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    Rihanna Spends Her Vacation In A Bikini Photo

    In case you needed further proof that Rihanna's life is cooler than yours, here are some awesome vacation photos she shared on Twitter on Aug. 28 that will leave you with zero doubt.

    Here she is making history for being the first person to make binoculars look cool:
    Then, when that got old, she chilled out with a glass of wine on her yacht because she's fabulous:

    Later, Rihanna slipped into a yellow bikini and casually mentioned snorkeling in pirate caves:

    Rihanna just wrapped up her Monster Tour with Eminem and is clearly taking some time to relax. We'd be lying if we said we weren't jealous!

    Playboy girl Sherlyn Chopra sizzles in Kamasutra 3D's first look

    Wait is over and sensuous playboy girl Sherlyn Chopra is back with hot looks in soon to be released Kamasutra 3d directed by Rupesh Paul. Movies First look released by the actor are showing her in different seductive poses.

    The actor has recently uploaded a video teaser. The video features her gyrating to music in a golden bikini in the video.

    In film, she will exhibit seductive poses and sexual positions from the ancient scriptures on the art of love in 3D.
    Kamsutra 3D is based on the original concept if the Indian sex manual written by Vatsyayana. Paul announced the movie at Cannes Film festival 2012 by Paul. The man has also directed Saint Dracula 3D.

    Sherlyn will be the first popular Indian actress to star in the ancient Indian erotica's cinematic adaptation. Apart from her, two more important characters in the film will be featuring in the movie.

    The role will be essayed by popular Bollywood actors.

    Interestingly, Sherlyn is also the first popular Indian actress to star in the ancient Indian erotica cinematic adaptation unlike Mira Nair's Kamasutra: A Tale Of Love, which starred two American born actresses, Indira Verma and Sarita Choudhury, in the lead.

    The movie trailers will be released at the American Film Market in Los Angeles on November 4th. The trailers are shot by Sapan Narula

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