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    No Protester Is Safe From Snipers Or AK-47s In Ukraine

    With the death toll already at 50 and rising in two days of violence, clashes in Kiev, Ukraine, show no signs of slowing down, despite President Viktor Yanukovych's announcement of a truce on Wednesday evening. Though the protests have persisted for nearly three months, the bloodiest days of unrest have come this week after both Russia and the European Union maneuvered to further influence the former Soviet state.

    A multitude of videos circulating the Internet show the outrageous levels of violence in the Ukrainian capital. In one video from Radio Svoboda, Radio Free Europe's Russian service, a riot policeman with an unmistakable AK-47 assault rifle fires off the screen.

    The video then cuts to footage of a sniper in the prone position, flanked by other police. Eventually, they all scamper out of frame.

    In a Sky News video, another riot police officer fires his AK-47 as he retreats down a street.

    It's unclear what he's firing at, though the news anchor suggests some sort of "firework" went off above the police.

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