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    India gang rapes: Police sacked over hanged girls

    Two police officers in India have been sacked for refusing to help search for two missing girls who were later found gang-raped and hanged, officials say.

    They were also charged with criminal conspiracy, police said, adding that three people had been arrested so far.

    The government has pledged to set up a fast-track court to prosecute the crime, which took place earlier this week in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

    Alleged police inaction sparked outrage in the teenagers' village.

    The father of one victim told the BBC he was ridiculed by police when he sought help in finding his missing daughter.

    He said that when policemen found out he was from a lower caste, they "refused to look for my girl".

    Students in New Delhi protest against police inaction over the killings of the girls (30 May 2014) Students in New Delhi held angry protests after the girls' killings

    The incident has received top coverage on India's main TV channels such as NDTV, Times Now and CNN-IBN.

    "Uttar Pradesh Rape shockers", reads a ticker on NDTV, which accuses the local police of being "complicit" with the attackers and quotes relatives of the two girls saying they have "no faith" they'll receive justice.

    "Lawless in Uttar Pradesh" reads a top headline on CNN-IBN, which has started its own campaign using the hashtag #StopThisShame.

    "UP: 3 Rapes in 48Hrs" is the lead on the Times Now channel, which reports the growing number of rape incidents in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

    "Outrage" is the word used on the front pages of several leading English-language newspapers, including The Hindu and The Indian Express.

    In an editorial, The Times of India lays the blame on the government of Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Singh, saying the hangings "exposes the state's slide into medieval lawlessness".

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