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  • 'The Bachelorette' Desiree's Fiance Chris Won't Watch Brooks Breakup

    Brooks Forester might have been the frontrunner all season on "The Bachelorette," but Desiree Hartsock ended up accepting Chris Siegfried's proposal on the dramatic finale last night (Aug. 5).

    Following Brooks' surprising departure from the show last week, Desiree decided to continue on with her journey to find love, ultimately sending Drew Kenney home and choosing Chris to be her fiance. But many were shocked that Chris still wanted to be with Des after she revealed her love for Brooks during their heartbreaking on-air split.

    So, what did Chris really think about Desiree's breakup with Brooks? Nothing, because -- wait for it -- he didn't even watch it.

    "I actually didn't watch the entire part of it," Chris told "Good Morning America" today (Aug. 6). "We initially talked about watching the episodes and how we would handle that for our relationship going forward and we kind of just decided that maybe it would be best to watch the segments that we just shared together," he added.

    Despite opening up about her heartbreak over Brooks leaving the show, Desiree admits that she didn't just choose Chris because Brooks was no longer an option.

    "It's a different situation because the feelings are more accelerated, but at the same time I think that helped in me really getting past the hurt from Brooks leaving and being able to see all that was here in Chris," she explained. "Sometimes I think you do need to go through the hard to get to the good."

    And speaking of good, Des says that seeing Brooks at the "After the Final Rose" special was fine.
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