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    Heidi Klum Wears Dress Made Of Tiny Strings, Spins Around A Lot At The Creative Arts Emmys

    As a supermodel, she hardly needs to do much to demand attention.

    But Heidi Klum made for absolute certain that all eyes were on her by hitting the red carpet of the Creative Arts Emmy Awards in an eye-catching royal blue peacock inspired dress.

    The 41-year-old America's Got Talent judge dazzled as she showed up to the Nokia Theatre in Los Angles on Saturday for the annual event.
     The shimmering garment was in fact made by a contestant on Project Runway named Sean Kelly, and Heidi was sure to thank him in a social media post about her outfit for the evening.

    It was made from a collection of what looked to be silk string fabric, forming a luminous sleek garment when they laid flat against her model body.

    But when Heidi twirled, the tassels flowed out and turned into a glamorous puff - like a peacock.

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