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    Sarah Hyland Bikini of the Day

    Sarah Hyland is the 21 year old who looks 13 that you probably have already masturbated to cuz she’s on TV with Sofia Vergara’s tits….and because you didn’t realize she was 21 and now that you know she’s not 13….you’re deleting all the screen caps you’ve taken of her the last year or two that show’s been on TV….

    Well it turns out that like every 21 year old, she’s into showing off bikini pics on social network sites for male attention and male appreciation…cuz why else would chicks put up bikini pics…they obviously know we jerk off to those “spring break” albums….that’s really the whole fucking point of facebook and reconnecting with old friends – isn’t it?

    Either way, this is a good start to her post puberty career…..keep up the good attention seeking bitch.

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