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    Chief Minister Narendra Modi with Rajasthan BJP president Vasundhara Raje at an election rally in Udaipur on Saturday. PTI

    Three days after Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi made stinging allegations against the BJP for fanning communal violence and called himself a "victim of terrorism", BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi in a massive rally in Udaipur said the "Shehzada" was spinning out "family serials" to win popularity and dismissed his revelation of ISI getting in touch with the relatives of riot victims in Muzaffarnagar as a "story" heard in passing.

    In a rally organised by the tribal cell of the party, Modi raised a clarion call to uproot the "Delhi Sultanate" and announced that "only six months and less than 200 days were left" for change to be ushered in. Playing to a teeming crowd drawn from the tribal-dominated belts, Modi laid out a direct comparison of prices of essential commodities used commonly in the Mewar region. He alleged that these commodities have become unaffordable to the common man due to inflation, leaving the women in the audience nodding in agreement. "During Atalji's government, gur (jaggery) was sold at Rs 9, now it is not even available even at Rs 50. Similarly arhar dal used to be priced at Rs 26, now it has crossed Rs 70, chillies were Rs 50 a kg, now have crossed Rs 200," he said, quickly adding, "Kisne mirchi lagai?"

    The atmosphere was electric as Modi connected with the crowd and frequently left questions to the audience. "Aapka jeena haraam karne wale Congress ka aap jeena haraam karoge? (Will you give Congress a hard time for giving you a tough time)," he asked.

    Modi said that coal and 2G have caught the attention of the Congress-led government and not onions. "Now they are eyeing gold and they have got to know that every household in Rajasthan has at least 1 kg of gold. Dear friends they are out to get your gold, your mangalsutra," he cautioned.

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