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  • Petit Q Underwear Releases What May Be World's Smallest Underwear

    If you've ever said to yourself, My underwear is just covering TOO MUCH of my junk -- well, you're in luck.

    Petit Q, a French brand, has released a line of underwear that is, honestly, barely there when it comes to covering your nether-regions. A line that seeks to "create a really sexy and edgy brand but still in a playful way," Petit Q is certainly playing up their appeal to the gay male consumer.

    Check out the sexy video of the above to check out all of the different styles -- would you wear these skimpy undies?

    And if you're looking for some other underwear this season specifically marketed for gay men? Check out these "Identity Briefs," which let your sexual partner know your preferred sexual position before you're even completely naked!
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