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    Nargis Fakhri Goes For Hindi Classes Photo

    Bollywood actress Nargis Fakhri who has been brought up in New York is working really hard to Learn Hindi. The actress born to a Pakistani father and a Czech mother has been taking Hindi classes since a year. She says that she is adapting and adjusting in Bollywood by working on her Hindi diction every day.

    The actress wishes that she should have learnt Urdu during her younger days."I'm still learning everyday, and I'm learning to adapt and adjust. I work as much as I can. I have learnt to read and write, I try to watch films without subtitles so that I can understand Hindi better. I wish I would have learnt Urdu when I was a child," said Nargis.

    Nargis Fakhri Goes For Hindi Classes Madras Cafe Nargis Fakhri Madras Cafe Story Cast & Crew Fanspeak Videos Photos View All Nargis got an opportunity to star in a big Bollywood movie Rockstar but she was denied to give her voice for her lines in the movie. Now she will be seen in Madras Cafe as an European Journalist, so the audiences will not speaking in Hindi this time. Nargis looks forward to speaking her own lines in future and also mentions that she wants to do films that she would love to watch as an audience.

    "I started taking Hindi classes one year ago. I understand at least 80 percent. I'm trying really hard, but I don't understand many jokes. But I'm happy now people cannot talk about me in Hindi, because I understand that," Nargis explained.

    In the gap between her debut film and the upcoming Madras Cafe, Nargis had a busy schedule. "I was busy reading scripts, dance classes, Hindi classes, travelling to see my family, moving my stuff from New York to Mumbai and adjusting,"

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