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    Flexible Coco hangs upside down during Aerial Yoga

    The blonde bombshell tweeted two pictures of herself engaging in various positions of Aerial Yoga.

    As she dangled from the ceiling, clinging onto blue silk ribbons more commonly used by acrobats in circus troops, the reality star showed off her infamous derriere in her tight grey workout leggings.

    Last week, the 32-year-old appeared on The Doctors TV show to undergo an ultrasound examination to prove her round and curvaceous bottom is all her own.

    Needless to say, she passed the test with flying colours as the medic only identified subcutaneous tissue and fat along with glute muscles to prove that she is implant free.

    Coco had another trip to the hospital following a pregnancy scare - despite being on the pill.

    She had initially thought she was expecting because she began feeling sick and nauseous, but doctors explained it was in fact high blood pressure due to stress and a poor diet.

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