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    Jersey Shore' Complaints And Cash Concerns

    Though she's one of the world's biggest reality TV stars, Snooki insists that her public image is more fictional projection than an actual reflection of her personality. So when you see her partying all day and night, drunk with her famous roommates and making memories by the half hour installment, just know that there's a different girl on the other end of that camera.

    In a new interview with GQ -- what she calls her first "real" interview -- the pint sized reality star/WWE diva/pitchwoman teases a different side of Snooki, revealing the things that "Jersey Shore" doesn't put on air, and what she would show if she were in charge.

    "I wouldn't show as much drinking and partying," she tells the magazine. "I would show more of us chilling out and having a good time -- which they don't show. We don't even drink those nights, but we laugh all night. They don't show anything but us drinking and hooking up."

    But why?!

    "I don't know. Maybe because of the success of the show they think that if they don't show us drinking and hooking up then it wouldn't stay successful, but I think that if they showed the sober side of us people would like it even more and it'd even change people's minds about us," she says.

    Still, the show has offered her some financial opportunities that wouldn't come with a calm, happy show. She made $750,000 last year, according to The Daily Beast, and she's not being extravagant with her cash... unlike one of her co-stars.

    Save It or Sink It: What Did You Think of Hart of Dixie and Terra Nova?

    Doctors and dinosaurs. What more do you need on a Monday night?!

    Two highly anticipated fall shows premiered tonight: Rachel Bilson made her return to TV as a New York doctor forced to move to Alabama in the CW's Hart of Dixie; and viewers got their first look at Terra Nova, Fox's ambitious prehistoric adventure series.

    When we reviewed both shows, we weren't shy about our genuine interest in them, especially Hart of Dixie, which we said we wanted to hug the crap out of. So did you want to hug the crap out of the charming dramedy as well? And do you still want to hang with the dinosaurs over at Terra Nova?

    MORE: We Go Behind the Scenes of Hart of Dixie to Hug the Crap Out of Rachel Bilson and Scott Porter

    Bilson stars in Dixie as Dr. Zoe Hart, a gifted surgeon who moves to a small town (Bluebell, Ala.) to hone her bedside manner. Zoe soon meets the town's inhabitants, including the charming town golden boy George Tucker (Friday Night Light's Scott Porter); his difficult Southern belle fiancée, Lemon (Jaime King); Lavon (FNL's Cress Williams), the mayor who shares a complicated history with Lemon; and bad-boy-next-door Wade (Wilson Bethel), whom Zoe drunkenly hooks up with in the first episode. We just love the old-school WB throwback vibe of the show; it's Gilmore Girls meets Everwood and is the perfect show to watch while relaxing with a glass of wine. Well done, Josh Schwartz & Co. Well done.

    If any show had a lot of hype leading up to its premiere, it was Terra Nova. From executive producer Steven Spielberg, this series is the definition of ambitious: Set in an apocalyptic 2149, Terra Nova relies heavily on special effects, especially for its dinosaurs (including Brachiosauruses and T.rexes).

    Steamy scenes are no big deal: Sulagna Panigrahi

    Rubbishing rumours of her playing the bad girl in Murder 2, Sulagna Panigrahi, a name that burst into B-town out of nowhere and became part of the sudden wave of promotional rants and raves for the new film, Murder 2, talks about the fun and frolic she was part of on the
    sets of the movie. And fun, according to this petite actress, is about crawling into a tunnel full of rats, running around in some remote location and many more such scary escapades.  “I play a 16-year-old innocent girl who’s fighting for her life. Mohit Suri (the director of Murder 2) showed me this horrid tunnel where I was supposed to shoot a scene among rats and asked if I was scared of them. Of course I wasn’t, but the rats were so tiny and cute that by the end of the shot, the whole unit was concerned if they were hurt; no one was really bothered about me,” she laughs.
    Sulagna came into the spotlight after she did a television show on conjoined twins called Ambar Dhara. So how did the entry onto the big screen happen? “My producer Rajan Shahi fixed a meeting with someone at Vishesh Films. After that I met Mohit. His first reaction after seeing me was that I fit the role. I was at their office, sitting with Mukesh sir (Bhatt) and wondering if all this was a dream,” she gushes. Steamy scenes, skimpy clothes, sexy love-making…the Murder franchise is incomplete without all the sensuality. So were there any inhibitions before taking on this role? “When I got to know that the auditions are for Murder 2, I was pretty skeptical. Thankfully, I don’t have any such scenes in the movie. But nowadays steamy scenes are no big deal,” Sulagna says, contradicting herself.
    Her recent photo, where she’s biting a chilly and showing off her toned midriff, has been doing the rounds of several publications lately. What went into creating such an interesting pose, a mix of an innocent face and a sensual aura? “I made sure I didn’t bite the chilly too hard, or else the picture would have turned out to be something else,” she jokes.
    A recent role that fascinated Sulagna was Vir Das’ character in Delhi Belly. “I would love to have taken his place and sung Ja Chudail in the movie,” she says. And who is the one actor she would love to share screen-space with some day? “Aamir, Hrithik and Ranbir. I know I am supposed to name one, but it’s good to have options no?”
    And how is working in TV different from films? “In TV, before you finish your makeup, there’s someone knocking at your door and calling you for the shot. Whereas in films, it’s much calmer; they just let you be and don’t pressurise you. In TV, if you ask a director for a retake, he will tell you that the tapes have already gone for telecast. So that’s the main difference. TV literally keeps you on your toes…phew!” she ends on a weary note.

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