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    Actress Genelia, Ritesh Deshmukh Marriage Reception Photo

    Kim Kardashian Kicks 'Wedding Slimdown' Into High Gear

    Kim Kardashian Wedding weightSay adios to Kim Kardashian's signature curves. The 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' raven-haired beauty is going double time when it comes to dropping some lbs before her big day.

    After a fan of Kardashian's tweeted, "On my way to GNC to by some QuickTrim," the reality star retweeted with, "Take some for me! I'm about to start again! #wedding slimdown."

    So can we expect Kardashian to be strutting her stuff down the aisle without the curves that made her famous? Not quite. Kardashian told Us Weekly that she isn't planning on losing her fiancé, Kris Humphries' favorite part of her body: "Obviously, my butt."

    Plus, she's proud of her voluptuous figure in an industry filled with stick thin model types.

    "Our parents raised us to be comfortable in our own skin," she said. "Now I think we like to wear tight things, we love feeling good, taking care of ourselves, wearing what we want."

    But even though she's embracing her curves, like any bride-to-be, she wants to look her best when she puts on her white gown and becomes Mrs. Humphries.

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