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    Attack on Indian consulate in Afghanistan : All gunmen killed, Modi talks to Karzai

    Gunmen armed with heavy weapons including rocket propelled grenades on Friday attacked the Indian Consulate in Afghanistan's Herat province during which three attackers were killed, top Indian officials said.

    However, TV reports further claimed that the fourth gunman has also been killed by the security forces.

    All the diplomatic staff were safe.

    Three gunmen were killed, one by ITBP (Indo-Tibetan Border Police) and two by Afghan police, out of four attackers who struck the Consulate which houses two buildings, Indian Ambassador to Afghanistan Amar Sinha said.

    PM-designate Narendra Modi spoke to Amar Sinha and assured all help.

    Modi also spoke to Afghan President Hamid Karzai and thanked him for the efforts of Afghan forces in thwarting the attack.

    "President Karzai & I talked about Consulate attack in Herat.

    He assured me he will do everything to protect India's Missions in Afghanistan," Modi tweeted later.

    He also praised the consulate staff in Herat and thanked the security forces for thwarting the terror attack.
    Afghan security forces watch a house burn at the site of a clash between insurgents and security forces at the Indian Consulate in Herat
    Afghan security forces watch a house burn at the site of a clash between insurgents and security forces at the Indian Consulate in Herat

    Karzai is among the leaders expected to attend Modi's swearing in as prime minister on Monday, May 26 .

    In a pre-dawn assault, the gunmen attacked the building which houses the residence of Consulate General, Sinha said, adding that there were nine Indians in the mission apart from local Afghans.

    One attacker was killed while climbing the wall to enter the premises of the consulate, Sinha said.

    Meanwhile, a spokesperson in the Ministry of External Affairs in New Delhi said, "India's Consulate in Herat, Afghanistan attacked.

     Afghanistan has experienced a rise in the Taliban attacks as foreign troops plan to withdraw from the war-torn country by the end of the year.

     In August last year, a failed bombing against the Indian Consulate in Jalalabad city near the border with Pakistan killed nine people, including six children.

    Afghanistan Corruption: Study Says Taliban Influence Will Outlast U.S. Military Presence

    The farmer picking apples in the outskirts of Kabul must pay the Taliban $33 to ship out each truckload of fruit. The governor sends in armed men to chase workers off job sites if the official bribes aren't paid. Poor neighborhoods never get their U.N.-provided wheat, long since sold on the black market.
    These are some of the elements, large and small, that together form the elaborate organized crime environment Afghans contend with daily. And despite the hoped-for success of the U.S. military surge and President Barack Obama's claims of significant progress, Afghanistan's resemblance to a mafia state that cannot serve its citizens may only be getting worse, according to an upcoming report by the International Crisis Group, a Brussels-based think tank.
    The 46-page study, to be released next week, looks specifically at Afghanistan's heartland: the rural areas of Ghazni, Wardak, Logar and other provinces just beyond the periphery of Kabul. Unemployment is high, government presence is low and the insurgency operates with impunity. Corruption and cooperation with the Taliban reach the highest levels of local governance.
    "Nearly a decade after the U.S.-led military intervention little has been done to challenge the perverse incentives of continued conflict in Afghanistan," the research group says. Rather, violence and the billions of dollars in international aid have brought wealthy officials and insurgents together. And "the economy as a result is increasingly dominated by a criminal oligarchy of politically connected businessmen," the report concludes.

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