was there no strict surveillance of alcohol consumption in the hostel despite rules clearly making it unlawful inside the campus?

    Second, why was the mother of the student not informed of his problem despite the fact that two of his room-mates had shifted citing this as the reason?

    “Surely, if the incidents were true, the warden should have informed his parents when it became this serious,” said one of the professors, adding that the boy could have been referred to a de-addiction centre if the situation was indeed that bad.

    A senior university official said that the boy had been pulled up last month, but he had reportedly pleaded with authorities not to complain to his mother. “He was let off with a warning,” he said.

    Officials said that several lessons have now been learnt from the incident: the failure of the prevalent student counselling set up is one such lesson. “We do have professional counsellors. But, students rarely avail their services voluntarily.” Therefore, the university was now planning to hold a training session for professors on how such counselling can be done. Fellow students would also be encouraged to report unusual behavior patterns in their classmates, he said.

    Poonam Pandey Goes Topless Again

    Aspiring model Poonam Pandey has again gone topless for her fans. In the past, she posted nude picture of her on twitter which got awesome response on net and following which she become most searched person on net. On her last birthday, Poonam posted a bedroom picture and bathroom picture which created sensational on net.

    The video shows the model started a countdown on Twitter asking her fans if they would like to see “Poonam Padey Without Bikini” and on public demand she posted a topless picture of hers’.

    Sharing the picture with her fans, Poonam tweeted, “Finally on Public demand Sharing a pic #PoonamPandeyWithoutBikini Tweethearts!! Thanx for Loving me so Much .. Luv u all .. lot more to come in future its just a Trailor "Picture Abhi Baaki hey Mere Tweethearts"(sic).”
    She also warned people below the age of 18 not to take a look at the pic: "Warning18 and under should not try looking up the pic. I do not take responsibility for anyone under age."

    Poonam Pandey grabbed headlines when she said that she would pose naked if Indian wins the world cup. Though, Poonam could not keep her promise she became very popular when she posted many nude picture of her on the social networking site.

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