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    Beyonce 'Best Thing I Never Had' Video Features Lingerie, Wedding

    The best thing Beyonce never had? Well, clothing, for starters...

    Actually, it's an unnamed man who scorned her back in 1998, according to the brand spankin new video for her latest single, "The Best Thing I Never Had." The second track off her new album, "4," which premiered at number one on the Billboard Charts, the song is a ballad of love and revenge, with her lingerie moments matched to vindictive lines, and later, her wedding (not to Jay-Z, mind you) touching on the positive outcome of her heart break.

    It is, to say the least, quite the transition from her first single off the album, "(Girls) Run The World."

    For more simmering Beyonce, check out her performance at Glastonbury.

    Beyonce Glastonbury Performance: Star Wows At UK Festival

    On stage at the Glastonbury Music Festival, Beyonce said that it was "her dream" to be there performing.

    Following this performance, she'll be in the dreams of thousands of British music fans for a long time to come.

    The R&B star, the first female headliner in the history of the festival, brought down the house Sunday night, wowing a screaming audience of 170,000+ fans. The bright lights of what is considered by some to be the biggest music festival in the world were no match for the singer, as she ran through some of her biggest hits, opening with "Crazy Like That" before moving on to songs like "Single Ladies," "Irreplaceable," and a medley of Destiny's Child favorites, including "Survivor" and "Say My Name."

    She also sang her new single, "1+1," as well as "At Last," the song she sang during President Obama's inauguration in 2009. That performance came with a special civil rights-themed video montage -- which included video of that very inauguration. See her complete setlist here.

    Her husband, Jay-Z, watched from the side of the stage alongside Gwyneth Paltrow, whose husband Chris Martin performed earlier with his band Coldplay. Jay-Z, in 2008, was the first hip hop act to play the festival.

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