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    Learn The 'Thriller' Dance From '13 Going On 30'

    On Wednesday, April 23, "13 Going On 30" turns 10 years old. In honor of the reverse-coming-of-age time travel romcom (and all 13 year olds now going on 23), we have spliced Jennifer Garner's recreation of "Thriller" into 11 easy steps. Without further adieu, please let her teach you how to dance, nay, how to live via the GIF-ed cuts of the sequence below.
    Step 1: Turn to the side and take four steps forward and four steps back, starting with your right foot first. Bob your head on beats one, three, and four, and be sure to shake your butt.
    Step 2: Turn your waist to the front, and push your arms forward and back, with your hands in the shape of claws (like a monster!). Do this two times.

    Step 3: Be really enthusiastic, to make sure even the most basic individuals get involved.

    Step 4: Spin around, bend your arms at the hips and pull them back and forth twice, with your hands in a "thumbs up" position. Turn in the opposite direction and repeat.

    Step 5: Stand straight and take two hops forward, then bend down and pop up, while flashing an exuberant smile.

    Step 6: Shift your shoulders left to right. Hold your arms up and clap your hands together.

    Step 7: Bring your arms down and drag your feet to the right. Repeat on the left.

    Step 8: With your claws up, take three steps to the right. Repeat on the left.

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