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    Contractors Ready to Cash In On ISIS War

    America’s rapidly-expanding war against ISIS won’t involve large numbers of U.S. troops on the ground, President Obama is promising. And it’s clear that airstrikes alone won’t beat back the extremist group. Which means that if the President wants to have any hope of meeting his far-reaching goal of destroying ISIS, he’s going to have to rely on private military contractors.

    At least, that’s what the contractors are hoping.

    At the height of the Iraq war, these firms hired hundreds of thousands of people: guns-for-hire, IT geeks, logistics specialists, interrogators, and short order cooks to ladle out the slop at the military cafeteria. Over time, some of those contractors became the symbol for everything that was wrong with the Iraq war: hugely expensive, ineffective, and indifferent to Iraqi life. Contractors were at the middle of the war’s biggest scandals, from Abu Ghraib to Nissour Square. And it was the abductions and murder of Blackwater contractors that sparked one of Iraq's biggest battles.

    None of the five current and former contractors who spoke with The Daily Beast expected a replay of last decade’s Iraq war. But they all said a major opportunity was coming—both for them, and for Obama, who could use the private armies as a way to conceal just how many people will be fighting in this new conflict.
    “Iraq this time around is not going to be as big as it was before,” said Roger Carstens, a former special operations officer who has served as a contracted military adviser in Somalia and Afghanistan. “That said, this new war will present an opportunity for the companies that have a resident train and advising capability to contribute to this new effort.”

    President Obama has asked Congress to authorize $500 million to train a new Syrian opposition out of Saudi Arabia. That money would be part of a $5 billion fund Obama requested this spring from Congress to help train and equip U.S. allies to fight terrorists.

    One U.S. military contractor working in Iraq who asked not to be named said, “I can tell you the contractor-expat community is abuzz thinking this will lead to more work. We expect a much larger footprint than he is showing right now.”

    Those expectations were whet earlier this summer, as ISIS was gaining ground in northern Iraq and the first U.S. special operations teams were arriving in Iraq, when the Pentagon asked military contractors to participate in two important surveys.

    Nude Maid Service Rouses Police Suspicion In Lubbock, Texas

    A controversial new housekeeping service in the conservative depths of Texas has caught the attention of local police, despite its insistence that it isn't committing any illegalities.

    It's supposed crime? Providing an unlicensed sexual service of entirely nude maids.

    The business, Fantasy Maid Service, is based in Lubbock, Texas, which has legislation requiring businesses that are sexual in nature to have a permit to trade.

    Lubbock police told the Associated Press that the business "doesn't have a permit to operate a sexually oriented business and officers are watching for any violation, which would bring a $2,000 fine".

    While the organisation does not deny supplying nude maids, it denies being a sexual service.

    "We really just clean houses. These girls are not performers. They're maids," owner Melissa Borrett said.

    Borrett started the firm after having difficult making ends meet as a waitress – she was even forced to live on the nearby Texas Tech University's Occupy Lubbock camp.

    "I just decided to go a little bigger, work a little smarter."

    The rules and regulations of the business seem to solidify its claim to not be anything near prostitution, steering well clear of offering sex.

    The company's website states that there is strictly no touching of the maids, and no attempts to "solicit a maid for sexual services."

    However it is arguable that any service which promotes its nudity has an inherent sexuality.

    A-minus for the new X-Men

    The X-Men series started well in 2000 with two films directed by Bryan Singer, but suffered an ugly mutation with Brett Ratner’s brainless X-Men: The Last Stand (2006) and risked extinction with the boring prequel X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009).
    Matthew Vaughn’s attempt to revive the franchise is the fifth and best of the lot. It bears the same relationship to the four previous films that J.J. Abrams’ 2009 Star Trek did to its predecessors.
    It shows how the X-Men came into being as a group rather than as individual mutants, how they were first wooed by the CIA and then incurred the hatred of the authorities.
    It casts young actors in familiar roles. The only old-stager to survive from the previous films is Hugh Jackman, and his appearance as Wolverine is no more than a cameo.
    One big asset is James McAvoy. He is excellent as the young Professor Charles Xavier (formerly played by Patrick Stewart), the most civilised, reasonable and urbane of the Mutants.
    McAvoy plays him with charm and verve, and his lightness of touch rescues Charles from the priggishness that made Stewart’s performance less sympathetic than it was meant to be.
    First Class takes Charles from his privileged U.S. childhood to university days in Oxford, and then on to his first confrontation — during the Cuban missile crisis — with his initial friend and then long-term enemy Magneto, formerly played by Ian McKellen and here interpreted with commendable forcefulness and athleticism by Michael Fassbender, who makes a good case for himself as the next James Bond.

    Adrianne Curry getting friendly with Jenna Jameson | BEVAPPHA SANAM

    Adrianne Marie Curry (born August 6, 1982) is an American model, Jenna Jameson (born Jenna Marie Massoli; April 9, 1974) is an American entrepreneur.

    See more here: Adrianne Curry getting friendly with Jenna Jameson | BEVAPPHA SANAM

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