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    Armaan Kohli has anger issues Shilpa Saklani

    Evicted from the reality show Bigg Boss 7, Shilpa Sakhlani says she’s happy that she is out of the house. “I didn’t want to make a mockery of the name I had earned for myself over the last 14 years,” says Shilpa, who only misses one thing right now: her husband Apurva Agnihotri.

    Shilpa, who enjoyed being part of the show, says that she was there for the experience. “I bear no ill will for any person in the house. I will meet them once they are outside,” claims the actor. “Armaan Kohli is one person I wouldn’t party with. I would meet and talk to him. His personality is quite strong. He’s got anger issues which need to be sorted out.”

    Shilpa adds, “Tanishaa Mukherjee just lost the plot in the last few days. She is quite taken by the emotions that she has for Armaan — as a friend or whatever. I have actually seen her personality change. I was shocked at her behavior.” Shilpa felt that Kushal Tandon and Gauahar Khan too went overboard in showcasing their affection. “There are certain things you refrain from doing on TV. I behave decently, but that’s me,” she says.

    Apparently, no one spoke about the drug case that Shilpa and Apurva were reportedly entrapped in, a few years ago. “It’s an episode that is now over,” she says.

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