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  • Let all 14 seats come to BJP in 2014 polls, says Narendra Modi in Ranchi

    2:50 pm Modi concludes his rally by ensuring that the BJP will usher in a better and brighter future for Jharkhand. And the people (Congress) who just believe in doing 'Aakashwani', will be of no use.

    2:50 pm This is a historic rally. When I was watching it from the chopper, I could see a sea of humanity queued up for this rally.

    2:48 pm The country need development, and not division. People need employment and not political chaos. The elders need support and not struggle.

    2:47 pm The Congress is cut off from the people. Their leaders can't hear the public's voice.

    2:45 pm Jharkhand's electorate must support the BJP and we ensure it a bright future. Otherwise, its young can never be 'Bharat ke Bhagya Vidhata'.

    2:40 pm People ask me what's your vision? Jharkhand has coal but no electricity stations. Where is the vision? If there were power stations here, then Jharkhand could create so much electricty as to illuminate the entire nation. But the Centre doesn't care.

    2:32pm: Delhi government has been paralysed. The Centre has done nothing for Jharkhand since Independence.

    2:30pm: In 2014, we have Lok Sabha Elections. Let all 14 Lok Sabha seats come to the BJP.

    2:21pm: Jharkhand people would have not been poor if there was a BJP government in the state. People ar epoor here despite abundant resources.

     Narendra Modi in Ranchi
    2:14 pm: Three states were formed at the same time - Jharkhand,Chhattisgarh & Uttarakhand. Why is it that Ch'garh is on a development trajectory but other two are lagging way behind?

    2:10 pm: It was Atal Bihari Vajpayee ji who had a vision for Jharkhand, that vision needs to be realised.

    2:05 pm: Modi starts addressing the rally

    1:30 pm: Modi reaches the venue

    Narendra Modi landed near the venue in a chopper from Birsa Munda airport.

    11:00 am: Crowd starts to gather at the venue

    The people of Jharkhand began assembling for the Narendra Modi's speech. Modi will make the speech from the stage which is shaped like a Parliament House.

    The Dhurva Ground in Jharkhand's Ranchi is all set to be graced by Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modion who will address the crowd in his 'Vijay Sankalp' rally today.

    The remarkable point about this rally is that Modi will address the crowd from the stage with a model of the Parliament in the background.

    The back side of the stage from where Modi will address the crowd, has been made in the form of a Parliament house to give an impression of the Parliament. Read More
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