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    Sledge Hammer, Porn Star, Dies After Being Tasered By Police

    Sometimes strength can be a weakness. That may have been the case for porn star Marland Anderson, known by many as Sledge Hammer, who was tased to the point of cardiac arrest by police. According to Anderson's friend, the police may have been intimated by his size and resorted to using a taser instead of other means to subdue him.

    Anderson died Friday, five days after police took him to a hospital for attempting suicide, the Los Angeles Times reports. The incident began on April 8 when the police responded to a report of an attempted suicide in the Reseda area. When they arrived, Anderson's girlfriend told the officers that Anderson had tried to hurt himself with a knife, and she had struggled with him for it.

    He was then restrained to a gurney and, on the way to the hospital, broke the gurney free from a floor lock and broke a handcuff. At this point, police used a taser to restrain Anderson.

    AVN quotes adult film director Stoney Curtis, who described the struggle:

    When the cops arrived, Anderson's height (6-foot-4) and bulk intimidated them, and rather than try to subdue him with the manpower available, they began shooting him with their Tasers—"excessively," according to Curtis—to the point where he suffered a heart attack and for all intents and purposes died for 10 minutes until the EMTs were able to restart his heart.

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