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    Sexting Tips, Tricks, Dos And Some Really Important Don'ts

    Sexting is a practice you tend to hear about usually when celebrities, politicians or sports personalities get it horribly wrong, and usually when the other person has revealed all.

    But we're not so far removed from famous folk that the rules of sexting don't apply to us too. After all, most of us have phones which a)can text and b)take photos.

    "The pros of it – you can send on the spur of the moment when feeling particularly lusty – is also the downside. Lust is a powerful emotion when we’re in the grips of it. When it wears off, what seems sexy at the time can feel either silly (best scenario) sleazy or perfect blackmail material (worst)."

    To be successful at sexting, the experts say, you need to be realistic about the type of relationship you are in. Sex and relationship psychologist for Durex, Susan Quilliam, said: "It depends on the type of relationship you're in and the situation at the time you’re in at the time of texting.

    "It is most appropriate when you’re involved with someone seriously and you're emotionally close enough to know that they will accept it and not forward it on. It is definitely not a good idea early in a relationship and/or if you don’t know someone very well or send it as joke."

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