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    R. Kelly's 'Black Panties' Album Artwork Is Absurd

    Ahead of the Dec. 10 release of his upcoming album "Black Panties," R. Kelly debuted artwork for the record.

    R. Kelly's latest falls in line with the sexual nature of the album title. He is shown on the cover with a topless woman on his lap, playing her as one would a cello. The 13-track album takes a similar note with song titles like "Leg Shakin,'" "Crazy Sex," and "Marry the Pussy." Check out R. Kelly's album artwork and the full track list to the standard and deluxe editions of "Black Panties" below.

    Here is the new artwork for R. Kelly’s upcoming album “Black Panties” which will be out December 10. In classic R&B fashion and definitely in R. Kelly fashion, he’s playing woman like a violin and on the deluxe cover he’s almost buried under a sea of chocolate women all wearing black…well you should already know that.

     1. "Legs Shakin'" feat. Ludacris
    2. "Cookie"
    3. "Throw This Money on You"
    4. "Prelude"
    5. "Marry the Pussy"
    6. "You Deserve Better"
    7. "Genius"
    8. "All the Way" feat. Kelly Rowland
    9. "My Story" feat. 2 Chainz
    10. "Right Back"
    11. "Spend That" feat. Jeezy
    12. "Crazy Sex"
    13. "Shut Up"
    Deluxe Version:
    14. "Tear It Up" feat. Future
    15. "Show Ya Pussy" feat. Migos and Juicy

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