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    Microsoft launches 'most affordable' Lumia smartphone

    Microsoft Devices on Wednesday announced the launch of "most affordable" Lumia 530 dual SIM smartphone for Rs. 7,349 in India.

    Microsoft Devices said Lumia 530 will be available in stores at a best buy price of Rs. 7,349 starting August 14.

    The new Lumia 530 will provide a powerful entry to Windows Phone 8.1 with a Quad Core processor delivering faster and smoother user experience, among others, it said in a press release.

    This device will expand the reach of Windows Phone as it allows more people to enjoy Lumia innovations and Microsoft services similar to those offered in high-end Lumia smartphones, the release added.

    "The affordable smartphone segment is growing exponentially, driven primarily by youth who are constantly looking out for smartphones with power-packed features at affordable prices," Viral Oza, Director-Marketing, Nokia India, a subsidiary of Microsoft Mobiles Oy, said.

    Nokia gets Rs 2,400-crore tax demand notice from Tamil Nadu govt

    In yet another setback to Finnish handset maker Nokia , the Tamil Nadu government has slapped on it a Rs. 2,400 crore tax demand notice related to the devices sold from its Chennai factory.
    Nokia, which as part of its deal with the US-based software giant Microsoft has to transfer its Indian assets including the Chennai factory by March-end, on Friday approached the Madras High Court challenging claims made by the Tamil Nadu government.
    The development comes within a week of the Supreme Court refusing to lift restraint on sale of its Indian assets in a separate case related to payment of tax dues.
    Tamil Nadu government's Commercial Taxes Department (VAT) have assessed sales tax on the devices sold from the firm's Chennai manufacturing facility.
    According to sources, the government has claimed that the company is selling mobile phones in the domestic market instead of exporting them.
       They said the state government has sent a tax demand notice of about Rs. 2,400 crore to the company in relation to this issue.
    "Nokia has today filed a writ to the Madras High Court to contest a claim from the Tamil Nadu tax department, which has moved to assess sales tax on the export of devices from the company's Chennai facility," the company said in a statement.
    Nokia considers the claim to be completely without merit and counter to domestic tax laws, it added.
    "Nokia will defend itself vigorously in this matter. It is absurd that the Tamil Nadu tax authority is now claiming that devices made in Chennai were not exported and were instead sold domestically in India.
    "We contend that this allegation has no basis in reality whatsoever; it could easily be rebuffed by a check of documentation provided to various governmental departments including Customs," the company said.
    In India, exports are by law exempt from tax and Nokia has proved consistently that devices produced at Chennai are exported abroad, it added.
    Nokia further said, "Indeed, the company has been regularly assessed and audited by the tax authorities since 2006 without incident, and it has also won numerous export awards from governmental organisations."

    Next-Gen Xbox Rumored To Feature Blu-Ray Player

    Contrary to a rumor which surfaced last month stating that the next Xbox will not have a disc drive at all, VG247 is hearing that the next-generation Xbox will have a Blu-ray drive. People have commonly assumed that, due to Sony’s involvement with the Blu-ray technology, Microsoft would never implement it in their console. However, this rumor certainly suggests otherwise.

    VG247 is also reporting that they heard the following from various sources:

    The next Xbox has been ‘detailed’ to select Microsoft partners.
    Microsoft hopes to release the console by Christmas 2013.
    An always-on connection will be required to fight piracy, similar to Steam on the PC.
    On the hardware front, we can expect a four or six core CPU, with one core reserved for Kinect use and another for the OS. The console is also rumored to feature two GPUs, similar to the AMD 7000 series. However, the dual-GPU implementation is unlike Crossfire or SLI on the PC; the units will be able to independently function and draw separate items simultaneously, unlike on the PC where the GPUs work together to draw lines of the same object.
    Kinect will be built into the device itself.

    Now, don’t get your panties in a twist just yet; we’ll have to wait until 2013 to see if any of these rumors come to fruition (or if Microsoft will even release it that year; 2015 has also been rumored to be the release date of the next Xbox.) In conclusion, VG247 also reports that Microsoft will likely not announce anything related to the next Xbox until next year.

    No Need to Install Microsoft Security Essentials on Windows 8

    After the release of Windows 8 Consumer Preview, lot many reviews started appearing on web. Some of them are really good, especially in talking about the new features and metro style apps. Apart from the visible features, Microsoft has also worked on the security enhancements of their operating system. As we know, malware and virus attacks are very common on Windows PC as compared to the other OS. It becomes necessary to install a third-party security application for protection from these attacks.

    Most of the branded Windows PC comes with pre-installed third-party software (either trial version of license of one year). After the expiration period, if the user doesn’t renew the package, the system becomes vulnerable. This is a very common issue with home or small business users.

    Couple of years ago, Microsoft released their own protection suite named ‘Microsoft Security Essentials’ which promised to protect from malware, virus attacks. It was not an easy task for Microsoft to provide the security level as high as other OS or even compete with the third-party services like Norton in online data theft protection. But the product was awesome and it got so many positive reviews on web even when it is available for FREE to use on computers running genuine windows copy.

    Microsoft Security Essentials

    Now from Windows 8 onwards, Microsoft Security Essentials will not be required, and even any third-party security suite will not be necessary for normal home PC security. The native security suite of Windows named ‘Windows Defender’ is now so much capable that there is no need of any other software for the same purpose.

    First Windows Phone HTC To Launch China’s

    Samsung Offers You Top Quality Touchphones At Afforadble Price.

    In the race to bring the first Windows Phone device to China, it looks like we have a winner: Engadget reports that HTC has just began accepting pre-orders for the Triumph, which is essentially the HTC Titan that we have come to know and love re-branded.

    Running Windows Phone 7.5 Tango, the 4.7″ behemoth will be priced sans-contract at ¥4,399, which is roughly $700 US. That’s quite expensive, and we can only hope that subsidized, contract pricing options as we have in the West are available to allow more people to purchase the device. So, how is the Triumph different from its Western counterpart? It isn’t, for the most part; one thing to note is that local social services Sina Weibo and Tencent Weixin will replace the Facebook and Twitter integration of Tango. SkyDrive is available, but it will be forced to conform to the regulations of the Great Firewall of China.

    Nokia, LG, and ZTE — interestingly enough, Samsung isn’t joining the party just yet — are all poised to release handsets in China sometime this month as well. Throughout the rest of this year onwards, we’ll definitely have to keep an eye out on Windows Phone competition and traction in the Chinese market.

    Windows 8 Consumer Preview Now Available For Download

    Microsoft has just released the Windows 8 Consumer Preview — which packs over 100,000 changes since the Developer Preview in September — for download here.

    Below are the links and SHA 1 hashes of the x64 and x86 version, in all of the languages that the build was released in:


    64-bit (x64) Download (3.3 GB) Sha 1 hash — 1288519C5035BCAC83CBFA23A33038CCF5522749

    32-bit (x86) Download (2.5 GB) Sha 1 hash —E91ED665B01A46F4344C36D9D88C8BF78E9A1B39

    Product Key: DNJXJ-7XBW8-2378T-X22TX-BKG7J

    Chinese (Simplified)

    64-bit (x64) Download (3.4 GB) Sha 1 hash — DF69B851F9A81DECBB16648CC452461894416EB0

    32-bit (x86) Download (2.6 GB) Sha 1 hash — E29A2072745A48C14A1C2E5A61F5230841BEDB45

    Product Key: DNJXJ-7XBW8-2378T-X22TX-BKG7J


    64-bit (x64) Download (3.3 GB) Sha 1 hash — A9358E6799ABEEF29EDBA054AD34849C02C7F51F

    32-bit (x86)

    Smoked By Windows Phone Ignites Into A Digital Ad Campaign

    Microsoft’s recent, increasingly aggressive advertising approach against competitors has been quite entertaining. What I like — and what I think people will like — about this particular campaign, however, is that, unlike the Gmail man and Googlighting videos, Microsoft is attacking the products of its competitors by showing how their own products are better. The videos attacking Google, however, are exaggerated (but I found them funny, with a true underlying message.)

    If YouTube comments are any metric of public reception, the feedback of Smoked by Windows Phone has been far more positive than that of the recent Googlighting video. Also, speaking of YouTube, the videos of the challenges have been viewed over 500,000 times. This is one of the few genuinely cool ad campaigns produced by Microsoft, and it would be cool if they also produced a “Smoked” television commercial. And if Ben goes on a coast-to-coast Smoked By Windows Phone tour.
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