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    Police arrest suspect in Belgian Jewish Museum shooting

    Police have arrested a man in Marseille, France, who is suspected of killing three people last week in the Jewish Museum in Brussels, Belgium, Belgian federal magistrate Wenke Roggen said Sunday.

    The suspect is identified as 29-year-old Frenchman Mehdi Nemmouche, who recently spent a year in Syria and is a radicalized Islamist, the chief prosecutor of Paris said at a news conference Sunday.

    Francois Molins said Nemmouche, who has a criminal history that included a five-year prison stint, was detained with a bag that contained several weapons.

    Nemmouche has been silent during his detention, Molins said. The prosecutor said that authorities suspect Nemmouche was influenced by Islamist teachings while in prison and left for Syria three months after being released in September 2012.
    Belgium's Jewish community security fears

    French officials lost contact with Nemmouche when he left the country, Molins said.

    The suspect's bag also contained clothes similar to the ones worn during the attack and a GoPro video camera. There was also a Nikon digital camera that contained a hidden folder with a 40-second recording related to the shooting.

    Nemmouche was arrested at a train station just after he returned to France, the prosecutor said.

    Two of the people who died in the attack were Israelis, a couple in their 50's from Tel Aviv,, Israel's Foreign Ministry has said. The third victim was a French woman.

    A fourth person, a Belgian national who works at the museum, was shot and injured.

    Images from the museum in Brussels showed the gunman behind last week's deadly attack approaching the building, opening fire, and walking away.

    He used an AK-47 assault rifle to carry out the shooting, police have said.

    Photographs and video released by Belgian police showed the man wearing a cap and blue shirt, carrying two bags over his shoulder. The images do not show his face clearly.

    The shooter left on foot after the attack and headed toward a different part of downtown Brussels before he disappeared, according to police.

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