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    Courtney Stodden's New Man Friend Is None Other Than Anna Nicole Smith's Ex Edward Lozzi

    It's sometimes easy to forget that Courtney Stodden is only 19 years old and, as such, is bound to bounce back quickly from a breakup.

    The reality star and her husband Doug Hutchison split less than three weeks ago but Stodden has wasted no time in cozying up to another man -- coincidently, a 53-year-old, just like Doug.

    On Thursday night (Nov. 21), Stodden was spotted at a Los Angeles event with Edward Lozzi, Anna Nicole Smith's ex-boyfriend and Press Secretary for the U.S. Representative to the UN General Assembly in the late '90s, per Daily Mail. Lozzi also served as a White House Press Advance Office aide for the George H.W. Bush administration, adds Daily Mail, and has his own PR firm for some three decades now.

    But before jumping into hasty conclusions, Stodden's manager told E! News that the two are not dating. "It's just innocent fun. It seems like lots of guys have a hard time keeping their hands off of her. She is enjoying being 19. She deserves it."

    Courtney Stodden Is A Great Wife, Not At All An Attention Whore

    Not even Roman Polanski believes this bitch is 17, but here's Courtney Stodden and her creepy 51-year old husband, Doug Hutchison on the beach in a shoot to dispel all the rumors that everything on her is fake. Seriously. And I believe her. Because when I think "all natural", I automatically think perfectly round oversized implants, fake eyelashes, and a spray tan that makes you look like a bengal tiger with rosacea.

    Note: In case you fully aren't convinced this chick is crazy, read her Twitter. Or just stop by a psychiatric ward and ask somebody to write something. Trust me, it will be the same thing.

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