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    South Carolina Mom Calls Cops On 15-Year-Old Son After Finding Porn

    A mother in South Carolina called sheriff's deputies on her son this week after finding porn playing on her living room TV.

    According to the Spartanburg County Sheriff's Office, deputies were dispatched to a residence Tuesday afternoon after a distraught mom called 911.

    "She stated that when she entered the residence, her 15-year-old son was in his bedroom," reads the police report. "[Her] daughter turned on the TV and porn was on."

    According to the report, the 40-year-old mom "immediately turned off the TV" and ushered her 2-year-old daughter out of the room, before calling the police on her son.

    When a sheriff's deputy arrived, the mother, whom HuffPost is not identifying to protect the teen's privacy, said she had several problems with her son's behavior recently.

    "[The mom] requested that a report be done to document ... her son's behavior and due to her daughter being exposed to porn," the police report reads.

    According to Lt. Kevin Bobo, the sheriff's office did not make an arrest or issue a citation.

    "I don’t know of any South Carolina law that was broken," Bobo told HuffPost on Thursday.

    However, the teen's mother did complete "a voluntary statement" detailing the incident, according to the police report.

    The mother, who was identified as a local real estate agent by The Smoking Gun, did not respond to a HuffPost request for comment Thursday.

    South Carolina teen’s brutal soccer attack earns assault charge

    The player who is now the subject of local law enforcement is Lewisville (S.C.) High senior Annette McCullough, who brutally attacked an unnamed Chester (S.C.) High opponent during a Monday match. While there is no video showcasing prior incidents between the two players, McCullough reacted viciously to a small trip that sent her tumbling to the ground.

    The attack, which you can see above, featured hair pulling, punches being rained down on the Chester player -- Carolinas CBS affiliate WBTV counted 11 different punches -- and a frantic attempt to halt the attack before it reached even more dangerous levels.

    Fittingly, McCullough was immediately sent off with a red card, escorted away from the field with the aid of an assistant referee. Shortly thereafter Chester County deputies were called to the scene and McCullough -- who is 18 years old -- was charged with simple assault.

    [More: President Obama opens up about coaching role on daughter's hoops team]

    Alan Parker, the referee of the match, made perfectly clear that this incident invoked a sense of violence that made it much more troubling than other girls soccer skirmishes.

    "Some incidental contact ended in one girl going down and she just got up and started pummeling," Parker told WBTV. "It's unfortunate, it really is. Contact is a part of soccer, but when you retaliate like that, obviously, there is no place in the game for that.

    "Occasionally you have players that go at it, on the field together, but in this case it was just one girl pummeling the other girl. And she didn't stop which is even more egregious."

    It's hard to watch the incident without thinking back to New Mexico defender Elizabeth Lambert, whose hair pulling and general dirty play in a game against BYU received massive Internet attention and eventually landed her a lengthy suspension. One could argue that Lambert's fouls may have been worse because she was more level-headed when committing them, but they certainly weren't as violent as McCullough's attack.

    'Sea Monster' In South Carolina Said Likely A Sturgeon

    With an odd, greenish pattern, this creature didn't look like anything the locals had ever seen when it washed up in Folly Beach, just South of Charleston, S.C. on Friday, March 22. Some were quick to call it a "sea monster," but scientists say its actual identity is a bit more mundane.

    Dr. Shane Boylan, a veterinarian at the South Carolina Aquarium (SCA), saw a photograph of the beast and quickly identified it as a sturgeon. He said the body shape and the bone plates along the side gave it away. And the strange colors? They're likely evidence of rotting, or what Boylan calls a "necrotic tan." Most sturgeon are silvery or greenish, so beach-goers who had never seen a rotten one might not have recognized it.

    After Live 5 News posted the image on Facebook, commenter Cindy Fabian noted, "It looks like the result of the BP oil disaster to me; serious mutation!"

    It's not clear what's become of the specimen. The aquarium's Kate Dittloff told The Huffington Post that the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources which normally cleans up dead animals, would have only done so if the creature had been deemed a threat.

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