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    Olivia Munn dazzles in a strapless cleavage-baring dress at the 17th annual Hollywood Film Awards

    It’s not quite awards season yet but the stars aligned in Los Angeles on Monday.

    Celebrities gathered for the 17th annual Hollywood Film Awards at the Beverly Hilton hotel in Beverly Hills and Olivia Munn managed the almost impossible feat of standing out from the crowd.

    The Newsroom actress wowed in a quirky green leopard print dress as she walked the red carpet at the ceremony.

    Her strapless full length dress was eye catching, ensuring all eyes were on the brunette beauty.

    A number of A-listers were lined up to receive honours at the event including Julia Roberts, Sandra Bullock, Jake Gyllenhaal and Matthew McConaughey.

    And following the news of their courtship, a source told E! News: 'He is a super normal guy and she is a really down-to-earth girl and they just get each other.

    'They are on the same wavelength intellectually, and they have the same sense of humour.

    'It's been going on for a little while and it's heading towards being serious. They are extremely happy together.'

    Olivia Munn's Funny Letter To Fans About Those Fake Nude Photos

    Olivia Munn has had quite the week, and she was MIA at the SXSW screening of her upcoming movie, "The Babymakers." But she was legitimately busy working on her new HBO series, Aaron Sorkin's "The Newsroom," -- not avoiding facing the music about her recent Internet scandal as some might think. Proof: She had the movie's director, Jay Chandrasekhar, read a letter out loud in her absence, while showing her own photo response to those fake hacked cell phone pictures that surfaced earlier this week. Her letter to fans adorably humble bragged about all the good deeds she was doing while not sending lewd texts, ending with a note about the pictures obvious fake nature because of certain absent physical traits. Here's her letter to fans: March 9, 2012 Dear Everyone at "The Babymakers" SXSW screening: I'm sorry I couldn't be there with you all. I'm currently in Sierra Leone helping build wells for the thirsty. I thought I'd have time to stop through Austin on my way here, but I was detoured when I saw two beached seals on the Gulf near South Padre and used all of my strength, sweat and tears to pull them back into the water and save their lives. (NOTE to JAY- Hold for applause and gasps. About 2 solid minutes...) So, I come to you only in this letter, by way of my director of "The Babymakers" Jay Chandra-shay... shay- Jay Chandra-something. It’s hard for me to sit here with these small, dysentery-ridden children and know that I cannot be there, with all of you wonderful friends and supporters, for my SXSW Hollywood movie premiere. I must end this letter short, as I'm on my way to Seoul, Korea to speak with the starving children who have been denied food by their country and educate them on a motto that I have personally lived by and think will give them some hope: Thinner is Better. I pray this letter finds you well and God keeps you safe.

    Olivia Munn Nude Photo Is NOT Me

    The full-frontal nude photo circulating around the Internet today purporting to be Olivia Munn is a phony -- this according to sources extremely close to Olivia Munn.
    Several pics hit the web today -- appearing to show Olivia in various states of undress ... pink lingerie, a black bra, a white bra, a pink bikini, a low-cut v-neck ... and then fully nude.

    Sources tell TMZ, several of the shots are legit -- namely the black bra, the bikini, the v-neck ... all of which Olivia has previously posted on her blog or Twitter. But according to sources, the ones where you can't see her face are 100% fake ... including the nude shot.
    We're told someone with a similar body to Olivia is taking provocative photos and trying to pass them off as the real thing -- why ... we have no idea.

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