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    Pitbull & Ke$ha Are Going Down In The 'Timber' Photo

    "Hey, Ke$ha, what if we collaborated on a song that combines country music with pop rock and rap, and then made a video that's kind of like 'Coyote Ugly' but with less clothing and more dancing?" "Sounds good, Pitbull! Will there be room for a scene where you try to touch a swimming shark?" "Yep!" "We should call this one 'Timber.'"

    Pitbull hosted the American Music Awards on Sunday and performed his new hit single Timber featuring Ke$ha live onstage before releasing the video on his Facebook page.

    The 32-year-old rapper posted the video as an exclusive treat to fans of his page that has more than 40 million Likes on Facebook.

    The video featured 26-year-old Ke$ha, who full name is Kesha Rose Sebert, showing her saucy side in scenes with an Old West theme.

    Ke$ha burst through the swinging doors of an old-styled saloon wearing a black bra and black bikini bottom with multiple cutouts.

    The singer had her painted blue and pink and donned a sheer yellow coverup.

    Pitbull also danced on the sand and in the water with an exotic brunette beauty.

    The video alternated between Pitbull and his lovely island and Ke$ha in country settings, including a farm scene where she leaned against an old truck and sang to horses.

    The duo also performed the song on Sunday at the American Music Awards where Ke$ha wore a similarly sexy Western outfit.

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